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Thanks for the comment guys.


5 hours ago, silver said:

In my younger days I flew the F-100 and you are on target .Great work.


Nice! Would be great to see a picture or two of you and an F-100.


Some more work. I had a bit of a play with the tan colour as I felt it looked a bit too pink. I shaded it with a very thin mix of Model Master enamel Tan to brown it up a little. I have started post shading some lighter areas of each base colour.




The scorched areas are still a work in progress.




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Beautiful patina Eric - loving the warn tones bringing some life to this.


One of my all time favourite looking jets - if I could ever bring myself to build something without a prop a faded Danish F100 would be pretty high on the list.



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Cheers guys.


Some more work.


I think the model sits a little flat and needs the characteristic tail heavy look. I read on another build somewhere that they took 3mm off the top of the main gear legs. I decided to go with 2mm to begin with, and take it from the middle of each leg so that the geometry of the extension link and gear doors stayed the same. For this mod, I am using the plastic gear legs as they are very sturdy, although my process will actually add a bit more strength to them.


I started by drilling a hole all the way down the leg, from the top.



i used my vernier calliper to measure 2mm, and pressed the sharp edge at intervals around the circumference of the leg to give me a guide.



The brass rod has been inserted after I cut the 2mm section out and has been positioned for reference. By pre drilling the hole before the cut, the alignment has been pre set. I removed the cut section and refitted the leg together after this pic was taken.



I made up some masks using my mask cutter for the tail numbers and letters and the National insignias.



‘197 is alive again. The sit of the model is now a little more tail heavy which I may drop a little more once I have all the stuff hanging off the bottom of the aircraft sorted out.





Some more weathering effects have been added such as the wing roots and the panel behind the cockpit. This was done with a very thin mix of Tamiya Zinc chromate paint.



Further work on the back end. The VZ has been sanded down whilst the 197 has not yet been touched. As can be seen, the back end is really starting to come to life.








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