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  1. Danny, where do you find such cool things? I don't want to buy one just interested to know. Congrats on the addition to your collection. Cheers Bevan
  2. Crack'n work Sophie that pit looks excellent keep up the good work. Cheers Bevan
  3. Terrific build. Great effects with the slight weathering. Cheers Bevan
  4. Started this kit the other day. Happened to have Tamiya's 1/48th new tool Mk1 kit built ready for paint and compared cockpits. Gotta say Tamiya's level of detail in 48th far outweigh's Trumpeter's effort in the bigger scale. Not griping just an observation. The top wing to fuselage joint ain't looking too good either. Also the head armour is set at the wrong angle it should slope towards the front inline with the rear of the sliding canopy and it's got a gaping depression in it from behind where the head cushion is, which, the N variant having a different canopy you actually can see. A bit dissapointed but isn't going to stop me building it and yes, the kit exhaust stacks a quite nice! Cheers Bevan
  5. Cheers guy's definitely appreciated. Bevan
  6. Looking really good. Cheers Bevan
  7. Now that's a cool trick..... now, where are those pens? Cheers Bevan
  8. Tamiya lacquer thinner has the yellow cap. Cheers Bevan
  9. Cracken paintwork there! Cheers Bevan
  10. Pretty cool, nice work. Cheers Bevan
  11. Holy cow this is amazing! Really nice stuff. Cheers Bevan
  12. Wow that's shiny! My compliments on a terrific build. Cheers Bevan
  13. That's a great result. Well done. Cheers Bevan
  14. Looks like you've got a winner there Rick. Great work on the camo and markings. Cheers Bevan
  15. Nice and dirty just how I Like'm. I like the markings as well. Cheers Bevan
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