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  1. Lots of modeling skills in action there Pete! Beat that sucker into submission!
  2. Needs more air in the tyres LOL Looks great mate!
  3. More progress. I went ahead and completed most of the woodgraining. my method for this is to airbrush a coat of MRP clear doped linen over the parts to recieve the treatment, any tan colour will do but the shade chosen will effect the final result, I was going for a light ply effect so chose the CDL. Next stage is to slap on a coat of raw umber oil paint, lay it on and make sure all of the underlying colour is covered. Now take your significat others large make up brush and stroking with the intended direction of the grain remove most of the oil paint. allow to dry thoroughly! Here is the result. Here are the radio room and front section floors, the front floor was scribed to reflect the wood panels and demarcation between the wood and aluminium areas. The cockpit with eduard enhancements and Master control columns Cockpit side walls, The OD sections were coated with Mr Surfacer to represent the padding used in this area, I uset kabuki tape to represent the straps around the oxygen bottles rather than the Eduard items as this method was far easier and the area will be difficult to see once the fusalage is buttoned up Seats with HGW cushions and belts, these are worthwile as they can be easily seen and make a huge difference to the kit supplied items. Eduards panel, Eduards colour panels look much nicer if you spray a coat of flat clear over them then pick out the dials with clear, this removes the pixalation sometimes evident in these sets. The other side, enhanced by Eduard. All together I am moving house next week so next post might be a while, see yuo then, thanks for following!
  4. Looking good mate!!!
  5. Cheers Tom!! Saved me some scratchbuilding there!. I completely agree with you re the internal colours (or lack thereof!!) Some great builds are let down by incorrectly painting the insides. Cheers Brent
  6. Having finished the wings I thought I would go more traditional and make a start on the interior. First up I couldn't live with the rear bulkhead to the radio room, the side of the bulkhead that faces the rear fusalage has the ammo boxes for the ball turret mounted to it which is incorrect (they really sit above the turret and turn with it) So the boxes had to go, even worse there are large hollows on the part resulting from the radios being mounted on the other side. My solution was to remove all detail, skin the part with Tamiya PLA paper then replace the lost detail with evergreen strip. The radio room floor has a step at its forward end, placed to allow the wing spar to pass through, incorrect in real life (HK have fixed this on the newer releases) I cut out the step saving a peice of the removed plastic to bridge the gap then added plastic strip for strength. The rubber matting was applied using Tamiya PLA paper and sprayed rubber black, the rest will eventually be woodgrained. More soon
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