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  1. Good evening, added some RLM 82 mottlinge ...
  2. Hi, here are a few snap shots of the mottling in RLM 81 ... Both fuselage sides showed different camoflage patterns probably due to 2 painters finishingeach side of the fuselage independently. I have one photo of the right side of Rote 12 showing dark areas or bands of RLM 81. RLM 81 area ahead of the wind shield probably needs some re-working with RLM 76 ...
  3. Hi Chuck, no need to say sorry ... I used raw umber, but you can vary the colors. I applied both shades at the same time, the darker to the lower portions of the seat. Scratches are made with the tooth pick by removing the oils and thus revealing the light base coat. Bye!
  4. Hi Chuck, I used the fast drying alkyd oils from Winsor & Newton over a flat tan colored underpainting. Used van Dyke brown and umber. 1. Apply flat tan colored base coat, e.g. good old Tamiya buff (see below) 2. Apply a coat of oils and let drying begin. Alkyds dry fast, some 20 mins and they start to dry. Do a test in advance! 3. Remove exessive oils while they are starting to dry with a flat brush to reveal the base coat. 4. Apply scratches and scuffs with a tooth pick. 5. Apply a dark wash around the cushions. For the base coat I tried the new Humbrol enamels and they are a pain in the a__. Way off the old quality enamels :-( HTH!
  5. Hi, okay.... I appiled thin coats of light blue over the underpainting till I was happy with the result ... the blue is a bit more intense in the pictures than on the actual model. The green upper wing is a mockup for testing HGW wet transfers (successful!) and some RLM 82 variations ... Bye :-)
  6. Hi are there any news on ZM´s Fw190 available, pls? TIA :-)
  7. Hi, just airbrushig using very thin paint!
  8. Hi, the airframe is almost finished which enables me to start the painting process. After a base coat of Gunze Mr. Surfacer 1200 I applied a thin white coat to the upper fuselage. This will be finished in RLM 76 with a brown and green mottling. I already applied the blue underpainting or preshading of the RLM 76. Have a nice evening! :-)
  9. Hi, some time ago I accidently used out of production thinner from JPS Modell for thinning Tamiya acrylics to be applied as an wash over a basecoat of dried Tamiya acrylic. That worked great because the wash didn´t dissolve the base coat. I tried this with a variety of other stuff, AK, denat. alc. etc. but all of them dissolve a dried Tamiya base coat. :-( Do you know of a thinner that doesn´t dissolve the Tamiya acrylics but can be used to thin them? TIA :-)
  10. Hi, Magic sculpt doesn´t stick well to styrene. I have heard that Tamiya epoxy does, so Milliput, too? Any hints please?
  11. Hi, just started engines and nacelles last night ... will close all panels. I will post some progress this weekend :-) Best wishes!
  12. Good evening, hope you had a great start into 2020! Besides family stuff (my mom suffered a stroke ... ) I actually found some time for modeling. I started the landing gear using resin replacements for the wheels ... I forgot which brand ... I somewhere read that in late war the quality of tires were really bad which made them to last for about 10 landings and take-offs. Well, the same could be said about the pilots and a/c, too. So they look a bit beaten up in my example of a tire set. Best wishes, 109er.
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