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  1. Just stick around. The Hawk's nest is getting bigger and bigger!!! More hawk models are coming, trust me! Tim
  2. Welcome to the forums Mel! You're gonna love it here. These guys know how to build some models in here. Tim
  3. It's on hold until a certain aftermarket helicopter business completes a update set. (I'm part of that update crew, so keep an eye out soon for a cool surprise!!! Just sayin!) Tim
  4. Another wife to make 2!!! (Or a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader) Tim
  5. Mount Massive huh? I'm pretty sure a MH-60 Blackhawk from the 160th SOAR crashed on that mountain some years ago. There's a monument to the crew there somewhere near it. Congrats on the marriage!!! Tim
  6. I decided to paddle against the current and a subscribed to PB for $4.99 a month. I got tired of fooling around with imgur and decided to go back. I know, I know, it was just alot easier to post pics for me than to try and remember how the other sites did it. (I hardly get any bench time, so I got tired of fighting the upload process because I kept forgetting!) PB does just fine for me Tim
  7. Armor, yuuuk!. Build helicopters!!!! Especially US Army ones! Tim
  8. They were behind the pilot seats. If you want some great decals, go over to Wernerswings. Com and buy the "irene" decal set. Its strictly for Gothic Serpent helos. Here's his link http://www.wernerswings.com/ww-decal-35-09.html They are awesome!!! There's all kinds of good blackhawk books. Just Google uh-60 books Tim
  9. The 160th SOAR helos are flat black. Besides the pilot's seats, each helo had 2 crew chief seats in the back. All the other helos did not have any other seats installed except for Super 63, the C2 bird, which had 4 Huey seats installed along with the C2 console. Wernerswings is in the process of making a OGS correction set for the KH MH-60L. Stay tuned, it's gonna be good!!! Trust me! In the meantime, here's a hot link to a Gothic Serpent info thread I started. It should help out alot. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/301695-operation-gothic-serpent-aircraft-references/ Tim
  10. Thanks all for the help. I found some Ken's Kustom fuzzy fur flocking. Tim
  11. Does anyone know of an easy way to imitate sheepskin for a helicopter cockpit seat? Thanks Tim
  12. It's coming, just hold tight. It's closer than you realize. (Lips are sealed!) Tim
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