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  1. Very nicely done and different, I like it, I like it allot.
  2. Received this as a gift recently and I was looking for any upgrades specifically, cockpit, wheels, decals, landing gear. There seems to be an extremely large short fall for this kit, especially in the cockpit area. Can anyone point me in the right direction for any cockpit improvements? Really don’t like using PE and I read that the Verlinden set is, not worth the effort and it’s extremely expensive. But, if PE is the only game in town so be it, I’ll take it. Thanks for any and all help. Reuben
  3. First of all Thanks You for your service. Been thinking about getting this kit myself. Not really a jet fan, however, I do like the A-7. I read about all the downfalls of this kit, how this part doesn't fit or that part doesn't fit, hows it been going so far as the kit parts themselves fitting together? And for your kit, it looks fantastic with the aftermarket upgrades and your upgrades, keep up the great work. I will be following. Thanks, Reuben
  4. Freaking great work Brett and very inspiration (maybe now I'll get of my back side and build one of mine now? ), love the colors and chipping effects, they look very convincing. Cant wait to see the finish product, keep up the great work! Reuben
  5. Great looking F-5! Love the color scheme and weathering.
  6. Not really a jet guy, however, this build looks fantastic, fantastic enough for me to get one. Keep up the great work.
  7. I spoke to Jerry about a year ago and he said he has no intentions of ever reproducing his kits again. He's tired of smelling resin. He sold some of his molds to Grey Matters, but the 51 was not one of them unfortunately, and I cant remember why he said he didn't sell those molds? Myself, I put it out there right here, that I was on the search for one and Mike Horina (thanks again Mike) answered my request. So one never knows unless one tries, you'll never know. Good luck. Reuben
  8. Terrific build, for some odd reason, the mustang just looks right in RAF colors. I have two of these kits in my stash and one will be The Edmonton Special.
  9. Very cool Mike. Never knew this plane existed? How much again plus shipping?
  10. Great build, great weathering, fantastic.
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