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  1. Looks like a re-tool issue by Airfix.
  2. In my younger days I flew the F-100 and you are on target .Great work.
  3. The 1/24 scale P-47 has an engine w/ missing major parts to complete an actual correct engine replica.Engine looks like a toy.The engine accessory bay needs major work if it is to be in a open position.airfix has the 1/24 scale idea on their table.An airfix P-47 would be spectacular to see.
  4. Wait until you see the next 1/24 scale airfix is rolling out.The Vulcan is nice for its size.The bomb bay is detailed.
  5. Also on that link is my 1/32 P-40 trumpeter B converted to a c.
  6. Click on my link..Then click on any photo.1/24 Hellcat airfix .
  7. Again great work.I finally finished mine in French markings.https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B16JtdOXmGGYzxZ
  8. Great work.I have built this kit and it is very detailed just out of the box.I built a French version.
  9. Nice P-38.thats large scale for me.
  10. It should work if is going down hill??Also looks like modern tire like Tread / pattern .Center line on the rubber design.
  11. On my Tamiya p-38.I completed surgery on the both engine areas for the installation of the resin engines.Soon surgery will begin on the large gun bay areas both sides.Very nice kit that has no fit issues so far.I only question the distance from the rudder pedals to the pilots feet ares seems you would have to be 6ft 3 to reach them as a pilot.Same issue with the other kits like academy and Hasegawa.No problem with the Trumpeter kit .The trumpeter kit only issues are rivets that can be corrected .
  12. Canada May have the kits.But; not releasing them sounds strange.I got mine from Tamiya direct.How to do that is to go to Japan.In my real opinion no one should go to such trouble for a kit which is a basic build .The kit is nice for a 1,2,3, open cockpit basic build.Good for diorama or out of the box.Reminder: My opinion .
  13. I have received my Tamiya P-38 and surgery will now begin on all detail areas for installation of detail sets and scratch building.It will take about 9 months.I love the kit already.I also am taking the entire gun bay or the monogram p-38 kit and modify it w/ metal gun’s and scratch building the rest..Resin engines w/ scratch building plumbing will look spectacular .Thanks for your help in your kit review.
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