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  1. Around 150 at my end. Just did the wnw inventory today (to assign the aftermarket into each box) at the location i operate out of and have 57 of those. Around the same amount back home. WW1 is my full on favorite so it’s the biggest chunk. Add to this a handful of encore and roden kits, a couple of jets and a couple of prop airplanes (Planet models, HPH, tami, zm and model airways wooden kits for 1/16) and that sums up the aircraft. The only scale i build is 1/32 and bigger. For armour there’s maybe two dozen 1/35s all eclectic and strange stuff like trench diggers, industrial heavy machinery used in military roles, rocket launchers tracked or wheeled, late german 45 stuff too, mainly trump, RyeField model, panzershop and meng, all with their am sets. Karim edit: and yes i am going to build most of them. Whatever is left when i die will go with me on my funeral pyre
  2. europapete thank you for you kind words. jennings yes i used them but yes they need you to scratchbuild the assembly structure. I scratched mine but i cannot link WIP now as i am on the phone. I am happy to announce properplane (Alexey Belov) has cad designed the albatros turbuckle assembly which i assisted in and they will hopefully go to production soon but you will require the gaspatch single ended turnbuckles to plug them in. Alexey has designed the part to include the balljoint in the casting and it is SUPERB. Karim https://properplane.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=62&product_id=154
  3. Dave sorry if it feel i hijacked the thread. I will probably start a new one once we get closer to starting the hph build. Sorry again K
  4. thanks @LSP_Ray! thanks @Kagemusha! the problem i meant with regards to fitting the cockpit or gearbays is i will have to cut the space out the find a way to fit the assemblies into a hollow space then have them held back against the surface. I was thinking of cutting the gear bay section out following panel lines then gluing shims on the inside of the wing area. Gluing the bays to the cut out “panel” then regluing this to the shims. I don’t know if the idea is coming across right. in the case of the cockpit if i cut out the area where the canopy is, that area isn’t wide enough for me to slip the cockpit in to glue it to the shell so i will have to find another way to get all those big components slipped into the fiberglass shell and secured in position (this example seems to be clearer). Chain drilling is absolutely fine so would be using my set of micro circular pe disc saws mated to the proxxon. This is basically the major thing that has been keeping me holding back from digging in. Kag, ill take photos of the whole carton content and post them once i am back from vaca! K
  5. pictures below. The kit looks raw in those photos but it is actually much much more refined. Some areas look like they have dents but the reality is the fiber shell is smooth as glass, the areas that look like dents is where the color dye hasn’t spread during the molding process. HPH had to delay the molding because of the heat during summer 2018 in Czech Republic. The molding is through the vertical axis of the aircraft so you are left with a protrusion that needs to be sanded out. The “kit” comes with all the resin goodies in three massive tupperware type boxes. Very nicely detailed bays, cockpit is an excellent base for superdetailing, paint masks, two vac form canopies and the stencils to make a french armée de l’air machine in two tone gray. i am ready to roll on that one once i figure out how i am going to cut the shell to insert the gear bay areas and the cockpit as the shell is a solid continuous surface, albeit hollow. In one of the photos i have placed a wingnut wings Junkers D.1 for size comparison. if this beast is built up to a high standard and you take your time on it it will turn into an epic showstopper! Karim
  6. Planned for this a year ago and went and got a custom made custom produced (#6 produced) 1/18 scale mirage 2000C from HPH which i plan to finish in HAF livery. Unfortunately kh has my choice of scheme in their decal sheet . I’ll pass on the kh offering but i hope you guys enjoy building it! K
  7. Mr. M it’s always a pleasure to read you. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a word!
  8. Tom you’ve hit a chord on that one. I have been eyeing the Hannover for a while because i like complicated paint schemes. I might very well give it a go with a work in progress here
  9. Thank you Tom! i look forward to entertaining you all, and myself, quite soon with a new build! thanks for leaving a word!
  10. Two photos of my Wingnut Wings 1/32 Halberstadt Cl.II "early" build for an article in Mig Jimenez's The Weathering Aircraft Magazine which will be published in 2020. The kit has received the addition of the beautifully custom carved wooden Niendorf propeller by ProperPlane, HGW textile belts, Aviattic 5 color Lozenge decals and Rexx metal exhaust. All markings are airbrushed on using homemade masks on the Silhouette plotter. All main painting done with MRP lacquer paints, all weathering products are AMMO by Mig Jimenez along with prismacolor pencils. I would have wanted to release more photos for LSP but things are what they are! Happy to answer any questions or hear any constructive criticism from the LSP family! Now that commitments are complete, soon off to start a new build on LSP! As always stay safe and happy modeling! Karim
  11. Anything WW1 which i believe has alot of builds going on in work in progress, but has had one or two gbs in total. With the launch of the new kits expected from WNW, CSM and other companies in 2020 plus all that is already on the market, i think it’s only fair to leave a spot for us WW1 builders for a GB. Just a thought... Karim
  12. Unfortunately i am what is called a “sick” person when it comes to the albatros (albatri?) as i managed to stack up 14 of them (my all time favorite aircraft) when you count the Hans Von Gōssel one i built last, so i will pass. It’s super news though as we will now see many more getting built and completed instead of stashed. There are so many crazy schemes out there K
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