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  1. nice work ! i used tamiya's XF-76 for my build , and using black primer , washes and varnish i achieved what i consider the appropriate color for this plane . keeping in mind also that they were all straight from the factory and maintained perfectly for the critical mission, i did no chipping or discoloration . i also refrained from exhaust and gun streaks since i wanted to represent this subject at the morning of the big day !
  2. i will gladly follow ! i have all the books of the series and i love it ! PS : he flew a lot of planes with different codes , in the book 8 he flew EA , in the 9 he flew EJ and EC (EC crashed IIRC), Book 13 EF , Book 15 EL . i have to look at it later but i think its that
  3. well i do like me a big mama betty with baby ohka in the belly . the japanese planes are really too few in 32 scale . still hoping for D3A ,D4Y, B5N,B6N,B7A,C6N. i find really stupid the decisions to make FW 190 in 32 scale considering the amount of kits already on the market . that was probably a rant , but to go back to the point an ohka is tempting especially if you can do the internals as always and if the do the jet variant with a separate boxing or with add-ons like the J7W
  4. i got that saved too . but still hungry for more !
  5. thank you everybody . the Loire is mandatory in my to do list . living where the Strasbourg was scuttled i will build the ship and hopefully the planes on the catapult too ! if anyone has the book and is willing to scan (or sell) it i would be grateful!
  6. hello all. after a visit to the local museum i have been looking for more data , pics and plans for a loire 130 . i have the azur 48 scale kit but i might go for the 32 scratchbuild but not without anything to build it from . anyone has books and plans ? i also am looking for picture .
  7. there is a whole lot of two seater planes in trumpeter's list . from the migs and SU to the nanchang and YAK 18 you also have the K5Y , the Hawk , the buckeye and skyhawk and trojan. plus resin convertions sets .
  8. training aircraft is very attractive . more civilians too maybe ? cesna,otters etc too? the popular people flyers ?
  9. i loved building this kit; i only added HGW belts , they are a must have . tamiya released the correct colors for it so it made it so easy ! the tweak list is great to have and i cant wait to see what you do with this great kit !
  10. for me it looks like an invader . thats all that matter to me . if the issues can be fixed , great ! if not .... IDGAF!!!!
  11. kikka

    ACMI pod

    Harold makes great pods , i have a couple . no problems , multiple tips .
  12. i will still buy and build one . i cant even see the problems with zactoman's map . it looks means and hopefully will be priced like the B-24 . a lot of AM stuff will be released for it so the easy bits will be fixed .
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