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  1. Simmo.b

    RFI - Extra 330 SC - N73KG

    Really nice Brian, followed the heartache but worth it in the end!!
  2. Simmo.b

    Aerotech Piaggio Pc.7 Finished.

    Interesting!! Will end up looking great!
  3. I cut a trench into each wing then inserted thick music wire, only way to be sure of no wong sag especially with those heavy tip tanks on
  4. Simmo.b

    Firefly news?

    Remember Paul, I'm your number 1 customer on this one!!
  5. Simmo.b

    Monogram Piper Tri Pacer Finished!

    Looks great mate, let me know when you have the studio set up. Cheers
  6. Of all the resin kits I've built I've had the biggest issues with paint lifting on Fisher kits......clean those parts well!!
  7. You get an entire new fusalage, pretty much end up using just the donor kit wings
  8. Saw this just now on FB and ordered the guppy from Paul straight away!! Which version of the Trumpy kit is best suited? Cheers Brent
  9. Simmo.b

    Supermarine WALRUS by HPH

    Very nice!!
  10. Simmo.b

    Kitty Hawk has announced an Fw 190A-5

    I yawned at the p51 and spitfire along with this. We still have no P51a, val, kate, defiant, battle etc etc. I built the KH Kingfisher and with a little elbow grease it came out fine, so I have no issue with KH quality. Your comments on Eric's legitimate comment are the in the realm of a "squabbling pisshole" pull your head in mate
  11. Simmo.b

    List of large scale Golden Era aircraft

    I feel a group build comming on Kev??
  12. Simmo.b

    Monogram Piper Tri Pacer Finished!

    Looks great mate
  13. Simmo.b

    List of large scale Golden Era aircraft

    I know Eric won't touch 1/24 but I have the Profil 24 Gloster vi which is lovely
  14. Simmo.b

    B-17G Little Miss Mischief

    Looking great!! One question, having read through the entire thread I see conflicting info re the bulkhead that divides the pit from the front end, the pic that appears in the thread shows it to be green on the front side but info supplied suggests that it was natural metal. Which colour should I use? Cheers Brent