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  1. Nice work Pete, look forward to seeing her in person
  2. Lovely work, I will enjoy following!!
  3. Excellent work Kev!! That's a very convincing panel
  4. Nice work Kev, good to see you back at it!!!
  5. It's just a case of new technology entering our hobby. 3d printing is the wave of the future and we will see more and more of it. Just like when pe and turned brass came in. We will adapt and continue to create our small wonders...time marches on
  6. Sweet as always mate, came up nice in the photos!!
  7. Great project Rick!! I too have this kit in the stash, you may just kick my a** into gear!!
  8. James, you are a tease...but I like it! The guessing game is fun! Since my Sunderland suggestion is out has anyone guessed Lysander? Cheers Brent
  9. HK have never done a single engine aircraft
  10. Remember last year Neil sent out feelers regarding what scale modellers would prefer to see a Sunderland in??
  11. Nice work as always Kent!! My kit is on a very slow boat from Poland to Australia!
  12. Mine is on its way, Lucaz emailed me and said my kit could only be sent via surface mail, so that's 4 to 8 weeks minimum. I am in Australia. So rule of thumb is be patient, it will get here eventually
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