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  1. sheets bought on ebay. Thanks gents!
  2. Thanks Andy and thanks Brian! Gonna order some now
  3. Hello gentlemen... As i am wrapping up my build of the 1/32 field modified Marienfelde for the Junkers D.I diorama, i have started to eye my next target and it looks like it will be a ZM Ta152. In my tradition of building stuff in either 'naked' state or some weird scheme, in my search i stumbled upon reference photos showing stamping on the inside of the metal panels on the cowl for example or on the hatches. I have tried to look in vain on the internet for the correct nomenclature for the stamping, trying metal sheet german stamp, metal sheet dye etc etc and i kept getting results that were not relevant to the search. I remember i had read somewhere on the forum that they were produced in our scale and i would appreciate a pointer as to who produces the sheet (or sheets!), what the real life stamping was called and where i can buy them as i am already starting to plan the build... Would they be applicable also on say, a Heinkel's hatches or inner panels? Thanks in advance! Karim
  4. Thanks Jan for stopping by and leaving such an encouraging comment!
  5. Rod thanks for checking in on the post and leaving a comment!
  6. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! The seat is Uschi leather decals on a tan base and overlaid with successive oil washes and some oil sponging to tie everything together. The cockpit coaming is regular painting with oils and then a seal and a filter to tie everything together! i hope that helps!
  7. Thank you for the kind words!
  8. Ray, Thanks for the kind comments and for taking the time to leave a word... this kit was nothing but fun... I am now working on the Aviattic Marienfelde and its requiring a different skillset of which i am also enjoying the challenge!
  9. Fanes, thanks for the kindness in your comment. I use studio lights which i got off ebay for a decent price. Its overkill i know but it works a charm with relatively 'normal' size 1/32 kits and would work perfectly fine with stuff up to 1/18th scale. This is the setup. The backdrop in the photo is cloth and i have since changed it to paper. The size of the background rig is expandable to 3.5 meters in length.
  10. Mike its really good to hear from you my friend! I was going to drop you and Scott a line but you know how things are when you wake up every other day in a different country! Thank you so much for the kind words and taking the time to leave a word. Expect an email from me in the next few days and most of all stay safe with all the traveling buddy! Karim
  11. Thanks Kev for taking the time to leave a kind word my friend!
  12. Thanks Brian for the kind words...wish i had waited for the Junkers specific release exhaust but i think they look pretty much close so it had to do! Thanks again for stopping by!
  13. Hey guys... Been super busy lately and didn't really get a chance to post anything, or to build as much as i would have liked, to be honest. Let me present to you Wingnut Wings's lovely all metal monoplane. I built this as a side project with two great friends, Lebanese master modellers Bernard Bassous and Imad Bou Antoun, both regular contributors to international magazines and recognized top tier gentlemen. The Junkers will eventually be placed in a diorama we are working on collaboratively. In addition to the kit's contents i have extensively scratch built engine components such as the spark advance and throttle/throttle body, the propeller hub retainer, used Barracudacast intake manifold, the Rexx albatros metal exhaust (at the time of the build, Rexx hadn't started selling the Junkers D.I specific exhaust), Taurus valves and rockers, Taurus spark plugs, Albion alloy tubing, Gaspatch turnbuckles and Master brass barrels amongst others. The tubing is from Bob's Buckles as always. Custom masks are courtesy of my silhouette plotter. All paints are Alclad II and MRP for general paint, and Tamiya and Gunze for detail painting. Uschi leather decals were also used on the build along with their metallic pigments. Weathering was done using mainly pigments, colored pencils and products from Ammo Mig. This is only part one of the diorama and coming up soon should be the Aviattic 1/32 Marienfelde truck to complete my contribution to the planned diorama. Of note, this is the first model i have photographed with my new photo setup rig so i am hoping the photo quality has improved! I would like to thank Sukerumodera for their kind support providing me with the required Ammo Mig products during the build phase! As always, stay safe and happy modeling! Karim