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  1. Thanks for your input. I just got an Email from HGW. I am optimistic now :-)
  2. Hi, 3 weeks ago I ordered (FTWFRHOSV) a bunch of items at the HGW webshop. On october 3rd the package was on its way according to an email – so far it has not arrived at my home. I emailed twice to HGW but no response. Has anyone else ordered from them? What´s your experience? Have a nice day :-)
  3. Hi, I ordered the silver ink and also the white ink from Winsor & Newton: the silver ink is great for chipping by brush and spongue. I add a drop of acrylic silver paint to make it water proof. The white ink is great, too and water proof from the bottle. So thanks for your hint! :-)
  4. Hi, that sounds very interesting. I´ll give it a try! Have a nice sunday, Bernd.
  5. Thanks! I ordered an acrylic Aluminium Paint. Bye for now.
  6. Well, but it has to stick at the end. Thanks for your input :-)
  7. Update: I got info from HGW: transfer paper is a clear "invisible" film over decals. Protective paper can - of course - be removed without damaging the decals.
  8. Hi, I want to do some alu chipping by brush. I have enemals from Revell and Humbrol but I am not happy with them. What paint are you using for alu chipping by brush? TIA, Bernd.
  9. Hi, I bought for the first time a HGW wet transfer sheet for the Me262B. The transfer paper is loose on one corner. Can this be restored? Any tips and experiences with this product, please? TIA :-)
  10. Eiskalter Würger! :-)
  11. Got an Email from him with a list of products. Do you want to get more info? Bye for now Bernd.
  12. Thanks for your input. Same here. But I found Henri Daehne, hope he is still active. Bye :-)
  13. Hi, I am looking for some Department of Correction resin parts for Bf109 and Fw190 etc. Where are they available, please?! TIA :-)
  14. CB + VZ has a nice desert scheme. https://airwarpublications.com/category/aircraft/fi-156/
  15. Hi, oh yes, that´s my impression, too. That would be 70/71/65 and 79. Tamiya has 78/79 with 78 blue squiggels .... :-( Thanks!
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