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  1. Nice work as always Kent!! My kit is on a very slow boat from Poland to Australia!
  2. Another beauty Eric!!!
  3. Mine is on its way, Lucaz emailed me and said my kit could only be sent via surface mail, so that's 4 to 8 weeks minimum. I am in Australia. So rule of thumb is be patient, it will get here eventually
  4. Just ordered mine, happy fayz!@!
  5. I just rigged a Roland Cii.....Im not worthy!! Having completed a Felix it's great to see wnw solved the wing droop issue. Great work mate
  6. Another stunner mate!!!
  7. Nice Pete, Tamiya AS12 spray can for the dope, Cheers Brent
  8. Awesome mate, I am lucky enough to have a great mate (eric g on here) who has a mask cutter and is generous enough to make masks for me so the sky is the limit with regard to schemes!!
  9. Looks great! Is there a seperate boxing for the civilian version?
  10. Understandable Kev. Thanks for doing such a great job and here's to seeing you on the forums posting builds and enjoying the hobby. Again...Thanks so much. Cheers Brent
  11. Really nice work, great scratchbuilding skills!!
  12. Awesome mate, Will be following along as always
  13. Great!! Definitely on my must have list!
  14. Super Pete!!! Can't wait to see her in the flesh!
  15. Awesome as always, as you know I used the trench in the wing method on my panther, not for the faint of heart!!
  16. Awesome mate, looking the shiz!!
  17. Awesome work mate!! I think you will be inundated with requests but will you be making the pylons available to us lesser mortals? Asking for a friend :-) cheers Brent
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