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  1. Any chance you'll make US Apache pilots w/o the LPU flotation collar??? Tim
  2. It wouldn't be for one person. 1/35 ground crew figures for the current helicopter models are non existent except for aircrew figures from LR and Reedoak. They aren't ground crew. Alot of helicopter modelers want diorama possibilities using ground crews and mechanics. Just sayin Tim
  3. They look good. Any chance you can make some Army crew chief/maintenance figures working on helicopters??? (Will supply pics if needed) Tim
  4. Zorro, I cut my hand pretty bad at work back in April and my index finger is still not back to normal. (I severed 1 of 2 nerves when it happened). I'm hoping I can start again real soon. Tim
  5. I wonder if Meng or Takom is considering a UH-60M or better yet an MH-60M in 1/35 scale??? One can only wish! Tim
  6. I wonder if kitbashing the 2 would make an ACCURATE AH??? Sure wish Meng would have rolled out a E Guardian first. Tim
  7. What was the new revision to Pete's book Kev? Tim
  8. Probably tastes good dipped in ranch dressing!!!!!! Tim
  9. Nice job so far. Are you building the snoopy nose helo in the picture? Tim
  10. Good Luck Zorro. Pete set the bar REALLY HIGH with this build!!! Tim
  11. Probably another variant of the ME109. Like we don't have enough! Tim
  12. Us UH-60 guys make fun of the Apaches, but I want one of those E models!!! Tim
  13. Care to elaborate without spilling the beans?????? Tim
  14. Not to hijack the thread, but how is your shoulder Maru??? Any better? Tim
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