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  1. Very, very nice! Love the late war scheme. Very inspirational.
  2. BAD AZZ!!! Love the weathering and the chipping layers, and the replacement wing. Just the kit and build as a whole, is exceptional and inspirational.
  3. Beautiful work and thank you for posting. Really love the all black and the shades you achieved.
  4. Dang it! I’ve already convinced myself, not to buy another 109, but……..
  5. Roy’s stuff is very nicely done and at good price point. Once I’ve placed these props on my kits, they really set the whole model off.
  6. Hard pass. Have plenty of Hasegawa and Revell kits to keep me busy.? May get a ZM for funzzies?
  7. Thanks Ruben for the info. By the way, you have an extremely cool first name! Reuben
  8. What P-47 plane exactly was RSJ flying, when he was attack by Egon Mayer? In this famous attempted shot down, that couldn’t and don’t bring RSJ down. Plus, are there any decals or masks if this plane? Thanks Reuben
  9. Getting ready to start painting my Hasegawa J2M3 Raider (Jack). Was debating in either IJA green or in the orange training unit color. I’ve decided on the orange, it just pops and not a scheme seen everyday. However, I’m stumped to what color is this really and what manufacturers make this color, if any, or do I have to mix my own until I’m satisfied? Any information would be great appreciated, thanks. Reuben
  10. Not a bad deal at all, being that, Kitty Hawk is now out of business and as the months and years go by, they will harder to come by.
  11. Very, very nice and way too cool scheme.
  12. Very nicely done and a nice choice of color scheme.
  13. WOW!!! Killer looking bird. LOVE the wreathing and especially the replacement outer wing section. Very inspirational. Reuben
  14. Interesting. Never been my favorite, but I’ll buy one.
  15. Great price, building one now. Very tempting, but I already have the ZM version too. Must resist!!!!!!!!!
  16. Is there an online source where I can download rivet details for any given WWII plane? Looking into dabbling into adding this detail to some of my future builds. TIA, Reuben
  17. Is there a site or resource where one can download a set of rivet detail, for any given WWII warbirds? Looking at riveting my first plane, not sure which plane yet, just gathering information. TIA, Reuben
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