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  1. Looks great Chris. Way to revive an oldie, but goodie.
  2. Great build and I personally didn't even noticed the wheels. Great history. Seen this plane many times, but I never knew, the pilot is of Asian descent. Thanks for sharing. Learn something new everyday.
  3. Great build. I have the K in my stash and been wanting to build this kit. On another note, about your member that passed away, was that Tim Valdez? Thanks, Reuben San Antonio
  4. Thanks for the heads up. Just picked up the Whirlwind Reuben
  5. Looks killer! Keep up the inspirational work.
  6. Man, if Revell ever decided to re-mold the P-51B, up to their latest standards. They can print their own money. Imagine, a great fitting kit, with a decent detailed cockpit and decals at an affordable price. Holy crap, they can roll in the armoured trucks.
  7. Ordered a set, we’ll see how they look. Not cheap, if shipping to the US, once your through paying for everything. Hoping it’s worth it, but it has to be better than the kit part.
  8. Great build. I have a set of AIMS decals coming is, in order to make this very same plane. Thanks for sharing.
  9. FANTASTIC looking butcher bird, OUTSTANDING weathering!
  10. This really looks cool, love the weathering.
  11. They both look very tasty. Even though I have way too many 109’snand 190’s in the stash already, more than I can build in my lifetime, I’m sure both of these kits will find their way into my ever growing stash.
  12. Personally I'm not an exposed engine guy, but anything that would improve the hobby, its all good. Have you considered radial engines too? Or like some one else stated, landing gear bays would be cool too, or how about drop flaps, like for the P-40 showing all that bracing for guys that hate PE. Reuben
  13. Great looking build so far and great modeling skills. Keep up the great work.
  14. Was never on my, "gotta have it", list but its new, never been done in injected molded and I don't have one. So yes, I'm in for one for sure, and by the end of the year, I'm sure I have 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 of them like all my other kits. Its a sickness you know. Reuben
  15. Always liked this scheme. Nice looking stag.
  16. Very nicely done on an interesting and different subject matter.
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