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  1. Hello all I am working at the moment on Hasegawa P-47 in 1:32 scale. Now I am not an expert on Thunderbolt matter but this position of flaps doesent look right to me. I see on many builds this same position but when looking real photos the gap beetween wing and flaps does not seem so significant . So is this normal position for flaps on Hase p-47 or did i mess something up. One more question, when Thud is parked are the flaps always in down position or they could stay up also. Dejan THX
  2. That's one great test. Do you have some pictures from test examples directly above them ?
  3. Nice Pony Mike. Is that gray gloss surface or matt ?
  4. Great build, and my vote goes to Walter Oesau markings:)
  5. Hmmm, than I will put gloss coat over matt black since there is no way I will use Vallejo gloss black again
  6. So basically I should be ok with matt black?
  7. Thx for your comments guys . Much appreciated.
  8. Hello all At the moment I am working on Hasegawa P-47D and want to finished it as a mount of Maj Eaglestone which is in NMF. Now I know that preferred way to prepare model for NMF is to do a gloss black primer. I will use Vallejo Metal Colors for the project so I also got me their black gloss primer. Now I use Vallejo matt primers for years now and never had encountered problem, until now with this gloss primer. I did clean the plastic with alcohol before applying gloss primer and waited for more or less 24h. Than I tried some Tamiya masking tape on it and primer peeled off almost had a rubber feel to it. I did try primer straight from the bottle and later with some valley airbrush thinner but with same results. So can I use any other primer or it has to be gloss black. Or prime with matt black and than put some gloss varnish over it.. Is it ok to use gray primer for base ?? Lots of questions but I know now why I did only one NMF during all this years lol.
  9. Nice progress Brad. When I work with Hase 109s I don't follow instructions for fuselage like u didi it. I firstly glue tail section with each front section separately then both halves together, its much more easier that way at least for me.
  10. oH Great !!! I hope they include this markings
  11. Nice Corsair, great job
  12. Actually Dany when i got this kit first paint scheme i wanted to do was white 17 in RLM74/75/76. Even got me a set of Montex masks but when i saw this scheme in Kagero book couldn't resist. So I am thinking of getting Revell 262 and finish it as white 17
  13. Yes John, those are exactly the problems I had..
  14. Unbelivable...I am stuned by the quality and output....hmmm Admit !! You have a bunch of minions hidden in your basement helping you
  15. Hello all I managed to finish my third LSP this year, truly great result for me. This one was long enough on a shelf of doom, started this one three or four years ago and I just somehow stalled on it. So after I finished last 109 decided to give this one a second chance. Now I know lots of you guys consider this one to be one of the best Trumpeter models which it is but it just decided to battle with me. I used Model Master Authentic Enamels RLM81/83/76 ( it should be 81/82 but MM somehow mixed 82 and 83 )and Valejo varnishes Also used is mix of kit and Kagero decals, missing wnr for tail but hope to find them in future, as I was very keen to this paint scheme. I did not want to over done weathering effect, it is there but not so prominent on pictures. Kit represent mount of Gruppenadjutant Oblt. Gunther Wegmann, Stab III./JG7 Gunther Wegmann scored seven victories flying Me262 and 14 in total. So here are some pictures hope u guys like it
  16. First off thx to LSP staff for another great raffle. I won Encore Albatros kindly donated by Jimbo, and this is my first ever WWI model, so its gonna be interesting
  17. Just cant help myself..my mind is too weak... btw , did anyone seen decals for Galland boxing where white color doesn't look cream..this is second Galland boxing in my stash with same problem
  18. Thanks for running this show again! Please include me in the drawing only this year unfortunaly if its ok. Thx
  19. Lovely jobly...Nice lookin 109 u have there Tolga
  20. Thx guys glad u like it Belive it or not those are decalsthat came in Eagle Calls set. They where easy to use, will never manage to paint the rings myself
  21. Hello all Back to usual stuff...Messerschmits !!! Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-2 flown by Hpt. Hans von Hahn Kommandeur of I./JG3 in July 1941. Well known Hasegawa model was a pleasure to build. Used Model Master Authentic RLM 70/74/75/76 colors with Eagle Cals decals. Varnish as usual was Valejo. Thx to LSP Mike for help with decals
  22. Is there any chance we will see some new 109 versions from Revell. It will be nice if they put out G-2/G-4, F-2/F-4, G-12. I mean ...they are doing that with Fw190s why not with 109s Anyone has any info on this ????
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