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  1. Really nice Pete, don't see too many of these getting built!
  2. So the build is complete! I added some lux with Gaspatch guns, Proper Plane wooden prop and a Rexx exhaust. I highly recommend these items!! I knocked up a quick base and added one of the excellent Wings Cockpit Figures. I will add better pictures in RFI when I get around to it but for now here are some quick phone camera pics. Thanks for taking the time to look in and for the supportive comments!!
  3. Hope so mate but got a bit going on at the moment
  4. The speed build has not been that speedy of late due to some personal issues but I am pushing through! I had a decal disaster with the large wing crosses but Eric G came through with some custom masks which worked out great!! Thanks Eric!! I then gave the model a wash with Mig neutral wash then applied the camouflage overspray using Wingnuts recommended mix of 50/50 flat varnish and XF 65. I will let the pictures do the talking from here! Thanks for looking in as always!!
  5. Lol, I drove mine from Brisbane to Melbourne, not a scratch. Scrunched up plastic bags will work a treat!
  6. Congrats Rob, welcome to the felix club!! Bring it to QMHE I'm sure it will do well!!
  7. Seen this in person today folks!! Really nice!
  8. Looking the goods mate, I find that the SMS paints need a little thinning unlike MRP. Did you have to thin yours?
  9. DAYS 7-14 I have an airframe! Everything went together well, careful assembly is rewarded with nil fit issues. The kit was masked up then sprayed with Tamiya rattle can fine surface primer, then the undersides were black based while the topsides received a little pre-shading. I diverged from Wingnuts recommended Tamiya colour mixes for the light blue and green instead using MRP FS 34227 Green for the upper surface green and MRP FS 35622 Light Blue for the lower surface blue. Then came the "fun part" camouflage! As the real aircraft had its purple camouflage hand painted I went the same route. The recommended Wingnut mix of Tamiya purple/flat earth/white was mixed from Tamiya enamels, I used enamel as it brushes much better than acrylic and hand painted the airframe referencing the Wingnut colour guide. It looks stark at the moment however it will be weathered then covered with a grey green overspray as per the 1919 version I am portraying. As always thanks for stopping by
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