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  1. Hi all, has anyone some detail info on how the 2-part-canopy was hinged on the real thning? Also where there retaining cables to secure the canopy in the open position? I also look for infos on the radio antenna wires ... any input is highly appreciated! :-) TIA Bernd.
  2. Yes, both pictures show the same a/c. I think the pictures show the a/c a few days after its crash. In the meanwhile more snow has fallen. Check out the areas underneath the wings which show considerably less snow.
  3. Hi Thanks for your input! Yellow 7 is a Friedrich. Yellow 6 is indeed a early Gustav.
  4. Hi, hmm, have to check the references for sub-type determination. It has the external re-inforcement strips at the tail unit... so that points to a F-2. I have the Hasegawa F-4 kit and an "old" Aires resin set that actually looks quite nice!
  5. Hi, with the 262 nearly finished it´s time to think about a new project. It will be a crash landed Friedrich. Here are 2 photos of it: http://www.history.jp/images/Pi122-Me109-2L.jpg http://www.history.jp/images/Pi122-Me109L.jpg Some first questions arise and I am interesed to hear your ideas :-) Antenna mast missing due to nthe impact or was it dismounted earlier? Are there 1/32 scale Wehrmacht figures or Luftwaffe pilots available? Have a nice evening, Bernd.
  6. Sure.. will post more details this weekend!
  7. Talking about Hurricanes in finnish livery: Nice video At approx. 11:45 the Hurricane pilots gets really excited about flying a real Hurricane
  8. Hi Vincent, a finnish 109 is on my list, as well as a finnish Hurricane :-) Best wishes, Bernd.
  9. Hi, some progress in assembling and weathering the 262 ... time for dinner now :-)
  10. This kit requires to obey all the basic modeling rules, especially dry fitting. Make sure to do so with parts C48 and C52! Feel free to ask questions
  11. Scuffs can be done with a scalpel, wooden sticks, curled aluminumfoil etc. I airbrushed different green shades of solvent based arcrylic resin paints and after drying sprayed a coat of hairspray and let that stay for 30 secs. Then rinsed with clear water. The alcs. and solvents in the hairspray attacks the paintjob. Paints I used were Tamiya acrylics, ZERO Paints and Weinert from Germany. Have to test GUNZE solvent based paints. You have to do tests to predicts the outcome as it can be from both extremes (paint work is destroyed and can be rubbed-off or not affected at all). You want something inbetween. Tamiya olive drab XF-62 is a great test: apply it to some sheet styrene, let dry an hour and then coat it with HS, rinse after a half minute. See the magic. You can´t use standard decals with this technique because of the clear film protecting the underlying paintwork.
  12. Right. I was surprised to see cracks in the cockpit sill. First time I had this problem. I had to sand the aerea abit which of course reduced the thickness ... next time I will apply some sheet to strenghen such areas. Thanks!
  13. Pete, I made the same experiences!! Worst kit in a long time, although it looks nice now. Actually, I had to buy a spare kit! Fuselage assembly was no problem, although I experiened tension cracks in the forward cockpit deck underneath the windshield after 1 week of the assembly. I solved this issue with Tamiya extra thin cement. So fit is a problem that results in tensions. Careful dry fitting is required. The plastic of the kit seems mediocre, too. Wing assembly. Even worse although I should have dry fitted the engine nacelles before assembly, because ... I built the engines according the instructions. When I tried to test fit them to the wings I realized that the rear fairings were switched. To assemble the wings I glued the wheel bays into the wing using clamps to close the gaps between side walls and upper wing ceiling. Once dry I tried to test fit the wings to the fuselage realising that the upper wing root now has an undulating surface destroying the fit. At that time I decided to buy a second kit and found one on amazon für 25 EUR . I built engines and wings again. When dry fitting them again I also had a bad wingroot fit. I had to glue the rear portion of the wing to the lower fuselage up to the landing flaps. Let dry a day. Then I had to bent and force the forward wing joints to meet the lower forward fuselage. Lots of tensions. I wait to see any new cracks one day. Wing root on the upper wing required epoxy putty, re-scribing and I had to rebuild the small wing root fairings over the landing flaps on both sides which I broke off several times while handling the model I also chopped the main bulkhead K189 in the fuselage but this is only a partial remedy. May the force be with you I decided not to bother you fellow modelers with these stories but now it´s public
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