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  1. Simmo.b

    Annual WNW Christmas kit speculation

    Macchi M5, just because I'm currently beating the HpH kit into submission
  2. Simmo.b

    Disappearing membership

    I am on both sites as I gather are quite a few of us. Both sites helped me out greatly when I had a kit stolen from my wife's car a few years ago. I was greatly dissapointed to read some of the posts made by some that got the s***s with the mods over here, just childish. As a police officer IRL forum tantrums pale in comparison to what once seen can never be forgotten. Build, post, enjoy. Sincerly Brent
  3. Simmo.b

    HpH L-39 Albatros Czech Air Force.

    Amazing, considering the degree of difficulty involved with HpH kits came out terrific
  4. Simmo.b

    Aerotech Piaggio PC.7 `Pegna' 1929

    Fabulous finish!!
  5. Simmo.b

    Boulton Paul Defiant kit possible?

    I am planning on combining the ID fusalage with scratchbuilders cockpit,turret and wings etc
  6. Sweet Pete!! Came out reall nice, look forward to seeing it in person.
  7. Simmo.b

    Boulton Paul Defiant kit possible?

    I would love one too! But having conducted a lot of research I don't agree that the type was crap. It was designed as a bomber destroyer and it excelled at this when escorted and flown competently (264 squadron developed defensive and aggressive tactics that worked well)
  8. Simmo.b


    It will be a stunner!! If one feels bad for HK then support them as I'm sure they will put out a great kit. I will be getting the WnW version, I'm just lucky that I haven't paid out cash for a HK pre-order, I can understand the frustration felt by those that have
  9. Simmo.b

    RFI - Extra 330 SC - N73KG

    Really nice Brian, followed the heartache but worth it in the end!!
  10. Simmo.b

    Aerotech Piaggio Pc.7 Finished.

    Interesting!! Will end up looking great!
  11. I cut a trench into each wing then inserted thick music wire, only way to be sure of no wong sag especially with those heavy tip tanks on
  12. Simmo.b

    Firefly news?

    Remember Paul, I'm your number 1 customer on this one!!
  13. Simmo.b

    Monogram Piper Tri Pacer Finished!

    Looks great mate, let me know when you have the studio set up. Cheers