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HGW A-20G Havoc - IN PLASTIC!!!

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On 12/28/2018 at 3:07 PM, Shawn M said:

plus there are some neat variants out there






Unfortunately, many of the cooler variants are based on the earlier A-20B/C and DB-7 series, which this one isn’t.

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9 hours ago, Lancman said:

Will they do a A-20C in the future?




That ... I think ... remains to be seen.


Originally HpH designed the masters for HGW to produce the kit in resin only ... and at that stage, they announced that the G variant (and the block build with the powered turret at that!) was the only one being mastered and prepared for production.


But ... now that they've decided to commit to IM plastic ... I'm wondering if we won't see a more modular layout - similar to the Fly Hurricane?

That would definitely explain the amount of delays into production at present ... a reconfiguring of parts.


Certainly, the A/C evolutionary differences between variants are not all that visibly huge.

Simply altering the front end of the kit to have different nose plugs for solid and glazed variants is one easy option.

The dorsal area and change from the G powered turret to the fixed rear glazing may present more issues as the fuselage width was widened to allow for the inclusion of the powered turret and I'm not sure how extensive that was ... localised or full length? If localised it may only required those sections to be altered by a solid plug - plus the glazed canopy.


I, for one hope they give themselves the option ... as there are so many varied marking options and theatres of operation for this A/C.


Rog :)

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Mr. Bobek from HGW has posted small update on A-20G on local forum (in czech)



Masters are ready and some test shots should be present at the E-day show at the end of the september.

However he isn't satisfied with the surface so they will redo it once more. He hopes to release it next year.


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Isn't BlobbyHoss making a Havoc/Boston too ? 


I must admit, the early adaptations to night-fighter (and turbinlight) appeal considerably. That nose with the teeny bow & arrow radar transmitter and great mass of shooting irons. 



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