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  1. Hi, just started engines and nacelles last night ... will close all panels. I will post some progress this weekend :-) Best wishes!
  2. Good evening, hope you had a great start into 2020! Besides family stuff (my mom suffered a stroke ... ) I actually found some time for modeling. I started the landing gear using resin replacements for the wheels ... I forgot which brand ... I somewhere read that in late war the quality of tires were really bad which made them to last for about 10 landings and take-offs. Well, the same could be said about the pilots and a/c, too. So they look a bit beaten up in my example of a tire set. Best wishes, 109er.
  3. Hi, yes I used the mentioned alkyd oils over a flat tan colored underpainting. Used van Dyke brown and umber. Seat chipping was brush painted, actually I may be repainting the seat pans this weekend as I am not really happy with them. I would then using the sponge technique for chipping. On the other hand the seat belts etc. will hide the seat pans quite a bit ... Fit of nose panels is bad, fuselage halves fit nicely. I am afraid of the engine nacelles, however. Best wishes!
  4. Part 2: Hope you´ll like it :-) Bye, Bernd.
  5. Hi, finally a gallery of my finished diorama with a Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6 from Hasegawa. Inspiration: Original photograph of black 13
  6. Hi, started a vacation projekt: Revell´s 32nd scale Me262B-1: Leather seat backrest was done with fast drying Griffin Alkyd oils from Winsor & Newton. Dry fitting the cockpit tub into the fuselage. Interior was upgrade with Eduard PE set #32893. Cockpit detail is soft and restricted, so PE is a good way to upgrade the front and back office! Kit quality is a bit ambivalent: with careful cleaning fit can be good. But the nose panels fit horribly. Surface details are finely engraved and airframe shape looks good to me. Lots of sanding and putty required. Rescribing panel lines is also necessary. Have a nice weekend, 109er.
  7. Thanks for your input. I just got an Email from HGW. I am optimistic now :-)
  8. Hi, 3 weeks ago I ordered (FTWFRHOSV) a bunch of items at the HGW webshop. On october 3rd the package was on its way according to an email – so far it has not arrived at my home. I emailed twice to HGW but no response. Has anyone else ordered from them? What´s your experience? Have a nice day :-)
  9. Hi, I ordered the silver ink and also the white ink from Winsor & Newton: the silver ink is great for chipping by brush and spongue. I add a drop of acrylic silver paint to make it water proof. The white ink is great, too and water proof from the bottle. So thanks for your hint! :-)
  10. Hi, that sounds very interesting. I´ll give it a try! Have a nice sunday, Bernd.
  11. Thanks! I ordered an acrylic Aluminium Paint. Bye for now.
  12. Well, but it has to stick at the end. Thanks for your input :-)
  13. Update: I got info from HGW: transfer paper is a clear "invisible" film over decals. Protective paper can - of course - be removed without damaging the decals.
  14. Hi, I want to do some alu chipping by brush. I have enemals from Revell and Humbrol but I am not happy with them. What paint are you using for alu chipping by brush? TIA, Bernd.
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