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  1. I had the pleasure to talk with Hans at his home in Heidenheim. Judy and Jerry Crandall provided me with his address. Thanks Jerry and Judy! Hans expressed his respect to allied pilots flying deep over emeny territory. He spotted P38s several Times but they avoided combat. He also reported a combat with a squadron of Spitfires coming directly at his Staffel a 1000m low. He said "let's get them" like the russians on the Eastern Front but they flew an Immelmann in his back and on was a wild dogfight. He was still impressed with the Fw190 and the 30mm Mine ammo and its devastating effects on the target.
  2. Hi, I can´t find this kit at my retailers, is it already available, pls?!
  3. I pre-ordered a kit for 119 € in Germany. What is the official price pls?
  4. Hi all, I am looking for books on the Saturn V rockets from a modellers perspective: lots of detail photos wanted :-) Any tipps, please? TIA.
  5. Thanks. Happy modeling
  6. Beautiful bird! can you please comment a bit on the MRP colors, please? TIA :-)
  7. More weathering... Dirt & Dust will be partially removed in the next steps ...
  8. Hi, started the weathering .... WIP of dust&dirt.
  9. Hi all, finished applying Aviattic´s decals. Airbrushed engine cowling red over darkred preshading.
  10. Looks nice, will get some 109s :-) I wonder why they did not include the rivet pattern (consiting of "o-rings", not just dimples)? Is it too expensive do do them in the molds?
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