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  1. Nice. What paints did you use? Cheers Bevan
  2. Hi Sophie, that's a good tip from Gazz and works really well for a worn effect. Remember to give the underlying camo colour "RLM76" in this case a light sanding first to knock down any dust or paint spatter as this will show up through the mottle. I always rub the whole mottle as well as the edges as this give a more organic look I feel but controlled and focused on one mottle at a time depending on the size and number in the pattern of course! Some good reference for you to look up....... Good modelling mate of mine Ralph Riese... Garage Session Modelling on face book. Chris Wauchop .....website "Static Capital" Two of the best Aussie Luftwaffe modellers your likly to find. Hope this helps. Cheers Bevan
  3. Ha ha way cool Eric great idea. Cheers Bevan
  4. Thanks for all the responses guy's much appreciated will try to check out those books. Cheers for the vids as well what a graceful aircraft. Just found an old copy of model airplane international with some walk around photos. Cheers Bevan
  5. Hi guys I was wondering if anyone could point me to any good links, books or photo's of this aircraft for reference . Dont really want to do the box schemes. Thanks for any info Cheers Bevan
  6. Jeez Gaz thats a bit extreme lol Cheers Bevan
  7. You need to get back into that one Kev. It'll be friggin awesome when it is finished! Cheers Bevan
  8. ALL of the above! Lovely work. Cheers Bevan
  9. Wow! Your persistence has really paid off, excellent work Collin. Cheers Bevan
  10. Great job on the camo Brad. Cheers Bevan
  11. Hi Nic, being an automotive spraypainter I was wondering what sort of paint do you use, automotive or something more specific.? Fabulous job I love it! You must feel very proud of it I know I would. Cheers Bevan
  12. Wow! That is just gorgeous, well done for sure. Cheers Bevan
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