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LSP Group Builds for 2020...

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Hi All,


As you're probably aware, the LSP Anniversary GB has about 8 weeks left, so we thought it best to prepare for what comes after. Below is what we have come up with, trying to cater to as many as possible with variety of fronts and times. We do have one open spot, so I thought I'd ask for suggestions and see what people might like to do for that one.


1st December 2019 - 31st May 2020

30 Years of the Eastern Front 1915-1945.


1st March 2020 -  31st August 2020

Cold War Jets


1st June 2020 - 30th November 2020

80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain


1st September2020 - 28th Feb 2021

Training Day


Fire away with some suggestions. Keep in mind the availability of LSP kits too when making a suggestion. 


**All locked in now, thanks all for your suggestions!**

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Anything WW1 which i believe has alot of builds going on in work in progress, but has had one or two gbs in total. With the launch of the new kits expected from WNW, CSM and other companies in 2020 plus all that is already on the market, i think it’s only fair to leave a spot for us WW1 builders for a GB. Just a thought...



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The 30 years on the Eastern Front GB should have space for WWI builds. 


I propose the following to think about for the empty slot:

Training aircraft

Special mission configurations (e.g., torpedo bomber, dam/bunker buster, spy planes, radar jammers, night fighters, beer haulers)

"Make the Judges Laugh"- model builds with as many mistakes and flaws that can be crammed on (e.g., bad paint, seams showing, crooked components, landing gear off alignment, botched canopies, decals messed up, trenches for panel lines)

Landing accident dioramas.






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The BoB could not have been forgotten... and I have a /24 Airfix Bf109 waiting for that one. Just have to decide on paint scheme and markings.

Training aircraft: its not only basic trainers but think of all the 2-seat trainer version of jets, that can be chosen. Lots of possibilities there for sure!



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Not sure how many WW1 aircraft and available markings are going to be suitable for the Eastern Front GB.  I suspect this will be mostly filled with WW2 aircraft.  All resin GB may be light on entries, since I don’t think a lot of people have all resin 1/32 kits.  Kit availability may be an issue for Trainers, but I’m not sure how broadly you define “trainer”.  Many modern jets come in both single and dual seat versions, but many of the dual seat aircraft are used for specific missions and rarely for pure training of pilots.  My feeling on GBs is that they should have a large availability of kits, and the rules should be pretty clear so it doesn’t require mental gymnastics to figure out whether what you want to build qualifies.  Some suggestions:


Family Models - aircraft with all of aircrew under one canopy.  Needs to have at least two aircrew

Red Skies - Russian/Soviet aircraft, maybe also other air forces with a red star in their national insignia

Terrible Twins - Twin engine aircraft only

Swingin’ Singles - Single engine, single pilot aircraft.

Lone Hunters - Single engine, single pilot, just fighters or interceptors

Asian Delights - Aircraft in the markings of Asian countries
Forgotten Conflicts - Not the “big” wars (WW1,WW2, Korea, Vietnam), I’m thinking smaller, shorter, more regional conflicts.

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I love all three of the proposed Group Builds. Gives scope for all eras of aircraft from First War to late Cold War. 


A suggestion for the last slot:


In Borrowed Skies: Exiles, Volunteers and Mercenaries

  It could include things like: 

  -Americans in the Lafeyette Escadrille, the Eagle Squadrons, and the fledgling Israeli Air Force.  

  -All the foreign pilots that flew with the RAF; Poles, Czechoslovaks, French, Belgians, etc...

  -Russians in North Korea

  -Wars in Latin America, Africa, Asia 

I'm sure others can think of more examples. 


Just a thought. 




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I like the Eastern Front idea versus a Red Star idea. I can see almost any aircraft from Poland to Lithuania and Ukraine between the wars fitting in there and I don't need to add a red star. There are lots of Cold War jets to play with and the Battle of Britain is a wonderful idea. If you make the last one an Exile, Volunteer and Mercenaries you could hope that they release that Saab 29 in UN colors or make lots of Spanish Civil War aircraft in addition to a B-17 with Mickey Mouse on the side in Israeli colors. Way too many fun things to think of.



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