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  1. Anything WW1 which i believe has alot of builds going on in work in progress, but has had one or two gbs in total. With the launch of the new kits expected from WNW, CSM and other companies in 2020 plus all that is already on the market, i think it’s only fair to leave a spot for us WW1 builders for a GB. Just a thought... Karim
  2. Unfortunately i am what is called a “sick” person when it comes to the albatros (albatri?) as i managed to stack up 14 of them (my all time favorite aircraft) when you count the Hans Von Gōssel one i built last, so i will pass. It’s super news though as we will now see many more getting built and completed instead of stashed. There are so many crazy schemes out there K
  3. Thanks Kevin! Was getting an error now working fine.
  4. The all white should be quite an interesting challenge that i might take up, regardless of fatty’s actions in ww2. Its the techniques to be used in painting and weathering a monotone finish, let alone white, that would be the centerpiece for me . Besides, another d.vii F in the stash wouldn’t hurt since they’re going for the price of kidneys on ebay K
  5. My thoughts are with you Jennings. I was on the airplane flying back to see mom when she passed three years ago. The searing pain remains, but the great memories of our moments together I cherish every minute, and it makes me smile and keeps me going forward until the day we are reunited. May she rest in peace. Karim
  6. Mr M, superb mustang. Beautifully done and exquisitely weathered! thanks for sharing with us Karim
  7. Hi Peter thank you fro the kind words. For the base colors i used white that i distressed by micromeshing and then i used brown to do some shading and filled randomly the panels with mostly radome, tan, buff and i think desert yellow. Everything got a clearcoat and then was polished in prep for the decals. i will share some posts here that i think might be helpful in answering your question. Thanks again! lets see if the links work. They do
  8. Rod, thank you! Thanks a million! Ryan thank you for the kind comments! Mr M, thank you fr leaving a comment! Thanks! Thanks Troy. It is very colorful indeed and i am happy you like her! Thank you! Brian thank you !
  9. Thanks Rob! Herr Baron thank you for the kind words! Petr thanks for checking in and leaving such kind comments! Kensar thank you ! Larry thanks for the kind words. Im happy you guys liked her Thanks Gaz! Kev thanks for the kindness! Martin thank you for your kind words! Jaro bro thanks for checking in! Wolf thank you for your kindness! Model_Monkey thanks for the kind comment i will make sure to let Bernard know! Thanks Mark, lets see how she will fare on the contest tables!
  10. After 7 months of work, the Albatros D.Va (OAW) is finally complete...The build is based on the Wingnut Wings kit and finished as Hans Von Gössel's flying skull, circa mid 1918. The kit was extensively modified in order to make the small details more accurate. Additions were Bo Monroe's 3D printed wing radiator and Fuel tank, HGW Models textile harnesses and Yahu photoetch instruments. I completely scratchbuilt the air valve assembly behind the starboard instrument panel and linked the piping based on the NASM plans for the restored Albatros (the restoration book was of tremendous help with the plans and detail photos). The kit received a new windcreen made from thermoformed clear acetate to thin it to scale, and the coaming was modified to add wrinkles and retaining washers for the leather. Master brass jackets were used for the Spandaus. For the engine, i had run out of Taurus resin overhead cam so i just scratchbuilt the valve springs, the induction manifold was wrapped with teflon tape and the heat shields were made from lead sheet and MENG styrene bolts. Taurus resin spark plugs were used and everything wired using Modelkasten rubber thread. Rexx metal exhaust attached. The Niendorf propeller was my first hand carved propeller and i used different veneer sheets and then coated it with MR. Paint clear. The wooden fuselage is finished with Knotless decals from Uschi van der Rosten and a few filters. The decals are just flawless in their application and in the result you get. I initially had the rigging attachment points 3D designed and printed by my friend and ALM Studios team mate Imad Bouantoun, but they turned out too big due to their hollow nature and limitations on SLA printing so i ended up scratchbuilding those using styrene and thermoforming the domes with styrene sheet to be able to use the Gaspatch Models albatros specific turnbuckles. Rigging tubing is from Bob's Buckles and rigging is done with EZ-Line thin. The lozenge linen is Aviattic and is superb as are all the linen decal series from that manufacturer... Alot of additions and scratchbuilt items which would be too long for me to itemize here, or which i might have forgotten over the period of time since. The figure is to give a sense of scale and was painted by my friend and ALM Studios team mate Bernard Bassous. You can find all the juicy details in the build log . Id like to thank everyone who encouraged me to push the envelope so to speak. As i mentioned on the wip log, it looks like the stars were aligned for this one! Thanks again, Stay safe and happy modeling! Karim
  11. Hello gang... For this update there will unfortunately be no photos as there is nothing really worth photographing in terms of step by step or work in progress type photos. The Albatros is finally finished and sitting in the middle of the shelf, reigning over every other single model i have built in the past ten years. The wings lined up exactly on the strut locations which is typical Wingnut wings, and the rigging went smoothly and was very enjoyable. I added the scratchbuilt flare rack on the left side and finished off by adding the photoetch latches to the lower wing panels. I also painted the bottom of the tail skid iron and finally installed the various subassemblies like the wheels, the home carved prop and other little parts. Touchups were made to the parts that either lost their luster or where paint had flaked off due to handling during the building phase. I am in the process of preparing the text for the RFI section and posting her there... The stars were really lined up for this one, so to say! Thank you to everyone who has checked in during the build and encouraged me and pushed me to go beyond my skill limit! You have all a part in the end result ! Karim
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