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  1. Great progress John. What are you using for RLM66? Cheers Bevan
  2. Looking forward to following along Aaron. PR Spits are a fave of mine. Cheers Bevan
  3. At the pointy end now mate! Will be all over this at Expo! Looks great. Cheers Bevan
  4. Impressive work so far Antonio. I'm looking forward to seeing how the pilot turns out! Cheers Bevan
  5. Looking forward to this one John, any idea of a scheme yet? Cheers Bevan
  6. Paintwork is looking lovely mate. Can't wait for the washes. Cheers Bevan
  7. Did you scribe upper and lower fuselage seam lines along the length.? Great progress so far and yes the Has 109's are a great thing. Cheers Bevan
  8. Hearns hobbys on flinders st just down from the Flinders street station. Cheers Bevan
  9. What about the thickness Kev, a thick decal is a thick decal. Can you feel the edge of it if you drag your finger over it? I might try your methods on my next Tamiya build. Cheers Bevan
  10. Hi John, in my experience I don't think there is much you can do about the thickness of Tamiya's decals with decal solutions although if you find a magic fix ........ The only thing that works for me to some degree is layering clear over them multiple times sanding down in between coats. Very time consuming and not guaranteed to work! Cheers Bevan
  11. Hi John, great thought process and use of tools for non standard applications. Cheers Bevan
  12. So we'll see it at Expo along with your 17' next year lol? Cheers Bevan
  13. Great scheme choice Brad. Looking forward to the start. Cheers Bevan
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