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  1. Not THAT much of a price!!! that's for doggone sure!!! Tim
  2. I just saw the price for the silhouette. Yeah, I'll pass!!! Tim
  3. I've got mind-block right now. I'm getting ready to paint the tailwheel on my MH-60L and can't remember which to paint first. The wheel black and then the rim or the rim helodrab then the wheel? Like I said, dumb question Tim
  4. It's been 15 days and I'm having serious withdrawals over your build. I need pics and an update!!! Lol Tim
  5. How about a closer look at this Dzus fastener tool and perhaps tell and show us how to use it? Tim
  6. Coming from you, I consider that a compliment!!! Thanks Tim
  7. So tonight I decided to build up and paint the exhausts. I first painted the rear half Vallejo Model Air 77713 and the front half Vallejo Model Air 77703. For the burnt area in the middle, I used Tamiya Weathering Set D "Burnt Red". I've never used the sets before and man do I love them for weathering. Tim
  8. Wonder if we can convince Woody to release a H-60 rivet sheet??? Tim
  9. This DEFINITELY has raised the bar on helicopter detailing! I'd love to do this one day. You need to list every size of Archer rivets you're using for all of us to use as reference.
  10. Thanks for the heads up on hobbyzone usa. Tim
  11. Sweet. How's shipping ??? I ordered from them just now and they sent me an email in Russian saying a manager would be in contact with me about the payment. Is that normal??? Tim Tim
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