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  1. This whole thread belongs on the SiFy and fantasy models forum :-) Luft 46?? Had the Normandy beachead been thrown back etc then Oppenhimers gadget would have put paid to Germany in August 45. Have fun modeling, diversify into other genres sify, tanks, ships that's why this is a great hobby but please don't refer to this as a scale model aircraft because it's not, it's science FICTION whatever it's purported scale is
  2. Hi Nick, The step in the radio room is awful and really inaccurate (and visible). HK fixed this when they did the E/F version and carried it over to the re-release of the G as well as making the rear crew access door a seperate part. Cheers Brent
  3. 2020 mate, flying down this year, driving next
  4. More progress, after a house move I have my work space set up again and the Doll is now ready to have her fusalage sides closed up. I went with the excellent eduard Brassin guns but didn't like the barrels so added Master barrels darkened with Uschi blackening fluid. I really wanted to leave the barrels off until the end of the build but when adding rge Eduard guns and mounts the attachment was kind of weak so I added the barrels to assist with the connection, it remains to be seen how many times I break them off!! The front end, very crowded!! Another view, fabric belts and Master flexible ammo belts look pretty good The radio room with raised step eliminated and belts added to seat. Left waist, not worried about the ejector pin marks as they will never be seen Right waist. Right front, scratchbuilt oxy bottle, will be fun tetrising the ammo belt to the gun once the fuse is joined! Test fit, should be OK. Thanks for looking in. Cheers Brent
  5. You are doing fantastic work here! I hope I'm not pushing my luck but are you considering the early style tailplanes? I am wanting to do an Aussie Mk 21. Cheers Brent
  6. Modelers who are serious about the Beau, (which I figure is everyone on this thread) should invest in the Valiant wings Beau book, it answers ALL of the questions being submitted here. Cheers Brent
  7. I have a great reference book on the SAAF in Korea which states both painted and NMF aircraft were used
  8. Great project! More knowledgable people than me might confirm but I'm pretty sure the P was never used in Africa despite what the box art might show?
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