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HGW A-20G Havoc - IN PLASTIC!!!


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As posted over on britmodeller Mr.Bobek from HGW has announced on his FB page there is some progress on A-20G

The big change which has caused the delay is that it will be IM plastic kit instead of resin and it will contain all AMs possible to create in Czech republic (most probably PEs and resin stuff from Eduard + Wet transfers and seatbelts from HGW in one package) for reasonable price

They need another year to finish this project

Looking forward to it :D
















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I was wondering where this kit had disappeared to! ... I thought they might have abandoned it.

Plastic now eh? ... Well that IS some good news! :D

Perhaps we'll see an AM conversion appear for an RAF intruder now at some point ... unless they've changed their minds and are kitting in plastic so that they can do this themselves like FLY did with their Hurricanes??


Rog :)

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I see over at the HPH page that the A-20G is listed as being in partnership with HGW.  So, does that mean there will only a single kit released, or will HPH and HGW release their own kits?


Do kind of wish it were really an earlier A-20B/C instead of a later solid nose model, though, but still happy.

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As far as I'm aware, this is HGW's baby, with HpH doing commission design and mastering work, so I wouldn't expect a kit from them. And I'd say that, with the move to plastic, this is probably even less likely - it's impossible to tell if HpH is even still involved any more.



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Mr.Bobek is now explaining on his FB the story in deeper detail.

Everything was prepared with HPH for past 3 years so masters are done by HPH. But they get a chance to make it as injection molded kit so they change their minds recently.

This will be released under HGW brand, not HPH.

Based on his article it looks that they want to achieve oil canning effect and Mr. Bobek will post more pics in upcoming days. He is currently playing with several preproduction  wing parts  (as far as I know he is still active modeler)


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