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  1. There is an engine detail set in photo-etch that will make the engine more realistic.Cutting the engine access panels are a viewing point.
  2. Great work on such large scale .I now am working on a scratch- build 1/24 scale Hawker Sea Fury.I have been working on it for about a year.enlarging the engine is done by computer assistance and resin.Hopefully Airfix could dish out one in 1/24.Again, outstanding work.I love your Harrier.Take care.
  3. Forgot to say.The painting of red on intakes is great and align.
  4. Testors non-buff metalizer is the nearest base color on these jets..
  5. Very good work on a realistic finish.I have seen one up close in my younger days when I visited a friend in Israel.You got it just right.
  6. Good ki .But;No match to the Hasegawa kit’s.I have both kit’s in the (E) version.In my kits I will install engines.Stolen engines of the revell P-40 E.Engines will be modified.The engines is closer to the actual P-40E version.
  7. Very big project .Will look great.
  8. I have a grandfather that flew those during the Spanish civil war.Great work.I built that kit a while back.Civil war markings of my grand dad.
  9. The kit is great but cutting the clear large parts require some skills to avoid stress features which will show up.I constructed one with one side clear only.I painted just a little over the joining areas of the fuselage joint points.That leaves you with room to work with during construction.
  10. Super great work.This is my style of modeling.Again, great work.
  11. Large great metal finish project to take on.You can goggle 1/72 scale B-58 Hustler and you can come up w/my Italerie 1/72 B-58 photo under finescale modeler gallery named Ben Zayas.
  12. Looks like a re-tool issue by Airfix.
  13. In my younger days I flew the F-100 and you are on target .Great work.
  14. The 1/24 scale P-47 has an engine w/ missing major parts to complete an actual correct engine replica.Engine looks like a toy.The engine accessory bay needs major work if it is to be in a open position.airfix has the 1/24 scale idea on their table.An airfix P-47 would be spectacular to see.
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