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  1. I feel the same way about yours And many other threads here on LSP
  2. Thanks. Vacu forming. I am tending to do a straight canopy of an early Dora-9 :-)
  3. Thanks Mark, I should have this info, too from Luftfahrtarchiv Hafner. I should study them more carfully :-)
  4. Ok, made a new part from thin sheet. The actual armor plate will follow. Bye for now!
  5. Thanks for the input. I made a mistake... I made part 2 too thick... part 1 is the actual armor of 13 mm. :-( Where are the drawings from, please?
  6. Hi, time to resume this build. I am working on the shoulder armor: Making a template from styrene: Cutting the part from 1mm alu sheet. Using a template for bending after anealing the center portion of the plate: The armor in detail: Bye for now!
  7. Sure, would be a pleasure for me. I have uncencored pictures, too. Can I send the files via e.g. WeTransfer?
  8. Hi, here are some notes on my "Physico-chemical-weathering" process. The 262, Junkers D.1 are test beds for this technique. Some of you asked for more details, so here they come. I hope you will give it a try and please let us know what you achieved! Chemical stage 1: Base coat, e.g. dark green from Tamiya. Use colors with acrylic resins like Tamiya and Zero Paint. Make tests of the described procedure prior to paint your model! Chemical stage 2: Apply a thick coat of hairspray and let it stay for 30 secs. Then rise with warm water. The alcohols and
  9. Hi, some more work done on the Junkers... weathering close to finished .... Bye for now.... BTW: what are the latest news on WNW? Will they be back in business??
  10. Thanks. Scratches were done with a wooden chisel after painting as a part of the weathering.
  11. Thunnus Love your red 10! Would be great to include both models in a diorama!
  12. Sure. I promised to post some infos some time earlier
  13. I used wooden chisels cut from Bamboo sticks.
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