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  1. Love the D9 one of my faves. Following along cockpit and engine plug look suitably busy, great work so far. Cheers Bevan
  2. Nailed the black and the fine chipping looks very convincing, well done. Cheers Bevan
  3. Epic build, love every aspect of it. I thought the whole wing was puttied from factory? I really like the look of the wings in particular. Cheers Bevan
  4. Pretty damn good stuff! Cheers Bevan
  5. Fair enough mate. I always put one or two in and get free entry for the whole weekend but then again I only live 25 minutes down the road it's a little too convenient. Same as my local hobby shop I could walk there if I wasn't so lazy..... Cheers Bevan
  6. Expo is in 2 weeks ya better get ya skates on....... only kidding! Cheers Bevan
  7. Well done Kev! I built the Rev P51 Desert Rat scheme and completely shied away from the checkered nose decals after putting them on and finding they weren't going to fit. Should really look into being able to make masks! Cheers Bevan
  8. "Nothing to see here"! Good save. Cheers Bevan
  9. Will be a pleasure painting that cockpit John, bring out all that sublime detail. Cheers Bevan
  10. Absolutely beautiful work! How did you pull off the squiggly camo pattern it's so fine and with hardly any overspray! Cheers Bevan
  11. Love it, what colour did you use for the green stripes? Cheers Bevan
  12. Love the nmf Duke. I don't think the wheel wells were painted if the wings weren't. Cheers Bevan
  13. Absolutely stunning! Nuff said! Cheers Bevan
  14. Nice work John! I'll be interested in how the chipping goes. Are the mister colour range lacquer like AK? I found lacquer to be a bit "brittle" and came off in flakes rather than water soluble acrylics like Tamiya almost washing off if that makes sense! Cheers Bevan
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