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  1. No worries Mark it's just the ones I came across at Marham in their last couple of years were all green but like the undercart they must come in different colours. Graham
  2. Go with the resin mate as the straps are the wrong colour they should be green not bronze.
  3. I'm sure the HK kit has the larger intake and it was spotted very early in their mock ups, but very good work on these it's amazing seeing all the mods to get this right.
  4. Good idea Mark doing the dangly bits first, I usually find by the time I get there after the main build I can't be bothered to do them.
  5. No no these were the kings of Leuchars and there's also a black spine, tail F3 too
  6. There's been 2 maybe 3 F3 conversions released in the past and that never enticed Revell to release one but you never know. If they do i want a 43 Sqad with the checks on the fin and under the cockpit
  7. Agreed there's no bulkhead between the pilot and nav.
  8. Received the new Xtradecal sheet and their Tornado silhouette looks like the real colour a gunmetal compared to kits pinky one.
  9. There's this sheet that I have just ordered https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X32070?result-token=5KrHx There's also Tim's Litening pod and his practice bomb carriers.
  10. Nice and the camo tank is a great idea, I am in the process of collecting bits n bobs for mine. The seat straps changed colour a while back from the bronze to green I can't exactly remember when. Graham
  11. The only ones I know of that you can use for the F3 are in the old Revell F2 kit.
  12. Spooky but Hannants have just released this, so I've ordered a set. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X32070?result-token=5KrHx Graham
  13. Just a thought into why there's a lack of Tornado GR4 decals especially since the Italeri release.
  14. I received mine today also, now to get it and the kit out.
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