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    WWII 32nd. scale model building, playing guitar and bass guitar in an all original band.

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  1. Reuben L. Hernandez

    Eduard BF109 E-4

    Gallands 109!! Looks great!!
  2. Reuben L. Hernandez

    Hasegawa N1K2-J George

    Good job, looks great
  3. Reuben L. Hernandez

    1/32 Me 262 A-1a/U4 Kanonenvogel Conversion

    Great lookin builds!!
  4. Reuben L. Hernandez

    P51A hobbycraft 1/32 scale

    DANG!!!! That is one impressive looking Mustang, great job, love the weathering, very inspirational!!
  5. Reuben L. Hernandez

    Seafire L Mk.2C

    Very nice build really been interested in the Seafire lately and this build just intensifies my curiosity. Please tell me what is that extra exterior bracing behind the cockpit on my he space me and partially down the fuselage sides? Thanks Reuben
  6. Reuben L. Hernandez

    Looking for recommendations.....

    How about a 21st. Century kit? Simple, good outline, great decals, great fitting, a bit chunky here and there but overall great simple models and relatively cheap.
  7. Reuben L. Hernandez

    San Marcos, Texas in 2020

    Your Your funny
  8. Reuben L. Hernandez

    San Marcos, Texas in 2020

    Oh yea I’ll be for sure for the first time ever!!!! It’s up the street for me about a 45 minute drive from San Antonio. Plus if you travel another 15-20 minutes east to Lockhart TX you will find the BEST bbq in the world!!! Good times, and yea it’s hotter then Hades with lots of humidity down here in the summertime!!!
  9. Reuben L. Hernandez

    BF 109 G 6 HASEGAWA

    Great and unusual looking 109!
  10. Reuben L. Hernandez

    Bf-109 E-4 'Yellow 13' of Lt. Josef Eberle

    Love your choice of camo!
  11. Reuben L. Hernandez

    F4U-1 BuNo 03829, Capt.James Cupp, VMF-213

    Great looking Corsair, love the weathering very inspirational. So tell us where do you find the time to build all these exquisitely and wonderful models? I need to know
  12. Reuben L. Hernandez

    Ta 152C-1 W.Nr.110028, Stab JG 301

    Fantastic build!!!
  13. Reuben L. Hernandez

    Zoukei-Mura P-51 Mustang Miss Marilyn II

    Very nice!!
  14. Reuben L. Hernandez

    1/32 Revell FW-190 F-8

    Great looking Butcher Bird!!!
  15. Reuben L. Hernandez

    Dragon Bf110E NJG 1