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  1. Good evening, some more weathering on my Junk, mostly done by airbrush and some pigments for the exhaust pipe. Bye!
  2. Good evening good sirs! I actually did some work – mainly weathering – on my Junk! Still WIP but coming slowly to an end ... :-) That´s it for now. Bye!
  3. Hi, there are some vids on youtube showing James May´s love of plastic kits and Airfix. You May already know them ... enjoy :-)
  4. Good evening, I started to do some weathering on the left engine cowling.. still some WIP. Needs a wash, some oil spots and leaks, dirt and grime ... Bye for now :-)
  5. Hi all, a little achievement, at least for me ... :-) Proof of concept: I sprayed the complete model with a mix of thinners and hairspray adjusted to work with the lacquers used on the model. Dark areas are still wet of rinsing the model under the shower. This gives an idea of the original shades. This is the first time use on a model after a few years of empiric research – and failures! Erhh.. happy little accidents! (Love you, Bob Ross!) The dried model shows the bleached finish to advantage. Now the mechanical part of the physicochemical weathering can begin :-) Have a nice modeling evening! Bernd.
  6. Good evening good sirs, I made some progress on my Junkers ... Dry fitting of subassemblies. All markings are airbrushed. Camouflage was sprayed using card board templates to achieve a ragged color seperation. Working on the wheels. Added mud and dirt made of pigments and fixer. Test of my new weathering technique: Base colors are a mix of browns from Zero Paint RAL 8017 and Tamiya XF-64. In the picture this color is the dark shade. Then a coat of hairspray was applied for 30 sec. Rinse with water. Chemical reaction leads the light shade seen below. This can be mechanically removed with wooden chisels, stiff brushes etc. Now it´s time to order a pizza :-)
  7. Beautiful! Red fuselage was on my list, too. But I will do the brown one ... Bye, Bernd.
  8. Hi, Started to paint and weather the rim covers. Basecoat is RAL 7003 from ZERO PAINTS. Added Tamiya XF-71 and XF-57 for a thin top coat. Added a first wash and some streaking. Added a wet coat of hair spray for some 30 secs. This will weather the paintjob chemically! Then rinsed the parts with warm water. Let dry. Use wooden sticks, pins etc. to partially remove the now bleached top coat. Add washes and streaking. Dirt and dust will follow once the rubber tires has been painted. Bye for now :-)
  9. Be careful not to drop any small and delicate parts - otherwise you won't relax that much ;-)
  10. Hi, I added the wings and started to work on the landing gear. Wing root detail: fit of parts is very good, still cleaning up the seams is important. Also started a wooden Axial propeller from laminated veneer: Happy modeling, Bernd.
  11. Hi Do you have a thread here of your Junkers? Bye for now Bernd.
  12. This is the new Junkers D.1 from Wingnut Wings. It arrived just in time for a OOB-x-mas build. I started with the interior ... Cockpit WIP Pilot´s seat made from inferior late war production seat upholstery. Daimler-Mercedes D.IIIaü with 200 hp All the best for 2019 my fellow modelers! :-)
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