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  1. Some also had the ventral turret fitted just behind the bomb bay
  2. Hi Richard how the hell did HK and the experts miss that with the nacelles and I'm surprised no-one else has spotted this. The mistakes are fairly totting up on this kit which just shouldn't be there if the research was done correctly.
  3. Anybody else noticed that in the video clip the pilots seat has a cushion in the pan Graham
  4. Looks good Robert and I hope some of the Lanc experts here will help you out. Graham
  5. As you may know the pilots seat in the HK Lanc is oh so wrong it's too long in the pan ( rectangle instead of square ) and in place of where the parachute would be it has a huge cushion on it???? I think this is the reason the seat looks too far back from the IP so does anybody know if the aftermarket guys, Quickboost ect have any plans to replace it. Another question was it the same manufacturer who made the seats for the pilot to sit on the parachute if so would a Spit or Hurricane seat pan be usable if there is no aftermarket seat. Cheers Graham
  6. It's a corporate day out with my work, I test Laser systems that are/were fitted ( LRMTS, TIALD ) ect and been doing it since 82 so hopefully they will roll out the F35 also so I can get a close up of that ugly fuc*er ( I am also working on the laser for it's EOTS ). We usually get the Typhoon jockeys visiting our site on a yearly basis telling us how the Tiffie is doing a grand job.
  7. I'm off to RAF Mahram in a few weeks time to say goodbye to the Tonka, hopefully the weather will be kind and I'll try to get some piccies.
  8. Richard check out this review of a build from Jeroen Peters on LSM it's only 2 parts so far but very detailed and there are already quite a few errors he has picked up which should help you decide what to replace/scratchbuild. https://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/6004-hk-models-132-avro-lancaster-mk1-part-1/?fbclid=IwAR3B9pHAmuw5z8zFLBjqjlR1JNrGNYRp9E8NLT2ehbLfhsb3jnQ0wOusWfM Graham
  9. Hi Peter any plans for more upgrades? If you have a look at Jeroen's review on LSM he's picked up that there is no cone shaped lens for the strike camera just a box, the pilots seat is badly wrong it's far too long in the pan when it should be square so the support struts are as well so a new seat and supports needed. The 2 star shaped trimming wheels alongside the pilots seat are missing also and the control column is hollow and the brake lever is also missing so a few extras to go with your cockpit set? Graham
  10. Will they do a A-20C in the future? Graham
  11. Great review from Jeroen Peters on LSM it's only 2 parts so far but very detailed and there are already quite a few errors he has picked up that the aftermarket guys might fix. https://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/6004-hk-models-132-avro-lancaster-mk1-part-1/?fbclid=IwAR3B9pHAmuw5z8zFLBjqjlR1JNrGNYRp9E8NLT2ehbLfhsb3jnQ0wOusWfM Graham
  12. Hey Brian great to see you back hope all is well on sunny Malta. Graham
  13. Quite a few now appearing on Ebay.
  14. The Lancaster at War series are good books 5 in all and you can usually pick them up cheap second hand.
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