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  1. Hello Finished this one a while ago but was too lazy to snap a few pictures This is Revel Hasegawa Bf 109K-4 from 9./JG4. It was flown by Fw Hans Braun from Juterborg-Damm in March 1945. Paints as always are from Model Master Authentic range with Valleyo varnishes and wash done by oils. Decals are from excellent Aims sheet Late war 109s Vol.2 . So... now back to Erla G-10 from KG(J)6 !!! Hope u like the model...
  2. And what to say about their new tool 109s. Bf 109G-6 is still available and going strong but Erla G-10 boxing are nowhere to be found. And the kit is constructed that any Gustav can be made with some additional sprues...Imagine G-1/3/5 OR G-5/6/14AS OR G-12 or.... But unfortunately they remain blind at chance to make good sales because any 109 subtype will be sold like crazy.
  3. In a last year mostly Japanese metal bands like Nemophila, Lovebites,Marys Blood etc. Otherwise good ol Thrash from 80s/90 And to calm things down some Deep House...
  4. Looks fine to me...if u are into Luftwaffe than u will have a lot of practice ahead Its just a matter of finding right amount of air pressure and paint thickness, and dont hesitate to reapply lighter color if u think u over done it first time...even few times if necessary
  5. Thx for your comments guys. I am glad u like my Messer Well i built quite a few Revell 109s, as well as Hasegawa offering. Personally i prefer Hasegawa 109 but u cant beat Revells price. Revell kit fits well there will be no problem with that but the shape of gun bulges just don't look right to me. The worst part of the kit are landing gear legs which are made from few parts and are very week. Other than that good kit
  6. Hello all Finished this 109 some time ago but didn't have the time to took some pictures. Finished with Modell Master enamels and Valejo varnishes . Decals are from Eagle Calls. Added Eduard seatbelts, Quickboost gun bulges and Hasegawa 20mm gun pods Not my best but here it is anyway
  7. Ok...all of you guys that have old Trumpy kit and dont want it anymore, send them to me...
  8. Eye candy...nice scheme and great work on it
  9. U mean this one ? It patiently awaits in my stash for some glory too:)
  10. Yep ...that is another way to translate it lol. If u having trouble finding decals i can buy them here in Serbia and send them to You, its no problem
  11. The meaning literally translated from Serbo-Croatian is WHO ATTACKS OUR COUNTRY - IN IT( or HER ) WILL FIND HIS DEATH Trieste crisis was still going so hence the inscription
  12. Hello First one i finished this year, a Hasegawa Bf 109G-10 in 1/32 scale This is 109 from 83.LAP flown by Kap. Franc Rupnik during October 1950 in Pula. All Yugoslav 109s where painted in simple grey upper surfaces and light blue undersurfaces, until in 1950 83.LAP started using dark earth for mottles on some aircraft. Aircraft has WHO ATTACKS OUR COUNTRY - IN IT WILL FIND HIS DEATH patriotic slogan painted on its wings. I used mix of Valejo and Gunze colors with Valejo varnishes. Also first time use of oil washes so still a learning process. Decals are from Lift Here Decals Now to pictures and hope u like this one...
  13. When will this set be available?
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