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  1. bought alleycat products , never had issues . but that was before the health issues . still contact him once in a while to make sure hes still around and selling .
  2. Been out of time and will to sniff glue and paint so have been mostly watching the forums. But enough is enough ! So i had to start a new kit and restock the empty space it created : This one however is for my birthday , and since i live in sight of where it scuttled itself with the entire fleet i had to get it . Plus the Shipyard Works set and some Master accessories. I will restart soon in smaller scale. I lost the habit and few skills i had so i'm going back to 48 . Small enough to be easy but big enough to be easy !
  3. feedback and learning are for me the main reasons i post on the forums . why post online if its just for me ? TBH i encourage those attitudes. if i show an RFI and you have a technique and correction i welcome it , so i can be better in the future , or even modify it with its simple . and if its a WIP it the same . plus it helps me have a better result or speak about a subject that i enjoy . a picture of a kit with trench sized joints , scratches and generally not a great build is not what i look for unless it is the correct scheme etc. that's also why i love browsing WIP and RFI to find what i like or thing i want to do .
  4. love his videos . the only reason to go to Florida . well that and witnessing the adventures of Florida man !
  5. i have one kit as well and will replace the plugs with evergreen way easier and cheaper .
  6. kikka

    NATO"s LanceR

    here's Chucky ! good to see you back ! the progress is as always great !
  7. nice ! i was going to make a joke about Ron Swanson flying a plane but il keep it for the end !
  8. kikka

    NATO"s LanceR

    good to have you back sniffing extra thing ! cant wait to see what you are cooking in your shop !
  9. i had a tip to get a clear plastic on PC watercooling blocks , i would use a cooking blowtorch on the plastic where tool scratches etc happened . worked like a charm . maybe a smaller colder version would defrost it ?
  10. if you ever decide to release the plans i might print an entire airforce till the end of my life !
  11. if you want to do the lines easily use primer and tape , takes seconds and gives the model a little something that makes all the difference
  12. what are you looking for ? airscale does decals , and eduard does more than a few sets . i redid some parts of my N1K2 pit in scratch .
  13. sorry to hear about your many fit issues chuck , i am lucky my kit fits well .
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