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  1. Here's the main rotor head of my MH-60L special operations helicopter. (It is driven by the engines), does that count??? Tim
  2. Here ya go Pete. This helo guy will always take care of ya! It's a MH-6M Walkaround. Hope it helps. http://aeroscale.kitmaker.net//features/4186 Tim
  3. I've heard them being called "stick-wigglers" Tim
  4. I've never seen Oliver make a crappy model yet. His models are absolutely insanely good! I wish I had the building talent he has. Flat out--- HE'S GOOD! Tim
  5. I think I'm gonna get twobobs sheet and instead model "301". Also found that Hataka makes an aggressor paint set. I've never used Hataka paints, so I have no idea how good or bad they are. I'll have to snag the mask set from DN models. (Thanks Stokeypete) Tim
  6. Oh boy. Here we go riding with Pete again! It was a bummer to not have your HH-60G build to oogle over every time I logged in, but now I've got another helo build to read about. Outstanding job on the figures so far! Really looking forward to more of your magic. Tim
  7. Wooooweeee!!! Check out that helo. Looks just like a real pavehawk! Brilliant job on it Pete! Tim
  8. Sounds like another H-60 ceiling wiring detail rabbit hole to go down! Thanks alot Pete!!!! Lol (Now to find some lead foil. I don't drink wine, so that's out) Do they sell lead foil online? Tim
  9. Thanks for the tip, Peter. I found a link for different colors too! https://www.beadalon.com/cords_and_stringing/wildfire.asp Tim
  10. While flipping through YouTube today, I came across a few day old video of F-16's out at Nellis AFB for Red Flag 21. 1 F-16 in particular caught my eye, it was a blue aggressor bird. And it got me thinking, hence the post. If someone wanted to build it, what kit is the best in 1/48 scale and what aftermarket goodies are available to make this jet look even more cool? Hoping Pete Fleischmann and other F-16 experts will chime in. Thanks Tim
  11. Looks like you fixed it just fine, Pete. So that means the resin does droop over time I guess. I talked to Harold about it when he was making the blades. I seem to recall Chris Miller from Cobra Company saying the same thing about his resin Huey blades he made. I guess I'll go the same approach with my blades. Great recovery!!! Tim
  12. Definitely let us know about the size. I might order some for my 1/35th scale Kitty Hawk H-60 model. Tim
  13. Great work on the Huskie!!! How big is your styrene stash anyways??? Lol Tim PS---Did you get my friend request over on FB? I sent it last week sometime.
  14. The blade weathering looks spot on. Don't forget the tan colored "spot" on the bottom of the blade. That is where the blade tiedown quick connect goes into. Tim
  15. I was thinking the exact same thing. I swear that build looks real, Pete!!! Tim
  16. Agreed. I use MS and Vallejo putty, but I'm gonna give this stuff a try. Tim
  17. Sad to see this build come to an end. This was the 1st thread I looked at for an update every day when I visited LSP Pete. This has been an awesome ride and I've learned so many things from you and saved a BUNCH of your build pics for my references. Can't wait for the ebook to come out and especially looking forward to the Little Bird and Jayhawk builds coming up! This is the BEST H-60 build I've ever seen. You should be proud!!! Tim
  18. If you have a clear green and clear red toothbrush you can cut off a chunk and sand it down to shape. You can also use the leftover sprue from a car model kit. Its sprue is clear red. Tim
  19. WOW!!!! What size insulation wire did you use for the T connectors? Tim
  20. That looks like the real de-ice cables Pete. What gauge wire did you use for the insulation? That's my next step on my rotor head, but I couldn't figure out what to use for the T connectors, but now I do. Just a tidbit of info, the short piece of wire goes down around the side and hooks up to the droop stop electrical connector on the bottom. If you need any pics of where it goes, give me a holler!!! Looks like your rounding third and heading home with this build! Tim Tim
  21. Shweet looking head Pete. You nailed it brother. Looks way better than mine!!! Tim
  22. IMO, very nicely done Chuck! But then again, every kicked up a notch model has turned out beautiful!!! How about giving the Kitty Hawk H-60 a kicked up notch??? Between Pete and you, I'd be ecstatic watching 2 master modelers crank out 2 awesome helos!!! Tim
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