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  1. To be honest I and my friend have been thinking long time about F-100 rear fuselage skin.
  2. Hello Damian. The best choice is some kind of contact glue. Application technique is the same as Peter Castle (Airscale) uses for thick aluminium foil. In some cases I can use "slow" or Extra Time super glue gel. Before application parts usually being annealed and formed to conform to the surface. The thin (0.05 mm) steel surface is very strong and will not be affected by glue underneath. After application parts can be polished to get necessary tint and shine. Regards, Alex.
  3. The parts made of steel, as on real thing. How do you assess them?
  4. A.M.U.R. Reaver will offer new PE Set next week. There is set of four patterns for different effects, from fine regular grains to irregular stains and splashes. I "played" them yesterday using 1/24 P-47 wing for metallic paints effect test. They are very thin and flexible but very robust, because they are made of 0.05 mm stainless steel and will serve all the lifetime.
  5. Whoa! What a discussion! I think I have something to add. Let's look at the history of our hobby, where we can find some periods. First of all was "Total Scratchbuilt and Handmade Era", then "Wooden Kits Era", then "Plastic Kits Era" and now we reached "Hi-Tech Multimedia & Aftermarket Kits Era". When the word "Kit" appeared we've already had an Indusrtry of scale models. The Market immediately started to fulfill consumers demands to "make modeller's life easier" offering more and more detailed kits, paints, additional sets, tools etc. simultaneously forcing you to spend more money on your
  6. I will try to get it ready until beginning of September. Alex.
  7. As for me, overall shape accuracy is critical factor and I rather prefer scratchbuild than "small caps for large gaps")) aftermarket solutions. By the way, many modellers will be happy to sort out easily many problems with additional aftermarket sets. I also could offer my engines, recently made for my Corsair project, adapted for this "thing". They only need to change ignition system for the late type GE magneto/distributors, but I don't want to spend money for this HB inferrior representation of my lovely airplane to get just aligning reference.
  8. The airfoil shape looks just ugly and thick. As for plan view noticeable issue is wing/nacelle transition area. Click for full size picture.
  9. The best way in this "A-26" hopeless case, I think, is to re-make a whole thing from the beginnning.
  10. Guys, here is 1/32 drawing I made from original blueprints. I think it is good to check the model fuselage accuracy. Just download and print. To be informed, actual turret diameter is 40 inches. Nose section profile is true either for 6-gun nose or 8-gun nose, only panels layout differs.
  11. Bearing in mind what was the base for this work, result is just brilliant!
  12. Shown abowe is 3D print covered with Tamiya white base. Interesting, that true 1/32 scale engine is just ideal in size for Revell cowling. There isn't necessity to make it smaller to fit, just some sanding from inside of cowling part.
  13. Thanks! I'm going to duplicate it in resin, so it will be available for you. Regards, Alex
  14. The intakes painted inside with light grey color same as wheel wells. None of this standard changed from the beginning to present time. Older planes often had yellowish tint in this gray. FOD guards are unpainted titanium and front parts of lower leaps are dull stainless steel.
  15. Yes, yes, I know that there is Tamiya's one the best. But this old model had been put onto the bench when I and my friends decided to organize local group build with the slogan: "Building kits older then their owners")) So, I blew a dust from the box and started. I decided not to dive into extensive and expensive way of total correction and make it for fun BUT... I've already had Verlinden cockpit and two old Eduard sets need to be deployed. Just one thing bothered me yet - an ENGINE. If overall exterior is simple but pretty decent, the engine is just ugly. I had pair of Quickboost R-2800 but
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