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  1. Hawkwrench

    CO2 airbrushing dangers

    I got my 4 pound tank filled for around 7 bucks. Pretty cheap!!! I thought it would be 20 or 30 bucks. Tim
  2. Hawkwrench

    CO2 airbrushing dangers

    Thanks guys for all the comments. I don't get much time to model, so I bought a 4 pound tank. I built a tank mount bracket at work and secured it to my workbench leg. Just need to get a spray booth and vent it to my window. That's my next purchase. Tim
  3. Hawkwrench

    CO2 airbrushing dangers

    I know this has been discussed before, but I can't find it, but what dangers are there when airbrushing using CO2? If you have a vented booth, will their still be the dangerous air everyone claims? Is it safe to have a small electric heater on while airbrushing? If not, how long will you have to wait to turn it back on? Thanks! Tim
  4. Hawkwrench

    Kitty Hawk's new Black Hawk!!!

    Here's the new Pave Hawk FRIES rig: Tim
  5. Hawkwrench

    Kitty Hawk's new Black Hawk!!!

    Here's some pics of Live Resin's new H-60 aircrew and SF/PJ's. Tim
  6. Hawkwrench

    Kitty Hawk's new Black Hawk!!!

    SH-60's were also looked over by Seahawk experts. Tim
  7. Hawkwrench

    Kitty Hawk's new Black Hawk!!!

    This kit will be light years better than the 20 year old Academy kit. Many UH/HH-60 experts headed up by Werner Wings have provided alot of valuable input into their new line of Hawk kits. As far as recessed vs raised rivets, it's ultimately up to the model company to choose. I think this argument is blown out of proportion and I'm a rivet counter when it comes to UH/HH/MH-60 hawk models. The 1st of the year will be here soon enough, and in the words of a wise modeler, "Better correct than fast!" Tim
  8. Hawkwrench

    FACEBOOK hacked

    How will you know if you've been hacked by these goofballs? Tim
  9. Hawkwrench

    Galvanized replication

    I have several small 1/35 corrugated metal sheets that I want to galvanize and rust. What's the best way to make them have that galvanized look? Thanks Tim
  10. That is incorrect. The Blackhawks use a different style hoist fairing. The new Mike model 60's have a slender fairing on their hoist. The old style hoist model part on the Academy hawks may be a good starting point for modifying it to what you need. Hope this helps! Tim
  11. Hawkwrench

    Oh my. Shattered.

    My condolences Gerhard. My wife and I just got back from a memorial ride for my daughters fiance's friend. He was switching lanes and a car pulled out in front of him hitting him. Sadly, he died on the street before help arrived. This is why I have NO desire to get on a bike. Tim
  12. Hawkwrench

    Happy Birthday guys ........

    Thanks a bunch guys! Turning 51 this year and man am I hating it!!! Tim
  13. Hawkwrench

    "First flight certificate...........

    Would like to see some exterior pics of your Cessna!!! Tim
  14. Hawkwrench

    "First flight certificate...........

    Glad she liked it. Maybe she'll pursue some flying career when she's older. By the way, nice Cessna! What is it? 182??? Tim
  15. Hawkwrench

    Anti Drone

    I am by no means being the devil's advocate, but ISIS can be very resourceful and they have a steady flow of money coming from somewhere/someone. It's just a matter of time before those guys figure out the arming of drones, and begin to start a new battlefront. If they can learn to drive captured M1 tanks and fly captured UH-60 helicopters, then they will eventually figure out the drone thing. Mark my word, these goofballs will begin using more and more drones to carry out attacks. Tim