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  1. I ordered the Aber Phillips PE heads that Buster told me about. Tim
  2. Man that IP looks top notch Chuck!!! Where did you get all your assorted lead wire sizes from? Tim
  3. That's a good idea. I'll try Kevin's and your idea each. Tim
  4. I'm looking for some Phillip's screw heads in 1/35 for a project. The head will be in a slightly recessed hole. I've checked Aber and it's a no go. This part will be a resin master so it has to hold up to the mold making. Any help would be appreciated. Tim
  5. Tonight I finished up with the seat tracks on the pallet. Next up will be the drilling of all of the installation screw holes in the pallet. Tim
  6. So just run the needle around the inside of the circle on the template??? Tim
  7. I need to cut about 4 styrene discs. 020 thick and 3/8 wide. Any recommendations as to what's the best for such small disks? I've looked at the Olfa one and it doesn't go that small. Tim
  8. Pete No, just creating this set in hopes some aftermarket company wants it. I've noticed quite a few helo modelers wishing someone would release the current seats, so I thought I could help fill the need. Hope my work can satisfy there request. Tim
  9. All the current USAF HH-60G helicopters are now using the new Martin Baker crew seats for the SMA's or special mission aviators. Kitty Hawk has done a great job in making the HH-60G kit, but currently there are no aftermarket seats or seat pallets available to represent the newer cabin setups used by AF HH-60G crews. So I decided to scratchbuild the seat pallet (what the seat attaches to and slides on) and eventually the new crew seat. Here's what the current cabin layout looks like So tonight I started scratchbuilding the seat pallet first. The base is a gr
  10. Oliver, Found this on YouTube tonight. Maybe it can help you. Tim
  11. Well, that makes my mind up! Makes me wonder how scammers like this stay open and not shut down somehow. Thanks Maru!!! Tim
  12. Has anyone heard of this website? If so, any problems? Just wondering if it's a good site or one I should stay away from. Tim
  13. Pete, I'm the admin of this group so I put your model as the group photo on my FB H-60 build page!!! Tim
  14. Great start on the Hellcat, Chuck. Your build posts are the best I've ever seen (especially the pics)! What did you use to cut the PE piece with? Tim
  15. RIP Dale! It was an enjoyment to read his posts and see the determination and hope he had even while sick. We're all gonna miss you!!! Tim
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