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  1. Hawkwrench

    Badger airbrush problem

    Do you know what they charge? Tim
  2. Hawkwrench

    Badger airbrush problem

    Mike, no I haven't. I'll try soaking one in thinner and running it through. Thanks for the tip! Tim
  3. Hawkwrench

    Badger airbrush problem

    I have a Badger 200 gravity feed airbrush I use from time to time. I was cleaning the needle the other day and accidently bent the needle beyond repair. No biggie, I'll just order a new 1. New 1 came in and when I went to insert it in, it was good until around the area marked then it got REAL tight. I tried cleaning it with thinner and AB cleaner, but it was still tight feeling. Bang, another needle bent. Don't know what else to do short of ordering a new body AND another needle. Can anyone help??? Tim
  4. I'd love to see you do this kind of detailing and photography on the new upcoming KH H-60!!!!! Outstanding detailing so far. Tim
  5. Hawkwrench

    Opti-visor diopter

    What size diopter lens do most of you guys use for detailing. I'm thinking of buying a higher magnification lens for my opti-visor and I want some input on what to get. Thanks Tim
  6. Hawkwrench

    Airscale B-24 IP soon to be available..

    Man, that looks nice!!! Tim
  7. Hawkwrench

    Cessna 172, Nichimo, 1/20

    Nice work on the 172 so far!! Tim
  8. Hawkwrench

    Cessna 172, Nichimo, 1/20

    Gotcha, thank you sir! Tim
  9. Hawkwrench

    Tamiya F4u-1D Corsair build

    Wooo, that's a little much. No doubt it's well worth it. Tim
  10. Hawkwrench

    Weird Problem on HS Forums

    Sounds like HS has a virus! Tim
  11. Hawkwrench

    Tamiya F4u-1D Corsair build

    How much is it? Tim
  12. Hawkwrench

    Cessna 172, Nichimo, 1/20

    Gotcha, thanks for the tip! What epoxy putty did you use? Tim
  13. Hawkwrench

    Cessna 172, Nichimo, 1/20

    Nice!!! I'll be following your build seeing I'm going to be starting my own 1/20 scale 172 soon. How did you reshape the landing gear wheel pants to look more updated? Tim
  14. Hawkwrench

    Chattanooga Nationals Meeting for LSP?

    Chris, waiting for Kitty Hawk to roll out the new 1/35 MH-60L. I have several friends who were aircrews down in Somalia with TF 160, and I want to build 1 of the "Super" helos using the excellent Werner Wings "Irene" decals which I helped to creats along with a few other high speed modelers including Floyd Werner!!! Tim
  15. Nice setup! Thanks for showing me it. I need to get me a camera. Is that an SLR? Tim