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  1. James, you are a tease...but I like it! The guessing game is fun! Since my Sunderland suggestion is out has anyone guessed Lysander? Cheers Brent
  2. HK have never done a single engine aircraft
  3. Remember last year Neil sent out feelers regarding what scale modellers would prefer to see a Sunderland in??
  4. Nice work as always Kent!! My kit is on a very slow boat from Poland to Australia!
  5. Mine is on its way, Lucaz emailed me and said my kit could only be sent via surface mail, so that's 4 to 8 weeks minimum. I am in Australia. So rule of thumb is be patient, it will get here eventually
  6. Just ordered mine, happy fayz!@!
  7. I just rigged a Roland Cii.....Im not worthy!! Having completed a Felix it's great to see wnw solved the wing droop issue. Great work mate
  8. Another stunner mate!!!
  9. Nice Pete, Tamiya AS12 spray can for the dope, Cheers Brent
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