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  1. Bearing in mind what was the base for this work, result is just brilliant!
  2. Shown abowe is 3D print covered with Tamiya white base. Interesting, that true 1/32 scale engine is just ideal in size for Revell cowling. There isn't necessity to make it smaller to fit, just some sanding from inside of cowling part.
  3. Thanks! I'm going to duplicate it in resin, so it will be available for you. Regards, Alex
  4. The intakes painted inside with light grey color same as wheel wells. None of this standard changed from the beginning to present time. Older planes often had yellowish tint in this gray. FOD guards are unpainted titanium and front parts of lower leaps are dull stainless steel.
  5. Yes, yes, I know that there is Tamiya's one the best. But this old model had been put onto the bench when I and my friends decided to organize local group build with the slogan: "Building kits older then their owners")) So, I blew a dust from the box and started. I decided not to dive into extensive and expensive way of total correction and make it for fun BUT... I've already had Verlinden cockpit and two old Eduard sets need to be deployed. Just one thing bothered me yet - an ENGINE. If overall exterior is simple but pretty decent, the engine is just ugly. I had pair of Quickboost R-2800 but they didn't fit big Revell cowling, just hanging out inside and moreover didn't resemble particular engine model in details. Finally I decided to make my own "quickboost" using 3D and futher aim to adapt it to different models uncluding other scales, for example 1/48 Corsair and bunch of old Monogram bombers and, of coouurrse 1/24 P-47D)) As for this Corsair plan, it will be one of VF-17 (likely "Chico" Freeman plane) in flight configuration (not to build undercarriage). So, the progress in the pictures below. Engine itself consist of three large parts (crankcase, first and second rows) and three small (magneto, airscrew governor and oil pump). Backplate is separate part just for Revell Corsair to adapt engine to the model.
  6. Definitely, G-6/AS is my favorite 109 model, regarding clean shapes without ugly extra "bulbs and blisters" as seen on G-6/10/K and looking much powerful in comparison with early F/G models. Good work!
  7. Beautiful slim shapes! I can say G-6/AS is almost graceful))
  8. There are no obvious problems here, but Hasegawa's bulges also aren't ideal. They are slightly smaller in "diameter", then should be.
  9. Looking through factory drawings I found that all "Bubbletop" models had smooth floors, and the last one P-47 fitted with corrugated floor was D-23 Razorback. Below is the factory smooth floor drawing mark where we can clearly see that it was installed beginning from D-25 model. It was one of the feature of rearranged Bubbletop cockpit.
  10. No, it's common part for all manufacturers. "Government furnishing" as marked on Republic drawing for P-47.
  11. Loop Antenna link The fighter loop antenna has 9 inches diameter. "The loop itself is 9 inches diameter, and the unit is 14 inches high, with the base of 10 inches long, and 5.5 inches wide" "Generally, a 9-inch rotatable loop, such as the MN-20" from this Manual
  12. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AIMS3211 The overall black G-6/AS here. One more example of simple schemes for G-6/AS. All we need is "Udet" badge and custom black number.
  13. Dear Bill, you don't need to pay right now. I'll inform you first when the set available.
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