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  1. Looks terrific I'm liking where this is going. Cheers Bevan
  2. Hi there, you can use Humbrol maskol or similar masking fluids. HTH Cheers Bevan
  3. THAT looks amazing! Wow. Cheers Bevan
  4. Wow that is a super fine effort. Congratulations on a brilliant build. Cheers Bevan
  5. Make a good dio! Cheers Bevan
  6. Hi Dennis thanks for your reply, I don't suppose you'd hazard a guess as to whether it was a light or dark shade of grey. And just so I know in my head it was used internally and externally? Cheers Bevan
  7. Gents, I've been wondering about the colour of the primer coat used on the Spitfire. Did it have one and if so what colour was it? Or were the camo colours able to self etch to the bare aluminum? I'm at the beginning of the paint stage on my Tamiya Mkviii and want to focus on wing root chipping/abrasion. Cheers Bevan
  8. I use Testors Dullcote but you can use Humbrol enamel flat or xf 86. I use Tamiya lacquer thinner yellow cap to thin all of these. HTH Cheers Bevan
  9. Hopefully you can keep moving forward on this one Kev. Cheers Bevan
  10. You will have to leave it on for a while and may need another application.....just keep your eye on it. Decals are stubborn to get off. Cheers Bevan
  11. Now that makes it a lot easier, if you made a boo boo you just erase it.
  12. Hi Harry... oven cleaner works well. Cheers Bevan
  13. No worries Richard, one man's question can lead to a whole bunch of us learning something new. Cheers Bevan
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