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  1. Hello Ryan Thanks a lot for this...mine will be a "movie" bird and hence I take the liberty to call it 1944 made.. ;-) I do not want to deviate too much from this threat subject though. I have 4x 1/32 Zero waiting...just recently received the Doyusha one...which is old and tells it, but the new Cartograf decal shett looks very nice. Plan on doing an in-flight with this one... cheers Uwe
  2. Good Morning all A quick and hopfully easy to answer question. slightly off topic, sorry... A6M5...a friend of mine and myself we are doing a little group build using the nwe Tamiya 1/48 A6M5...very nice kit! Now, the fuselage area behind the pilot seat...is that meant to also be Aotake or plain aluminium. The instructions on Tamiya's 48 and 32 scale kit says alu...but I want to be sure. Unfortunately I could not find any reference pictures that show that area. thanks Uwe
  3. Zero porn at it's best! My 32scale Tamiya kit that is in the stash is starting to get very existed... Snatched another one of those newer 32scale Hasegawa kits for less then half price online yesterday...so I have enough work for the next years I guess. cheers Uwe
  4. The G6AS parts as being used by a VERY happy customer! :-) Fitting, at least for me, was challanging but it worked in the end... cheers Uwe
  5. Hi Don't want to high jack your posts...just showing what it looks like after after closing the fuselage. Fitting was not easy but with a lot of dry fitting it finally came out ver nicely... I know also have the G-10Erla set after it became available again...so that's also on the project list... BTW...all my reseach on G6AS planes came to the result that those did not have the battery box behind the cockpit yet. Can someone knowledgabe comment or confirm that? cheers Uwe
  6. Hello again Speaking of gear doors...I think on the A6M2 the colores to use are clear...but what about the later A6M5 that came in green/gray from the factories. Are the rules the same there? I see lot's of instructions and also restaured planes where Nakajima planes have the gear door insides in Aotake as well. Is that correct or should they be underside color like on the earlier A6M2s? thanks Uwe
  7. Hello Ryan Yes, that wil be the best I guess. I will poilish the current paint a bit and put a new layer of Mitsubishi gray on...just have to decide on a suitable one since the WEM AC-J16 looks very dark and brown and the small scale even amplifies this. I have the paining guide of Nick, have to read through it again to see what would be best in 1/48 scale. Mid term I want to start the big Tamiya Zero...and this one for sure shall become a Nakajima bird, carrier based with the white border around the sun and if possible no yellow wing edge yet... ;-) cheers
  8. Hello Ryan I already have your tweak list for the A6M5 but I am really interested in the one for the A6M2. I have that kit still in the box and want it to be a Nakajima bird...mainly because I like the color better. Is this list available here already? Found the list...or shall we say the "masters diploma"! Thanks a lot for the hard work. thanks Uwe PS: Just also learned by reading here that Nakajima never built the A6M3? If that is so I have to de tour my little Hasegawa 48scale test bed and convert it to an A6M2...since it is already painted up i
  9. Again...absolutely great threat! I love "hair splitting"... at least reading about it! ;-) A question to the experts while you are all here, and sorry for the de-tour. I am doing a 48scale A6M3 22 right now and tested the Colourcoats AC-J17 paint for the Nakajima birds...but now I have trouble finding a reference plane, so a A6M3 22 built by Nakajima in the overall Ame-iro paint. I would prefere one that was not over painted green. Any pictures or even decal suggestions? thanks Uwe
  10. Great looking Zero...and an expensive one! But I think I have a picture somewhere of a A6M2 with type 52 wings...let me search. Are the MRP paints for the IJN available by now? thanks Uwe
  11. Hello all Following this threat now since I also have a Tamiya A6M2 in my stash...and would like to have it as a Nakajima buid plane. I have read a lot about the overal colors...a subject just as if not more "hair splitting" as the ever ongoing RLM 81, 82, 83 discussion...but that is what I like. My, so far, favorite shade for a Nakajima WEM WEMCC AC J17 Ame-Iro. thanks Uwe
  12. Hello all Happy new year 2020...and hopefully also to a new life for this old threat! I have a Revell Mk.IX in my stash that I want to build soon. I have been reading though this threat but to fully comprehend what Dekek was doing the re-installation of the pictures would be so much appreciated. I assume the shape issues of the Mk.II are the same on the Mk.IX? Any additional hints on where to find good reviews and "how 2 fix issues" articles on Revell's Mk.IX woudl also be highly appreciated. thanks a lot Uwe
  13. A great build and a geat thread...! Please keep the "hair splitting" going, this is exactly what I like...details! On the fairings...I think it would look good if some rubbed off sections would be visible where the wood shows from underneath...like on the pilot seat. Just my opinion... cheers Uwe
  14. Hello from Bavaria I am following this threat with great intrest...found it while searching for material for my Revell/AMUR Reaver G-6AS build. I also do have a Hasegawa/Revell k-4 in my stash and I already did the modification of the rear fuselage. I glued the halfs togther like you did and I will be using the 2nd Erla canopy of the Revell G-10 kit for it. Fits very good and even better when positioned opened. With the Revell kits being cheap it might also be an option to use the larger wheel buldges... cheers Uwe
  15. Hi there Your decals arrived today together with the G-10Erla gun decks...great stuff! Thanks a lot cheers Uwe
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