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  1. I need to make some D rings for inside the cabin of my 1/35 MH-60L. Is there a tool out there for it? I've checked Micromark and no joy. Tim
  2. Thanks Pete. Plugging along and getting there. Waiting on some parts to come in from a guy so I can make the Huey seats that were installed behind the console that the commanders sat in. Tim
  3. I painted the C2 console tamiya rubber black followed by a tamiya black wash and finally some dry brushing using tamiya Sky Grey and added some electrical connectors from evergreen rod and painted them Vallejo dark exhaust. I finished up the console wiring and now starting the minigun wiring using detail master DM-1420 hose. (Works perfect for wiring). Boy, these are a pain to get glued in!!! That's all for now. Tim
  4. Good thinking outside the box Pete. She's looking awesome so far. Your insane for this, but I love what your doing. Tim
  5. Looking crazy awesome Pete. I always thought about doing this on a hawk. What's an A4 sheet though? Is that the Archer sku # for the sheet? Tim
  6. A little bit more progress. I had to scratchbuild a special avionics box that was on Super 63 that sits in front of the fuel tank and painted it to replicate what it looked like on the real helicopter. A little bit closer to closing the interior up. Tim
  7. There from micromark. It's a sample sheet that has a little of everything on it. The sheet # 84985 Rivet detail. Tim
  8. Besides the fact that the console was too wide, I am told that neither CE seats were installed on the C2 helicopter during the blackhawk down mission. (Not too crashworthy) so I went on and redid a new console, but kept the panel. Since no seats were on the helo, I added some handles made from lead wire and tamiya tape and then added Micromark resin louver decals for the console vents. Just waiting on some Anyz resin knobs to arrive so they can be added to the panel. That's all till tomorrow night! Tim
  9. A little bit of an update. I glued down a piece of styrene, painted it and weathered it to represent the aluminum plate that the C2 console seats (UH-1 Huey seats) were mounted to. After that I glued on the crew chief sidewall armor to the cabin walls and began to layout how the MH-60L would have been equipped. I'm sure it will change once I hear from its crew chief. Tim
  10. What did you use to clamp them together? Tim
  11. I've heard that's the main complaint from those that have built the model. The fit is so tight and hard to come together. The outside of the cabin walls will need to be sanded in order for the halves to fit together better. Tim
  12. So do you dip it or paint it on the back of the bezel? Tim
  13. Love to know what colors you used for the engine parts! Tim
  14. Absolutely saweeeet! What did you use to weather the top of the panel? Tim
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