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  1. Thanks Maru. I can always count on you for a kind and uplifting comment. Tim
  2. Pete, was watching some YT videos of the incoming landings for Oshkosh 21 and saw 2 L-39's land. Are you up there this year??? Tim
  3. While waiting for some hobby tools to come in to continue work on Wildcat 097 I began to keep my promise to the crew chief of Super 62, Paul Shannon and build his MH-60L "Rude Dude". Rude Dude was the original Super 62 in Mogadishu, but was down for an engine change when the Oct.3rd mission began. Here's a pic of Rude Dude in Somalia with TF-160. So tonight I started on the cabin and cockpit area. The cockpit floor was painted Tamiya NATO Black and the non-slip stripes were painted Tamiya XF-54. The cabin floor was just shot with a gloss coat so I can lay a AK wash down into the crevices and tiedown areas when it's dried. 1 small step in the beginning. More weathering will come later. Chow for now! Tim
  4. Doh!!!! (Just havin some fun with ya!) Tim
  5. I have a UMM punch and die set for making discs. While using it I've noticed that my styrene discs that I punch out have "flash"( for lack of a better term) hanging off them. When I look at others who use punched out pieces, they all look perfect What the heck am I doing wrong??? Tim
  6. Um, ok. That just sounded really weird. Just sayin. Tim
  7. Huh! I always wondered why the tips were cut off. Now I know! The SEWARS Sounds like our canopy release buckles we had on our parachute harnesses up by our shoulders. When you pulled the front cover down, a metal wired loop popped out and when you pulled down, it released the parachute webbing strap and deflated the chute. We learned real quick when the winds would drag us across the DZ. Tim
  8. Wanna give it that wow factor??? Somehow figure out how to suspend the rescue swimmer in the air as he's jumping into the water! Tim
  9. I'm an ignorant Army puke. What's SEWARS? Tim
  10. You gonna have his chute on the water??? Tim
  11. The things I noticed and heard was that the KH kit was WAY more accurate all the way around. The Academy kit looked like it was squashed down. (If that makes sense). The HIRSS Exhausts are too big and instead on sticking down at an angle, they stick more up. They just look wrong over all. Inside, the left and right soundproofing details are not even there at all. The back wall is completely blank of detail. (There's ALOT more to list) Being a former UH-60 Crew chief, I look for detail in these kits and the Academy ones just don't have it. Me, the KH kit is light years ahead of the Academy kit and worth the money to me. Tim
  12. Would you be willing to cast a copy of the Isracast rescue hoist??? If so how much would you charge? I need one for a H-60 build. Thanks Tim
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