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  1. Looking forward to Pete's ebook! Will definitely buy it! Tim
  2. Nah, it'll be another 109, 190 or a corsair. Tim
  3. Thanks guys for the support. I can still move my finger every way, the Dr said that was a good sign and that it would take "some months" for the numbness to go away. I read last night that after a nerve has been damaged/severed that the nerve ends "rest " for approximately 4 weeks before they begin to grow back but that occasionally the damage is permanent. I hope not because this numbness is driving me crazy!!! Tim
  4. It just sucks that it affected my everyday life in ways I never thought about. Something as simple as putting a seatbelt on or climbing off and on a forklift had turned into a chore. I tried writing right handed after it happened and yeah, that didnt work, unless you want to look at a 1st grader's writing so I switched to my left hand and put the pen in between different fingers and at least it's legible! Lol (Still takes a long time to do that!) Tim
  5. Last Thursday morning while at work moving a floor fan, the cover came off and the fan while turned on, struck my left palm and slashed it wide open. It took 10 stitches to the hand and 2 to index finger to close everything up. My left index finger is now numb and Dr's said it may take some months for the nerves to grow back and it got me thinking. How long till I can model again seeing I'm left handed? So I thought I'd throw this topic out and see how others have improvised in order to model. Right now, its impossible for me to pick up a paintbrush let alone work the trigger on my airbrush. Tim
  6. Oh yeah. Can't wait for it to come out! I've been looking forward to this. Tim
  7. Ok. This place is good to go for me then. Tim
  8. Is this is good Webstore or no? Any good or bad stories with them? What about shipping to the US? Tim
  9. My wife calls it a nerdy hobby and everytime we go to a contest, she chuckled at all the "nerds" who are there! Tim
  10. It's discouraging though when you pour alot of time and effort into a model whether it be assembly, scratchbuilding, painting or what have you and all you get is likes and maybe a comment here or there, and yet others have bookoo comments on their build. Been there, done that and got the Tshirt! It's not the attention you crave, but you hope your work is good enough to be commented on as that pushes you to keep going. When all it gets is smiley face likes or loves, it very quickly becomes a disappointment to your hard work and a demotivator. Tim
  11. I soloed numerous times, was getting ready to do my solo cross country and tore my ligaments in my right ankle and I never pursued finishing up after that. I've had 2 series of blood clots and now I'm on blood thinners so I'm grounded now! Tim
  12. I have 40 hours in a Cessna 152. Does that count??? Lol Tim
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