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  1. Was thinking about what someone said earlier about something to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II, you could do aircraft that took part in a royal fly past. That would cover from the 50s to present day and also it could include any country she had a state visit as I'm sure she would've had a fly past. So that would cover a lot from trainers, helicopters, aircraft and display teams. Graham
  2. What about Navy aircraft from the beginning that's a massive range of aircraft. I do like the Med and Hasegawa ideas also.
  3. I thought JX@E had the large fuselage marking while JX@J had the smaller one, also I would have thought it had the anti glare panels above the exhaust? Graham
  4. Nice spitty Carl, I'll just get the decal sheet. Graham
  5. Thanks for the reply guys, so just the decal sheet and the camera set. I am guessing it will be one of the F24 cameras needed? Graham
  6. Hey folks I bought a Tamiya Spitfire MkXI kit and was wondering if there's a conversion kit so a pink spity could be built. Graham
  7. Maybe a daft question for the uninitiated like me but after reading the previous comments is it possible to build a G6 from this kit. Cheers Graham
  8. Definitely and great to see SBC's in the bomb load, the wiring, radio dials and so on is superb.
  9. The big box arrived today and all good, a few small lines on some of the clear parts but all intact as is the cockpit framing. I also got a small bag of photo etch seat belts and 8 brass 0.303 barrels but no cooling jackets. Graham
  10. My one was sent out Friday morning by Hannants and has been in the sorting hub since Friday night, so should eventually get up here by Tuesday. It takes a long time to travel 400 odd miles
  11. Hey Brad how about a GR4 dressed as GR1, one of the 3 special schemes. If I remember right the RAF Tornados operated mainly at night at the start and it was later on when the Bucc marked the target they went to mid level daylight raids. Graham
  12. Red Fox do a 3D decal for the pit.
  13. Me I'd like a Halifax Mk3 and a Boston A-20C,simples. Graham
  14. Ultracast do 1/32nd 1000lb bombs, I have a load waiting for.....
  15. Here's a link to Borders page hopefully it works. https://www.facebook.com/339312286698433/posts/926383271324662/ Graham
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