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  1. i loved building this kit , the easiest i ever did ! just watch out for a few things , the bottles are invisible in the end , with the seat in position and the lack of light . but as a modeller you can still put them there , as long as you enjoy it when you build it and look at it once its done . the HGW belts are a must buy . they are gorgeous. small and can be fiddly , but damn worth it all . ive had bits of flash in the holes where the horizontal tail surfaces are inserted , but i didn't know it , it was too small to feel when i assembled it . the windscreen can be tricky too . check multiple times and dont be afraid of surfacer . except that you will have no fit issues , at best it will be a bit of surfacer , and more for safety than need . i would also recommend using only the stencils for the scheme , the tamia decals are wayyyyy too thick and hide the gorgeous panel lines and rivets . masks are another must have . and considering its a brand new plane for Pearl Harbor and relatively well maintained for its life you also dont have to do crazy big and complicated weathering . you can avoid glueing the antenna , it fits in even after the canopy is installed , useful for cleaning , moving and little and not so little hands that might harm it . the only thing to do to this kit is enjoy it , and you will !
  2. look at the top of the sprue, in the middle : looks like a tail bit to me .
  3. watch out , the back cushion is wrong , sand it flat and put it over the bottom one . check my WIP or the F-5 thread its a small cushion but quite noticeable .
  4. for the airbrush i go with Tamiya , Gunze , MR color or MRP , using gunze yellow label thinner . for paintbrushes its Vallejo and co (AK/AMMO)
  5. for the year 2019 i have two builds in sight . the MIG-21UM Mongol from trumpeter and the Zoukei-Mura Ki-45. since i am not an expert in any of those planes i am asking the shared knowledge of the forum . for the mongol i plan to use: Master pitot and static dischargers . HAD Fuel tank ,wheels ,KM1 seats and airfield equipment. Quickboost scoops. Airscale cockpit decals. Begemot stencils. are they all correct for it ? is there anything missing ? For Z-M's KI-45 i plan to use : HGW Belts. Airscale cockpit decals some AM Barrels depending on the version i will build. am i missing something ? are they correct for it ? thanks for reading .
  6. chuck , if you want the aux intakes to be opened you will need to have the engine details and some detail inserted in the fuselage . they are also (I I R C )only opened when the engines are on . so if you want to display them opened you need a pilot in. you could go and do it anyway just for the looks wich is a great things model let you do but it also breaks the lines and curves of the plane . leaving you 3 choices : either close them, open them or open everything .
  7. for the intakes and exhausts i am doing covers . i am hesitating between soft fabric or hard plastic . hopefully some brand releases them ? it will be a nice touch of red with some markings for this bird .
  8. yes ! chuck tackles the tiger ! just a word of caution : the intakes are a PITA and you definitively need to rescribe and do a lot of riveting to the fuselage wich will need a lot of sanding since the top and bottom dont exactly line up perfectly . you might also need to modify the gear legs since they need to be inserted before they are inserted in the fuselage . the MLG attachement points are flimsy at best so check that area to prevent the kit from collapsing on the shelf.
  9. the engines have a lot of potential ! jeez i want to make an open engine now .
  10. YES ! YES ! YES ! I will be following that with interest ! but considering your past projects i know you will make it right !
  11. considering that i plan to build the Z-M KI-45 as soon as i get it i will enter the contest when i receive it .
  12. i will follow this ! you better make justice to the kit or my revenge will be terrible ! you will build nothing but short runs , resin et vac kits for ever !!!!!!!
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