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  1. Don't try it. There will be unpredictable warpage of full detail. It can be done only with relatively small simple shapes.
  2. Huh... I've started thinking about full fuselage 3D work for printable option... Craziness!
  3. There is some research I made. One tip in the beginning. Nowdays model producers making assembly guides just using 3D rendering for them. The side, top and bottom views are not an exeption. They are also direct renders from model 3D in the most of cases. So, to compare the model in general against some drawings you can just scan these projections and combine them with drawings using bunch of suitable graphic editors. So I did it. Red lines are from my 3D based on factory drawings. 1. The true size nose against model side view. Length matched here. Model is obviously too beefy. 2. The same, but true profile was moved up to match pilots enclosure. 3. True profile proportionally increased to match the height. There is some exessive length, but clear nose cutout has almost proper height for the model. 4. The true profile is not so true here, because it squeezed in length to match the model one. Besides the fact that HK B-17 is "fat boy" there is big field for thought how to deal with such inaccuracy.
  4. Yes, definitely. I will check how can the new nose be blended with HK fuselage.
  5. Initially I intend to make true scale dimension 3D nose section till 3E station, because there is cylindrical section with the radius of 45" follow behind 3D station. Then I will scale up whole thing to match HK model fuselage diameter. Will see the result.
  6. Of course it's true. Just multiple dimensions and ordinates do matter in factory drawings. In general, the picture itself is for basic components arrangement and layout visualisation. It is not possible just fit these drawings to scale to get proper shapes.
  7. Thanks for starting research! It kicked me ahead with my own one.
  8. As I am "lucky" owner of HK B-17G I'll just have to do this. It will follow Bf 109G-6/14AS and MiG-21MF(SM) noses. Strange thing - noses are the most suffering parts of many 32nd models!))
  9. Yes, yes! You are absolutely right. The overall shape is more important, then some true dimensions. I just found them to give some "direction" to my own mind, as I am also "lucky" owner of this kit and thinking now about my own correction. There were some kind of reflections, thinking of the topic. I'll try to draw some Rhino files to see.
  10. The full fuselage height at STA.1 is 53" in real scale, so it is 42 mm in 1/32. Full height at STA.3 is 83.66" that give us 66,4 mm in scale. All shape of STA.3 bulkhead formed by perfect circle with the radius of 43.66"(69,3 mm scale diameter or width), exept top flattened section. The flattening is located in the sector + 43.75/-43.75 degrees from the vertical axis. The cross-sections between bulkheads STA.4 and STA.5 are perfect circles with the radius of 45" or 71,4 mm diameter (or width we can assess) in scale.
  11. The 109G/K oil cooler flap actuator located actually not at the center of flap. It is moved to about 1/3rd right side. The only Erla G-10 model had it in the center.
  12. Regarding the MK108 shell ejection port. There is Kurfurst part catalogue (Ersatzteil-Liste) where the all removable panels presents. The panel we interested marked by #15 and it is Recht (Right), so the shell ejection port was on the right side of the plane. MK108 itself was "laying" on the right side and shells was extracted direct downward, so wasn't difference where to guide ejection chute. The right side was more convinient for shell ejection due to fuel tank shift to the left. Two more illustration from "Messerschmitt Bf 109 Einsatzmaschinen" book. There are some interesting details. Additional photo from manual shows ejection chute going to the right side and two filters installed on the left.
  13. Looks like metal type drop tanks store https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b4/359th_Fighter_Group_-_External_Fuel_Tanks.jpg/1920px-359th_Fighter_Group_-_External_Fuel_Tanks.jpg?1553868628801
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