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  1. I doubt it would be a Defiant as many dislike the airframe but imagine that turret in 1/24th!! They would have my money in a heartbeat!!!
  2. Good choice, should be a solid seller both for us diehards and the new to the hobby people. Hurricane would be the next obvious release and then to round out the BoB single engine fighters a Defiant (yeah, I know that won't happen but a man can dream!)
  3. Spencer Pollard left his off until completion, cut one of the lugs off I think. I'm leaving mine off too
  4. Hi Mark, If you are doing the kit wheels up you can indeed leave out the bay. Cheers Brent
  5. I purchased the new Italeri GR4 Kit however have always wanted to build a Gulf War GR1. Like many of us I have the old Revell Kit plus all of the aftermarket goodies and thought to myself, will the Aries resin pit fit into the Italeri kit? The Italeri kit contains all of the parts to build a GR1 (extra gun etc) so the conversion should be easy, however the Italeri pit is not only a soft part of an otherwise excellent kit, it is also a GR4 pit (though not exactly accurate for that type either). My first job was to see if it was even viable to fit the Aries item. I was encouraged by the first test fit, the kit hud would have to be carefully removed but everything looked like it may fit. I used my trusty Trumpeter scriber to scribe out the plastic part but kept the removed parts so that they could be put back on if things went pear shaped. This is an expensive kit after all!! With the hud removed I was encouraged. A test fit revealed a gap forward of the resin hud and the need to thin the Italeri fuselage parts. I was confidant enough to begin the painting process, SMS Gull Grey and MRP Tyre Black. As you can see from the photos above the gap up front is significant, I glued in sections of evergreen strip and sanded them to shape, blending everything together with Mr Surfacer. Success!! After lots of sanding, filling and sanding it fits! I will add that I thinned the kit parts quite a bit but that's normal when fitting Aries pits right?? And I can confirm that the front gear bay fits with no modification needed. I think the Aries wheels and engines should fit as well but we will see. Thanks for looking
  6. I'm currently fitting the Aries IDS pit to the Italeri kit (converting to a GR1) Takes some doing but I'm getting there, will start a wip soon
  7. Just found the time to see this, really nice as always mate
  8. Count me in for participation I will donate a Hasegawa P26a with Vector engine Lone star cockpit, and Yellow Wings decals
  9. Nice work Pete, look forward to seeing her in person
  10. Lovely work, I will enjoy following!!
  11. Excellent work Kev!! That's a very convincing panel
  12. Nice work Kev, good to see you back at it!!!
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