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  1. Hey gang, an update today. I was supposed to fly home today to see my daughter but i have been sick with fever these last few days, and it got worse after my flight call from standby yesterday. Either way the day before the standby call i received, i had already started by filling in the light ejection pinmarks on the fuselage halves. Back from the flight yesterday afternoon i managed to sand those flush, and prep the fuselage halves for the coming woodgraining. We start the build by tackling the interior of the fuselage woodgraining using Uschi woodgrain decals Ronny Bar edition, pale, laid on top of a coat of MRP pale wood. The interior green areas received a preshade of RLM02 from MRP and then the wingnut wings tamiya paint callout which was postshaded with Alclad hot metal sepia. Station 8 bulkhead behind the pilot seat got the crossmember shading as per the original structure plans (Smithsonian restoration of the Albatros DV) as wnw moulded the part as a single piece of styrene and then i covered this with Aviattic lower 5 color lozenge decal to add some color to an otherwise all wooden cockpit. The callout for the seat is leather but i decided to go for a wooden frame and add the resin HGW cushion. The cushion was hand painted with successive layers of acrylic browns highly diluted with lacquer thinners. Its a delicate process as the lacquer will eat through the previous layer if you do not wait until your previous work is dry, which is quite quick. I then added a glaze of burnt umber oils which i wiped staining the base paint layer. Chips and scratches were painted with buff and the cushion buttons were painted hull red. A very dark rust wash was then added, the cushion sealed with MRP flat and when dry buffed up with a finger. I have been finding the finger buffing technique to be the best at representing the sheen of used leather. The woodgraining of the bulkheads and the seat have been done with the RB etch woodgraining stencils, and then blended in. I forgot to add a picture of the reference materials i am using for this build, of which i will add a photo below! For those of you who will notice the printing dots on the decals in strong closeup photos (of which me!), if you decide to use Alex's woodgrain decals i can reassure you they are invisible to the naked eye even at close distance... I am planning on heading home after tomorrow if i feel better, to spend the remainder of my monthly string of days off home, so tomorrow the plan is to get the HGW harnesses assembled, weathered and installed along with laying down a quick glaze of oils to give some life to the woodwork... bear in mind nothing has been done to the fuselage insides yet, no washes no weathering nothing, this is just the raw state product... looking forward to your opinions and ideas gang! Karim
  2. Bill, you are very kind... I am glad to have you along and i hope tonight's update will be to your liking I really miss being amongst you guys here actively taking part in the conversations and discussions, its just i get back from flights and i and i am so tired from the flights i barely drag myself to the bench...
  3. Rob its super to have you here! thanks for stopping by and leaving a word!
  4. Thanks FVDM... yup the aircraft of the great war are always very interesting! hope to have you along for the build!
  5. Thanks Don for the kind words!
  6. Mike its great to have you here! hope you will enjoy tagging along!
  7. Great to have you hear Ryan!
  8. Hey my friend its good to have you drop in on the build... no no you havent lost your mind with 13 in the stash... i was just looking at a photo of a row of Jasta 5 albatroses lined up, DVs and DIIIs and it made me wonder if i had enough stuff in the stash let alone all the wooden versions from different Jastas! The spinner is nothing to be worried about regarding the sharp demarcation line in red. Easiest is to sit a circular template rule of the correct diameter on the spinner and airbrush away... we'll see how this goes when we get to it, i might go the regular masking tape route
  9. karimb

    1/32 WnW Halberstadt CI.II (Late)

    Hey Andy super progress. I have this kit to build for a European magazine so i have been following your progress closely! excellent work you have done. Have you used the wingnut wings prescribed technique for the stipple and how did you find it? the results are truly spectacular my friend! Awaiting your progress! Karim
  10. Hello everyone! i would like to apologize for not having had the time to be here as often as i would have liked... i have been extremely busy of late in my professional and personal life and the time at the bench has taken second place... I am modeling on the side but it has taken a sort of a downturn the last couple of months with more and more flying and less and less time spent at the bench during shorter stays at the apartment. Between the post of the Aviattic Marienfelde, and this post i had started work on a Zukei Mura TA152 H-0 which turned into a nightmare with me having to rebuild the whole profile of the wings, a ton of scratchbuilding and modifications and eventually when the steam ran out and the kit was almost completely assembled and relegated to the 'to be finished someday' section of the cabinet, i did what everyone under stress does. I went back to my little bubble, my comfort zone. I went back to the bench with an urge to build wood and fabric flying stringbags. Great War aircraft. To me the beautiful flying machines of that era give me the opportunity to go wild replicating wood, canvas and letting my artistic side run wild while trying to be accurate and push the envelope at the same time. I fell back on the albatros, of which i have 14 iterations of the kit in my stash (my all time favorite aircraft of ww1, with so many beautiful schemes i don't think having 3 dozen of those in the stash would be enough!) onto which i will be throwing a bit of aftermarket, and eventually as need arises, will dip into the aftermarket storage box for ww1 i keep on the side. I am planning on finishing the kit as Hans Von Gössel's beautiful wooden albatros with the skull on the sides and the top wing, i will be also throwing in Bo Monroe's 3D printed radiator, fuel tank and gun synchro mount, HGW's textile harnesses, Uschi's woodgrain decals, Richard's Aviattic fabric lozenges for the wings and the rudder, HGW etch (Maybe!), Master brass LMG jackets, and scratchbuilding as the inspiration hits... This project will be slow as i am dealing with other major developments in 2019 (ALM Studios amongst others) but i am hoping updates will be regular and we all have a good time on this build thread. As always your comments and participation are always something i look forward to. At the time of writing this i have already finished woodgraining half a fuselage and am starting working on the little bits here and there so more photos soon of the measly progress i have achieved... Thanks for looking in! Karim
  11. karimb

    1/32 WNW Albatros D.V Richthofen

    Ryan, following gladly! the woodgraining is really nice! Just started on my third albatros two days ago and believe me the kit is a real jewel! looking forward to your progress Karim
  12. karimb

    F-5F VFC-111 Kitty Hawk 1:32

    Lovely is exactly what it is! super scheme K
  13. karimb

    Halcyon 1/9 Alien Figure

    I love it!! super finish Kev! K
  14. karimb

    Aicraft LG... what are they made of?

    For us they are titanium and alu on the A350. Super impressive. In my humble opinion the most attractive part of an airplane engineeringwise is the landing gear. I always love taking a look at all the moving parts and imagining the retraction extension sequence! K
  15. Bill thanks for stopping by and leaving a word my friend. It's good to have you here! Thank you for you kindness... Now that i uploaded the images of the truck my part of the build is complete... let's see the magic the boys are going to do integrating this lot and turning this into a snapshot in time!