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  1. kikka

    1/32 ZM Kawasaki Ki-45 Kai Tei Toryu

    i will follow this ! you better make justice to the kit or my revenge will be terrible ! you will build nothing but short runs , resin et vac kits for ever !!!!!!!
  2. i should rest then and come back tomorrow
  3. is it wrong if this pic gives me a semi ?
  4. kikka

    ZM Ki-45 to be Available at Telford!

    10th – 11th November 2018
  5. kikka

    ZM Ki-45 to be Available at Telford!

    if any of you guys going there could pick it up for me will go and preorder the ki !
  6. kikka

    Libyan Mig-23MF, 0200 Tripoli August 2005

    god damn i love 23s ! the resin is really a must buy for this kit . it really makes it awesome and rewards time spent painting it . and you dont need much weight in the nose since the intakes , pit etc are quite heavy .
  7. it looks like it could be a resin part , maybe two halves for each side to ease the moulding/pouring ?
  8. i looked at some books , and found this : me thinks an open rear build might be on my to do list for the next F-5 i build ....
  9. here are a few found on the net . some experts might have better ones or plans .
  10. and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE a IP for the pre/post 2008 planes . pretty please ?
  11. for me the IP is the only thing that stopped my build progress . once a new one is available i can finally restart the engine . i have no need for the intakes or exhaust since i will cover them with evergreen and lead foil .
  12. kikka

    Dragon Kit Sale

    28 !! if anyone knows how much shipping to france will be i might go for one ....
  13. kikka

    Dragon Kit Sale

    I really am tempted by those offers ... if only they had a cheap shipping method to France ....
  14. no update yet , been a bit too busy so its still in the painting stage . but dont worry ,little by little its coming along nicely ! i have been working on some other bits while it dries .