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  1. I have 2 of those reskit heads, though VERY nice in detail, it looks like the spindles are molded in flat pitch and not the 8 degree up pitch. Tim
  2. I'll go to a different round and round. This video was shot from a drone. Tim
  3. I'll be starting an inflight helo build similar to Pete's HH-60G build soon and I need some help. I will be using the Live Resin helicopter pilot, but I need his legs to be more straight down as he will be sitting in the doorway of a HH-60L medevac operating a hoist during a rescue. I need to cut his legs where you see the red lines, but how do you reposition his lower legs? Hot water? Thanks Tim
  4. Pete, going back over your posts, I noticed you didnt give a vallejo color for the air crew's webgear. Do you remember what MC color it was by chance? Tim
  5. Looking forward to getting a set of them for my inflight helo! Tim
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/232888180158696/permalink/3691188954328584/ Tim
  7. Looking forward to all of these upcoming helo builds. I'm sad to see the pavehawk build winding down, but happy there's 2 more helos waiting!!! Tim
  8. Oh yeah, Pete's gonna build a 1/24 scale H-60 cockpit!!! Tim
  9. Sounds like a plan. Now I just need to make a female Franken figure victim to put in it. Tim
  10. The reason why I'm asking around, is because I'm having to scratchbuild this right here. It's called a SKEDCO and it used to carry the victims during a rescue. It's kinda replacing the stokes basket as the preferred method of patient transport. I have the straps and buckles covered already using PE, but I've tried to roll out the AP to a thin piece and it didn't work out well at all. Tim
  11. Just wanting some opinions on what is better for making tarps, blankets, pouches, etc. Which is better for workability, stickiness, sanding, and shaping? I have used AS, but don't like the stickiness. Wanting to know if Milliput is better. Tim
  12. Man, your good! Making a Franken figure and it looks real! Guess I'll order that for my hoist build. Thanks! Tim
  13. Pete, got a couple questions regarding your crew chief. Where did you get the right hand that is holding the hoist control, and where did you get the control??? Tim
  14. You'd be surprised how much they flex and flap! They tend to flex more as they are slowing down turning. Tim
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