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  1. That's a great build, phantastic! JV44 is my favorite FW190 unit...maybe because the place I work at is at the nothern end of the former München Riem Airfield...now a big mall! One comment though...I believe the prop blades were covered in glue and fabric before being painted. I have seen originals that clearly show wrinkles due to wood shrinkage over the last 7 decades... cheers Uwe
  2. Speaking of it...look what I found! :-) cheers Uwe
  3. Hello Brady, all This is a great looking Zero, I very much like the amber tone...and it fits the metal piece that was shown some pages back. What I do wonder about though is... I unfortunately do not have any good Zero books, just pictures from the web. I understand that Nakajima Zeros did not get produced until some time after Pearl Harbor. When they started to show up, were they mixed with Mitsubishi build birds in the same squadrons? And if they were, are there pictures that show the, even in b/w rather drastic shade difference? I mean two standing next to each other in the same light you should clearly be able to see the shade difference. Probably even more then on the Type11 tarp birds from China... On that matter, how close is the color of the A6M2 repro that was shown here, the contrast between the metal cell and the rudders is much less pronounced then on your Tamiya model. Is this just because of the scale effect? I have a Hasegawa (48) A6M3 in the making and I want that color on it...just probably have to lighten it up quite a bit in that small scale. WEM paints to get here will be a challange since the UK supplier does not ship outside of homeland UK... cheers Uwe PS: Last night I found a very good offer for the 1/32 Tamiya A6M2 and pulled the trigger. I have already build their big A6M5 when it first came out and can't waint for a second Zero run...
  4. Now that is one nice Zero...! I have the later one on the finishing round...has been a shelf queen for 10+ years...and really got into the Zero subject again. Next month the A6M2 from Tamiya wil be ordered! :-)
  5. Werde es am WE mal angreifen... ;-) Danke und Gruss Uwe
  6. My current FW190 project...81/82 coming from Gunze Mr.Color range, laqeur paints. It looks brown to me... ;-)
  7. Sorry...I do not understand...seems "I am sitting on the wire" as we say over here... ;-)
  8. In this case I think you are only half way correct...yes, it just a model, but this thread was not really about modelling, it was a historical research topic that might as well have happend in a forum about old planes or chemistry. This is one of the main drivers, at least for me, to do modelling. While I do it I dive into history and learn mor about it. I just spent 120EUR combined on just two book...on a very narrow subject...in order to make a 15EUR kit look a bit more athentic (I hope). Researching history is a main aspect of the hobby, the time when kids built toys for most of us is nothing but sweet memory... cheers Uwe (56)
  9. ...and just because one guy said that you are packing up? If those ar the other guys only aguments...well, just let him be. I am not a native english speaker either and when I hear something like that I always tell myself that my english (your english) is a thousend times better then their French or German... ;-) I would love to hear more from you on that paint subject. So hopefully you have saved your posts and maybe after having had some time to swallow down the anger you will restore them. BTW...one big advantage to not being only an engish speaker but in my case a German...I did some research on the correct US ARMY vehicle paint in WWII (I own a GMC truck) and I just rang Mr. Jürgen Kiroff in Fürth...who is also realy good in RLM colors, RAL colors, etc...to get some paint mixed up following the FS number I had, and what was meant to be 10min call ended up in a super educational 2h phone call...with lot's on insight into not only the color tones but more the recepies and the resources used to make paint in WWII ( "Kernesammlung", etc... ) cheers Uwe
  10. I had seen this aircraft in 1987... was a sight to see in what I was told back then the original colors... cheers Uwe
  11. When was that picture of the TA152 cockpit taken? I remember reading and seeing pictures about a part restauration/stabilisation that took part on it years ago...part of it was to replace a broken instrument panel with a newly build one...Is it that green one? cheers Uwe
  12. ...oh what a horror, my heart is bleeding! Is it known if this pile was recycled of it was was maybe burried in the ground...? cheers Uwe
  13. Ok...did not know that. I think the paint job of yellow 10 looks a bit overdone and sharp, contrast wise...not sure how to explain it. Just not sloppy enough... ;-)
  14. Hi If the Dora from Schwerin went to the Gathow folks I am not surprised it's not done yet. The Gathow museum is belonging to the German government, it's the official Luftwaffe Museum and as such very much at the end of the food chain funds wise... If you follow the news, Germany has a very severe problem with it's defence organisations right now...no men, no material, bad management...I think we could not even defend ourselfs against Lichtenstein without foreign help right now. About the paint job...I think it is very hard for a paint guy today, working on a multi million $ plane, to really blotch those mottles on with the same motivation and probably crappy tools that they used back then. I am sure such a motteling job did not take more then 30min to complete in total with the limitation of using as little paint as possible...I wonder how long Jerry Crandell worked on yellow 10...? cheers Uwe
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