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  1. Looks like metal type drop tanks store https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b4/359th_Fighter_Group_-_External_Fuel_Tanks.jpg/1920px-359th_Fighter_Group_-_External_Fuel_Tanks.jpg?1553868628801
  2. Hi all largescalemodelbuilders! If you have any question about A.M.U.R. stuff, please write me PM here, on LSP forum. There will be some new items for Revell 1/32 Bf 109G-6 conversions Thunnus mentioned above. There also will be props and oil cooler housings with PE radiator meshes. I think we will offer bunch of new resin sets this summer along some other 1/32 PE sets. Concern the long time from set to set - there is a time limit for the work on them. It's just a hobby, not a job, so be patient please!
  3. Honestly speaking, I already intend to make resin replacement nose for MiG-21SM/MF. Next year I think.
  4. I seriously doubt that everything is OK with cowling shapes.
  5. Have you seen this test shots? Oh... These mighty engines
  6. In 1999 I drew nose section of MiG-21SM (MF), taking dimensions from original airplane. The canopy sizes in centimeters here. Hope it helps a little. Mi_G_21_SM_Canopy (2) by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr
  7. You don't need to modify any plastic part to fit the flaps in fully extended position. The only thing can help proper fix is two small pieces of copper or aluminium wire inserted into front edge of each flap to protrude deeper into the wing gap and glued to the upper wing halves. I'll make a "how to" photo.
  8. Peter, you need document 102-00010 on Aircops library for full P-51B/C markings and labels. Just type the number in the "Search" frame.
  9. Hello Mark https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-32-N-A-P-51-dropped-flaps-resin-set-by-A-M-U-R-reaver-RC3217/292533591192?hash=item441c5c5c98:g:8PMAAOSwOPta3G~g But better write direct to rust1968@gmail.com or send PM to me. It will be cheaper.
  10. Very inpiring photo by Scott Slocum! From https://www.facebook.com/EAA/
  11. 1-3 sets S&H - 3$. Average delivery time from our location to US adresses 4 weeks usually. Sometimes up to 6 weeks.
  12. Don't wait! Write to rust1968@gmail.com for direct order. 9.50$ per set + shipping.
  13. For immediate order just write to rust1968@gmail.com 9.50$ per set + shipping
  14. Resin flaps are installed on Revell wing DSC_9785 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr DSC_9787 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr DSC_9788 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr DSC_9798 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr
  15. The flaps suit Tamiya's P-51D very well! Looks even better, than on Revell model. Actually flaps of both models are very similar in size. So replacement resin flaps can be used either for Revell or Tamiya model in extended position. IMG_6404-09-04-18-06-45 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr IMG_6403-09-04-18-06-45 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr IMG_6402-09-04-18-06-45 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr IMG_6401-09-04-18-06-42 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr IMG_6399-09-04-18-06-42 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr
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