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  1. Check with Floyd at Wernerswings. He might can hook you up. Tim
  2. They look really awesome! Love the multicam colors. What colors did you use for the kneepads and the Molle webbing straps? Tim
  3. Not me. I STILL got my lean, mean fighting machine, woman pleasing Navy SEAL body!!! (Hey, I can dream can't I ???) Tim
  4. Congrats Pete. That's not surprising though! Best darn 60 model yet!!!! Tim
  5. Maru, Must be nice traveling out of the country drinking smoothies!!! Tim
  6. Wow Maru, I think you're the 1st person to almost spell that right! (There's a cali word in there somewhere! Lol Tim
  7. Is this the same rocket that was shaped like a uh um, phallus??? Tim
  8. No, not this week. My bench night was Saturday night and I was too tired, so I didn't stay up that night. I'll try it again this Saturday night. Tim
  9. Nice cyclic sticks you made. Think you would sell them??? If so, I'm in for a few! Tim
  10. Absolutely flawless work Oliver! You never see ANY mistakes on your models. They look so naturally real! Tim
  11. Nice start!!! What are you using for the cockpit wiring? Tim
  12. Pictures of it or we don't believe you! Tim
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARU!!!!! Hope your birthday goes great! Tim
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