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  1. Oliver, actually the head is just setting on top the gearbox. I just wanted a good pic of it so I placed it there temporarily. Tim
  2. A little more done on the MH-60 tonight. The top doghouse was a tight fit that needed clamps to get it down fully onto the fuselage. It's definitely not as good as Pete's helo, but I like it. Comments welcome Happy Thanksgiving guys! Tim
  3. I dipped a spare brush in debonder and very carefully wiped the smudge away. Smudge is gone and no reaction to the plastic. Thanks Thunnus!!! Tim
  4. Dodgem, Pete's right. It angles back under the premise that the cable will deflect down and under the wheel if not cut first. Tim
  5. Ok. The pe nor the model is not painted right now, so I'll try your idea. Thanks Tim
  6. The cyno wipe would work perfect, but I can't find a US distributor for it and I can't find it on Ebay either. Tim
  7. I can definitely see where you would have been able to catch that. As far as the surface detail, well--let's just say you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. I personally would have rather of had raised rivets, but that was KH's choice I suppose. We can just send our helos to Pete and he can rivet them for us!!!!!! Tim
  8. Starfighter, Maybe just a little. I was part of the R&D proofreading team and that was one of the areas we pointed out to KH to correct. The original CAD had it alot more flat than now. Being a former UH-60 crew chief, I've looked at plenty of hydraulic deck covers and to me, the model looks close enough. Only an aircrew or someone with a keen eye (such as you) would notice the difference. Tim
  9. While gluing the front nose screen onto my helo, I accidentally touched the corner of it and now there is a small finger smudge on the corner of the screen. Will CA debonder on a cotton bud remove it??? Tim
  10. Got a little bench time in today before work. All the seams look cleaned up and added the nose radar mount onto the fuselage. That's all for now Tim
  11. Cool. I love his decals. The guy who draws them up and makes them is the best in my book. I'm using Wernerswings Irene decals for my build I'm doing. Tim Tim
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