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  1. I fixed mine by cutting two circles from thin plastic card that matched the diameter of the rear of the spinner and the front of the nose and glued them to each surface and shaped each resin part to the plastic card circle if that made sense. That way, I was able to ensure that I was working with true circles rather than poorly moulded resin. As I pointed out earlier, this stuff shouldn’t need to be done!
  2. Maybe publicly complaining about it might save someone a huge amount of hassle as well as money, as far as I am concerned, the amount of effort to fix the part has greatly outweighed the convenience of it, after all, it was supposed to be a ‘correction’. Are we only allowed to say things about things if it is positive? There must be quite a few copies of this part out there, I would be very surprised if mine was the only one like it.
  3. I would assume that most of them will be like that unless they have updated their moulds. I have already fixed the one I have, which took a considerable amount of time and I am almost ready to paint it. My whole point is that the casting blocks are in a very annoying location and spoil the whole part.
  4. Nice job! I agree there. The whole point of the resin part is to correct the nose and they slapped a large casting block on it that is fairly difficult to remove. Add to that, the mould must be starting to wear out, as mine had a mismatch where the casting block meets the nose which has been a pain to fix as well as being significantly out of round. My spinner was also out of round. What should have been a great product has left me very disappointed.
  5. Thanks Andy, see my response to Ade above. All the rivets on the wing roots were sanded away and then re-done with the mentioned tool once I was happy with the fit.
  6. It wasn’t too bad. The fit between the wings and the fuselage was a little poor but I found sanding it down and then re riveting the wing root fairings with an MDC riveting tool worked best.
  7. This is the Meng kit with the following additions. Aires Cockpit DEF Model wheels Master Pitot tube Finished with Gunze Sangyo paints.
  8. Thanks for the comments guys. I thank the Wingnut Wings designers for that!
  9. Thanks guys. I thought about the weathering for a while and decided to depict one that had been left for a while, dragged around, covers pulled off and inspected and open to the elements. Possibly a machine that had been taken as a war trophy but never flown.
  10. Really nice build of a fairly challenging kit. Well done. Eric.
  11. This is the Special Hobby kit, Built Out of Box. Gunze Sangyo paints used.
  12. Great start mate. Good to see you progressing with this project.
  13. Wingnut Wings S.E.5a kit used with the following modifications: Front undercarriage struts split into two. Cockpit opening enlarged. Lewis gun mount lowered. Piping added to front cabane struts. Roden S.E.5 components used: Wolseley Viper engine. Propeller. Heavily modified radiator with scratch built shutters. Modified top and bottom cowls. Other additions: Own design and 3D printed prop hub. Various scratchbuilt engine and radiator details. Modifie
  14. This is my next model built with a subject pilot in mind. I am depicting an aircraft as flown by R.S, callsign `Homer' during a combat mission flown in Operation OKRA in May 2016. I am very pleased to be able to build an aircraft that Homer flew, and look forward to bringing as much detail as I am allowed to about this fine Australian pilot and his exploits. He has an exceptional military service record as well as being awarded an Order of Australia and the Conspicous Service Medal. Homer was the XO for 3 SQN RAAF during this period and flew a mission which was commemorated by the
  15. I managed to finish this one a little while ago and forgot to put pics here. I will get some studio pics soon.
  16. Any chance you can answer my reasonable questions on Facebook messenger without a weird answer or then ignoring them please (I can see that you have `seen' them)? You either want business or not. Eric.
  17. Hi Dansk, I made masks based upon images that I found of the real aircraft and cut them using my Sillhouette portrait. It took me many goes at it spraying it on scrap plastic before I was happy to apply it to the model. The black outline of his lower paws were drawn in using a .003 fine liner texta. Eric.
  18. Hi Reserve, Thanks! I didn’t do a WIP for this one, or a few others over the last year, was having a break from doing build logs on forums. Eric.
  19. All good points, but I have built many resin kits over the years and have plenty of experience with biplanes. Out of all the kits that I have on display, this one is the one that has sagged. I did notice that even though the parts were supported with integral metal rods, the top wing was particularly flexible. Just something to be aware of that’s all.
  20. Hi folks, here are my completions for the year of 2020. a fair bit of variety, with mostly 1/32 scale but a 1/8 engine, a couple of 1/4 panels, some 1/72 rockets and an odd scale figure thrown in for good measure. I am yet to get some of them in the studio for proper pics but that will come soon enough.
  21. Looking great mate! Good to see you have made all this progress since I visited last week.
  22. Looking really good. One thing to note, my one that has been finished for a couple of years has pretty major wing droop and that is in a glass display cabinet, away from heat and light. I know the wings have metal rods through them but they have sagged considerably since it was finished and does not look good at all. I used EZ line to rig it. Eric.
  23. Thanks for the comments guys. A small update. Whilst work progresses on the model, I am taking care of the small details. The propeller spinner is very poorly defined and is in need of refinement. I had considered cutting it off and replacing it with some turned material of the same shape, but was able to cut the spinner edges with a no.11 blade and then deepen the line with my razor saw to clearly define it as a seperate part.
  24. Thanks guys. The big job of doing the windshields was always waiting for me at the end of the build and was something I was going to have to face to get this one finished. The kit comes with a farily nice front windshield but the framing is a little off, as the real aircraft does not have a framed windscreen, just a piece of perspex draped over the roll bar. The rear windshield that is contained in the kit is wrong for the earlier version of the aircraft that I am depicting, so I needed to find a solution. The great thing about modelling is that you can make it as compl
  25. Getting closer to the finish line. I set out to use my mask cutter to fully paint all of the markings on this model but am having trouble with getting the smaller circle in the roundels correct. For some reason they are cutting out of round, so I went with the kit decals. The first of the smaller roundels broke up when I went to remove it from the backing sheet, but luckily the rest applied nicely although a fair bit of caution was used. They are very brittle but settle down great using Microsol/set. I made up a mask for the serial number and sprayed it with MRP tire rubber. I set
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