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  1. Beautiful slim shapes! I can say G-6/AS is almost graceful))
  2. There are no obvious problems here, but Hasegawa's bulges also aren't ideal. They are slightly smaller in "diameter", then should be.
  3. Looking through factory drawings I found that all "Bubbletop" models had smooth floors, and the last one P-47 fitted with corrugated floor was D-23 Razorback. Below is the factory smooth floor drawing mark where we can clearly see that it was installed beginning from D-25 model. It was one of the feature of rearranged Bubbletop cockpit.
  4. No, it's common part for all manufacturers. "Government furnishing" as marked on Republic drawing for P-47.
  5. Loop Antenna link The fighter loop antenna has 9 inches diameter. "The loop itself is 9 inches diameter, and the unit is 14 inches high, with the base of 10 inches long, and 5.5 inches wide" "Generally, a 9-inch rotatable loop, such as the MN-20" from this Manual
  6. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AIMS3211 The overall black G-6/AS here. One more example of simple schemes for G-6/AS. All we need is "Udet" badge and custom black number.
  7. Dear Bill, you don't need to pay right now. I'll inform you first when the set available.
  8. Ready. To early order write to rust1968@gmail.com. PayPal payment.
  9. Hi, Craig I'm still working for detailing the nose section in 3D to minimize hand work in the future and intend to print test parts in the beginning of September. I'm also thinking how to add elegancy to HK plastic in other places. There are some other projects in the work I hope to show here soon. Regards, Alex
  10. Hi, Craig Great research tread continues. I also found the same, comparing HK B-17 against photos and drawings. I printed a full 32nd scale size profile photo, mentioned above, with overlayed 3D nose contour (they match just perfect) and check HK parts to clarify what can I do to improve overall look of the model. I think I found appropriate way to make few cuts with minimum influence in "out of the box" edition. I think the wing is another BIG story of sad findings. The profile and thikness will probably be one big issue. Engine nacelles position and axis angle, seems, too. As for me, I already drew the "line" where I'll have to stop not to fall into total scratchbuilding. I simply must use most of this three-hundreed-dollar "firewood"!
  11. Yes, as further development of SM/MF sets
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