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  1. i use gunze /tamiya and i love it , MRP and AK/MIG on the sides for specific colors or metalics . tamiya and gunze are cheaper and i can use them as diluted or as thick as i like . they are cheaper and so is the thinner . i use MRP now mainly for the FS or russian colors for the exterior . for preshading and other dirty work its tamiya and gunze all the way . tamiya and gunze are like a white shirt and jeans , its good for everything . MRP is like a suit , its more expensive but worth it if you can afford it .
  2. Guilty as charged ! from trupeter's MIGs and MIL to the Ki-61 and their conversion i did it quite a lot .
  3. i think you shouldn't! Really shouldn't !!!
  4. Oh boy where do I start .. I have two 109s as ugo drago's and jg 300 yellow 1 A mil mi-4 in the middle of a complete rework from inside and outside . A couple ki-84 one superdetailed and one blue tail arrow. And the F-5E if I can get a corrected IP . Plus a mig 19 uti that will need to be reputtied and repainted . I think thats the main ones for me
  5. Aggressors are my back up . But honestly stencils and insignas are the only problem . Some insignas can be made by masks if I find a template. And stencils can be used from other kits . I'm am looking into that but I do t have time or knowledge . Especially when it come to american planes.
  6. Numbers will be done in masks . Stencils and intricate designs insignas will be Impossible unless it's a decal Wich is why I went for the two schemes in particular
  7. The cockpit is decent from the box only needing some wires and mods . An early seat . Some varied IPs and exhaust are way higher in my wishlist . Extended tail plug and refueling probes are even higher than a full pit in my book .
  8. A-4M . Tomcats or black sheeps . But if there is an easier scheme I will go for it .
  9. thanks ! il look into it !
  10. i am currently trying to find the decals for a low viz skyhawk . unfortunately there is nothing available . so i was wondering if there would be an available or easy to do masks for the biggest parts ? the stencils can be done on a printer but the major markings are best painted . i am really not good at making masks and i dont have a silhouette cutter . anyway , thanks for reading!
  11. i usually use rubber bands on my fingers if i need a steady hand . and braces have useful bands too for tweezers. really helps when i really dont want to F up that PE or painting bit .
  12. DO IT !!! DO IT NAOW !!!!
  13. You can always buy them from Hong Kong or Taiwan .I think
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