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  1. 109

    WNW Junkers D1

    Beautiful! Red fuselage was on my list, too. But I will do the brown one ... Bye, Bernd.
  2. 109

    Junkers D.1 from WNW

    Hi, Started to paint and weather the rim covers. Basecoat is RAL 7003 from ZERO PAINTS. Added Tamiya XF-71 and XF-57 for a thin top coat. Added a first wash and some streaking. Added a wet coat of hair spray for some 30 secs. This will weather the paintjob chemically! Then rinsed the parts with warm water. Let dry. Use wooden sticks, pins etc. to partially remove the now bleached top coat. Add washes and streaking. Dirt and dust will follow once the rubber tires has been painted. Bye for now :-)
  3. 109

    Mark31 is in Hospital

    Be careful not to drop any small and delicate parts - otherwise you won't relax that much ;-)
  4. 109

    Mark31 is in Hospital

    Get well soon!
  5. 109

    Junkers D.1 from WNW

    Hi, I added the wings and started to work on the landing gear. Wing root detail: fit of parts is very good, still cleaning up the seams is important. Also started a wooden Axial propeller from laminated veneer: Happy modeling, Bernd.
  6. 109

    Junkers D.1 from WNW

    Hi Do you have a thread here of your Junkers? Bye for now Bernd.
  7. This is the new Junkers D.1 from Wingnut Wings. It arrived just in time for a OOB-x-mas build. I started with the interior ... Cockpit WIP Pilot´s seat made from inferior late war production seat upholstery. Daimler-Mercedes D.IIIaü with 200 hp All the best for 2019 my fellow modelers! :-)
  8. 109

    Fw 190A-6 Sturmbock Maj. Erwin Bacsila

    Würger! ! 🤗
  9. Yes, welcome back Klaus! Awesome profiles, I always check out your website every few weeks :-) Bye!
  10. Thanks Bil! Awesome comrades on LSP 😊 I will download the files tomorrow evening when I am back home. 🤗 Talk to you soon, Bernd.
  11. Hi Bil, Thanks for your response! I am always happy to get some help with photos of the rivet pattern and other details of the airframe. If I can help you please let me know. ☺ Talk to you soon, Bernd.
  12. Good evening, some work on the seat guide rails done: added the mounting brackets from litho and airbrushed the assembly in dark grey. Nuts and bolts will be added soon. Once done I can make the shoulder armor assembly ... :-)
  13. Slowly I feel like a dinosaur, no computer – no PE, no 3d-printing ... Looks great!!
  14. Please feel free to ask any questions. So do I ☺
  15. 1/12 scale as my Dora-9! One day both warbirds has to be on the same table 🤗