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  1. Wrong or not I hope Tamiya rolls out a 1/32 P-47.Also I have a friend who works for Hornby(Airfix),and I knew of the 1/24 Hellcat a year ahead of time.I did not leak the information out.This time I thought I would share the information from Japan first hand.Its ok.Its your view and I respect that.
  2. in my eye’s Tamiya has come a long way concerning their limited selection of aircraft models.Their P-38 is a welcome subject and open for future aftermarket kits for it.Current detail sets could fit w/a little help.I just ordered one and I have a series of detail sets ready for it.Including a pair of resin engine sets.Thats just me.Any way, I welcome it and price is NP. Thanks to Tamiya.I recently visited a friend in Japan and found out that Tamiya is working on a future subject -a 1/32 scale P-47D Bubble top w/ full detail and engine.airfix will not match that one..(My Opinion).
  3. Great subject matter to work on.I am now working on the Trumpeter 1/32 P-38 for super detailing.It will take about a year to complete it for future competition at the nationals which the I.P.M.S. Boys are holding every year.Good luck on yours.It will look good.
  4. A few months ago I returned from Germany and to find out that after renting a fast modern BMW that they had speed limits on their autobahn . A speeding ticket I got .Not all areas but watch out.The polizi (police) have high speed BMW motorcycles.
  5. Go to Nuremberg.Sometime that month they have a model fest /contest that all the model vendors attend and show their newest models .Revell,and most of the well known companies.Its a big city.In my younger times I flown the F-100D over Europe from Germany and seen that city from the air.
  6. Looks good.Thats going to be one of my future builds.
  7. Great work on the metal finish.
  8. I can go to your local or state I.P.M.S. Contest and show where my $ is at w/ my work.
  9. My photos will come sooner or later .Be prepared it will be spectacular.
  10. Lots of aftermarket detail sets out there that you can transform any model kit for a detail representation of the real thing.Scratch building is the other way.Having fun in modeling is the goal.
  11. Any radial engine is more detailed than an inline engine.Thats my opinion.I have seen it on contest tables.But; I agree w/you on the quality of Tamiya ‘s product.I would like to see a 1/24 scale plane from Tamiya.In 1/24 scale the detail got to match the real thing.The bigger the closer you see the quality.
  12. I like the 1/32 Tamiya Spitfires but they have no gun bay options.Their Corsairs are the same.I have built the Tamiya 1/32 P-51D and it had everything.I just added more detail.I also have the 1/32 revell re- tooled Spitfire and got a resin engine installed and scratch build the rest including gun bays.To me Tamiya is the best in 1/32 nd.I am now working on the Tamiya Zero a6m5 .Its a gem of a kit in detail.Their is no dispute.Airfix is the king in 1/24 scale.I also am working on the new Hellcat F6F-5.Also I thank you for sharing the P-38 review.Its probably the best fitting 1/48 scale P-38.
  13. That’s great for you and it must have been a good build.I have a friend of mine visit me from England and he works for Hornsby airfix.He brought the second pre- production kit to me 10 month ago.It was a bad kit .I gave all my Data to them on the problems I encountered .They must have re-toiled the kit.i love that scale of this naval subject.I super detailed mine with lots of scratch building materials which turned the engine and it’s accessory bay very realistic for that scale.The larger the scale.The more attention I payed to the wiring and plumbing.The wing guns were totally replaced and scratch build.That large scale kept me busy and I enjoy it.Congrats on yours.
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