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  1. karimb

    Junkers Diorama

    Guy, for the frame wings. Scratch?
  2. karimb

    Junkers Diorama

    Hey Guy! super diorama expertly finished. The composition and finish are exquisite. Out of curiosity did you scratchbuild the skeleton wings displayed on the side? thanks for sharing! Karim
  3. karimb

    ZM 1/32 Horten Ho229

    Super! shes quite the stunner standing on her legs. Yes i noticed it must have been quite awkward to climb up the cockpit. Take a look once you have the nose fuselage skins on, perpendicularly down the cockpit and you will see this whole thing is trusses straight through to the ground. Open air. Must have been really uncomfortable for the pilot with the engines so close and the cold from beneath when on ground! i still haven’t managed to snap photos except on my phone. I just finished the woodgrain on the top fuselage after some booboos which made me restart the whole process twice! looking forward to your update Rob! Karim
  4. karimb

    RFI - Extra 330 SC - N73KG

    Brian, superb ending to a kit that fought you all the way! Thoroughly enjoyable work in progress, beautiful rfi photos and a well deserved award! way to go! K
  5. karimb

    Phoenix 2018 - T-shirts - NEW ORDER!

    Tim i cannot thank you enough the tshirts have been received today and they are lovely! my friend from ipms back home is waiting for me to go home on vaca to bring his over too. Quick mugshot in the cave. First time i shave my beard clean in 5 years and i feel naked so to speak! thanks again for the time and effort. We should do this as an annual thing. Every ipms annual NATs that LSP members attend should have a dedicated tshirt and we could probably start a collection lol! Karim
  6. karimb

    ZM 1/32 Horten Ho229

    Rob, first let me thank you for allowing the questions on your thread. For the nose wheel i did exactly what you did. I cut the wheel locating pins and drilled a hole in both points (2mm diam was the exact size) and then glued polished the seam and painted the assembly and added the nose wheel last with a 2mm rod to hold everything together. Worked a charm. That wiring is sublime! I just didn’t go that route myself since the fuselage skins will be on. On the other hand i did open some of the metal hatches on the fuselage, scratch built the hatches and the railings and am using brass bolts and rivets to simulate the attachments bolts. I am hoping it will come out good. The kit as you mentioned is nothing but fun. Looking forward to your progress, as i do everyday! Karim
  7. Maybe some sort of submarine sonar buoy or the sort. I have no clue so just sayin! SUPERB progress on the kits Mike! Karim
  8. karimb

    ZM 1/32 Horten Ho229

    Gents since this thread is going so well and with Rob’s permission I’d like to ask Rob and you guys what you think the belly pan was made of. I haven’t found any reference specifically in the spirit of thuringia book (the gray part that you add to the bottom clear middle fuselage skin part). Would it be metal or wood also? Rob feel free to delete this post if deemed distracting or not in the correct place or context. Again, looking forward to your progress! Karim
  9. karimb

    ZM 1/32 Horten Ho229

    Yes the dreaded Oontinental i am using the resin tires on the kit and they got the correct continental spelling on them. The nosegear is a bit fiddly to attach so take your time there specially with the retraction piston the lodges up in the upper frame. I had to insert the part, twist it to sqeeze through then spot glue it with extra thin then installed the retraction arm. Takes a bit of work but the assembly is super sturdy now. I haven’t had a chance to post a photo but i will as soon as i get them online. No thread jacking so it will be just one! looking forward to your progress Rob! Karim
  10. karimb

    ZM 1/32 Horten Ho229

    Rob super progress. Ive been following but silently. Just want to drop in say the work you’ve done on the kit is gorgeous. Managed to nab my third zm horten in Tokyo on a layover, from Volks in akihabara. They go for stupid prices on ebay 300-450$ while they go retail at volks tokyo for 116$. I also got the two seat conversion from same in the mid 50s$ if i remember right. I read somewhere that the kit was now oop but they had a substantial stash of those there and all looked normal. I am a few steps ahead of you on my horten and it’s been nothing but fun and enjoyment after such a horrible lull in my modeling! really enjoying your progress and looking forward to more! if i finish mine, it might even go to Eday on the contest tables along with the crocodile brisfit! Karim
  11. karimb

    Phoenix 2018 - T-shirts - NEW ORDER!

    Hey Tim, money paypaled so you can spend that at the show! will pm you addy now. Again, there’s no rush to send them out now. After the show will be fine... thanks again! Karim
  12. karimb

    Phoenix 2018 - T-shirts - NEW ORDER!

    Looking forward to seeing how they turned out my friend! any update on wether us “shipping” guys will get the stuff sent before the nats or after when you’re back and things have quieted down a bit? personally i see no reason to rush sending my stuff out! thanks again for all the time and effort you put into this whole project Tim! Karim
  13. Thanks Dean! Always nice to hear news of my favorite company, and from the horse’s mouth so to speak. Wingnut wings has really manage to build a cult following and i love it. The thing is, in my opinion, that wnw has managed to become more than a model production house it’s also a fraternity and that’s what makes it so special. Thanks for posting! Karim
  14. karimb

    Supermarine WALRUS by HPH

    So she is “buildable”. Hat off to you ! Beautifully done for a super hard kit thanks for sharing karim
  15. karimb

    Not Enjoying the Hobby

    Dean i am in the exact same quagmire you’re in. After finishing the crocodile i started work on a su27 which was supposed to be an uber build with all the bells and whistles. Worked very hard on the kit for a while fitting sanding and fairing in all the resin and aftermarket in, which was quite a pain but i kept pushing on waiting for the mojo to step back in, a walk across the bridge, and then disaster struck and the big lady fell from the shelf and broke. I managed to salvage all the zacto resin but i was shot to pieces. First time in 8 years i actually bin a kit or the remnants of it. After that i built the first armor kit in 8 years and got to the point where it’s 90% done now but i have no drive to finish anything. Packed it and placed it in the closet until the day comes where i have the desire to finish the roadwheels and the fruil metal tracks. Bought two new armor kits, big ones, a wheeled 1/35 scud launcher and a tracked 1/35 scud launcher, but nothing is working. Even bought an HPH custom made 1/18 mirage2000 kit which cost me almost a kidney. Excitement bubble popped after a couple days and the excitement of waiting for the kit waned down. I sat yesterday in all honesty in front of my stash (before operating a night flight) and went through the 50+ stash of wingnut kits, all the jets and prop planes i have, opened every single box to try to mentally picture the finish kit and nothing sparked my imagination. I build for pleasure, and to be honest i also feel deep down i build to remain sane. I work out of a country that you can describe as being somewhat “difficult” to live in. Qatar is not the friendliest of places in terms of activities or social life although all my friends are expats and all are pilots, it’s difficult for us to meet often because of the flying schedule. Modeling helps me destress from work and all the associated headaches and helps me keep busy during my downtime when i can’t go home to see my daughter like when i have two days off between flights (it keeps me from having morose thoughts!). I have been finding myself sitting at my expat home lately going in circles like an animal in a cage, going back to look at the stash and back to the living room and ending up spending the day idle on the couch watching television. What a waste! I want to build to stay occupied but nothing is calling and i noticed it’s adding to my anxiety and stress in exponential numbers. Plus, its 50+ degrees celcius outside daytime, so no outdoors! I really wouldn’t know what to say to help out. i am not being able to help myself out to start with, but it’s good to be able to share with everyone here. Strange times... Karim