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  1. Nice Pete, Tamiya AS12 spray can for the dope, Cheers Brent
  2. Awesome mate, I am lucky enough to have a great mate (eric g on here) who has a mask cutter and is generous enough to make masks for me so the sky is the limit with regard to schemes!!
  3. Looks great! Is there a seperate boxing for the civilian version?
  4. Understandable Kev. Thanks for doing such a great job and here's to seeing you on the forums posting builds and enjoying the hobby. Again...Thanks so much. Cheers Brent
  5. Really nice work, great scratchbuilding skills!!
  6. Awesome mate, Will be following along as always
  7. Great!! Definitely on my must have list!
  8. Super Pete!!! Can't wait to see her in the flesh!
  9. Awesome as always, as you know I used the trench in the wing method on my panther, not for the faint of heart!!
  10. Awesome work mate!! I think you will be inundated with requests but will you be making the pylons available to us lesser mortals? Asking for a friend :-) cheers Brent
  11. Great photos!! The wing to fusalage join really is all smooth curves!
  12. Goes without saying, yes please :-) cheers Brent
  13. Mine arrived today!!! A third longer than my F4e wow!! I am very impressed with the quality, don't get me wrong, it will be a lot of work but I'm impressed with the quality of castings, panel line detail etc. So who is going to scratch me some RAF pylons? (Just being lazy I suppose I could do it!) The seats are ok but (being lazy) are there am seats that would suit? Cheers Brent
  14. 2019 was the year from hell mate, slowed me down heaps, hopefully 2020 will be more productive!!
  15. Mine is in the mail!! And Kits World have emailed me, thay are upscaling some of their 48 scale Buck sheets which include full stencil data. I'm going for a gulf war set, I know that most of the stencils were painted over on these aircraft but this set gives the best options. I can use the stencils on any version, have the gulf nose art if I choose that scheme and I mask and spray roundels and codes anyway. Cheers Brent
  16. Excellent work mate, top of wing looks perfect now!!
  17. Yes please, please enter me as a recipient Cheers Brent
  18. Hi, I would like to donate a JH Models construction jig (still in packaging and un-touched) and be included in the raffle. I have just moved and the internet has not caught up yet so I am on my phone but photo will follow when I am set up. Cheers and Merry Christmas Brent
  19. Trailblazing ahead, good on you mate. I have to wait until the new year to get my kit so welcome the insights that your effort will provide. Cheers Brent
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