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  1. I pre-ordered a kit for 119 € in Germany. What is the official price pls?
  2. Hi all, I am looking for books on the Saturn V rockets from a modellers perspective: lots of detail photos wanted :-) Any tipps, please? TIA.
  3. Thanks. Happy modeling
  4. Beautiful bird! can you please comment a bit on the MRP colors, please? TIA :-)
  5. More weathering... Dirt & Dust will be partially removed in the next steps ...
  6. Hi, started the weathering .... WIP of dust&dirt.
  7. Hi all, finished applying Aviattic´s decals. Airbrushed engine cowling red over darkred preshading.
  8. Looks nice, will get some 109s :-) I wonder why they did not include the rivet pattern (consiting of "o-rings", not just dimples)? Is it too expensive do do them in the molds?
  9. Hi all, some progress... finished the construction work on the main air frame subassemblies. I started the under painting of the fabric covered wings and fuselage in white, tan and light blue. Still not finished. I will use Aviatic´s fabric decals. The blue needs a translucent white coat before applying the decals ... Bye for now, Bernd.
  10. Thanks Kevin, I´ve heard that, too. I just went for a dark wooden finish. But I am not an expert for WWI and Fokkers. Spreaking abaout the camo and markings therse seems to be a great variety of variants floating around of Manfred´s Fokker. Are there original photos of 152/17 available? Thanks :-) PS: This build is inspired by Wolf Buddee´s Fokker!
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