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  1. Do we have an expected date been checking Sprue brothers every day?
  2. How soon will Sprue Bros. Have them in stock?
  3. Yes wing Bomb racks are needed with M-8 Trippel rocket launches too!!!! Also, the smoke screen tanks would be nice
  4. The Lonestar kit included the RadarScope, the radar pod, the vent, and the six flash suppressing exhaust tubs!
  5. I also built the F4U-2N out of a Tamiya kit and AMS conversion. With the Montex mask decal set. I had the T Antennas 3-D printed but they were a little flat on one side. Just use crazy glue to Stiffen it and give it a Complete cylindrical shape. Don’t forget to remove the Forward antenna post. There’s also a little vent Scoop on the engine cowling. Just below the antenna, some aircraft had bomb racks on the wings Some even had the T antenna Under the wing in the curve, going to the fuselage by the bomb window.
  6. I heard someone was doing a 3-D printed one? Still waiting !!!!!! Lol
  7. Just got notification of mine shipping. Yahoo !!!!
  8. Can't wait for the decal options for this kit!!!! Hope Foxbot and Kit world will enlarge their sets? I love to do a PTO A-20G with Parafrag Bombs in the bomb bay
  9. Talon Will you be selling any of your decals or 3D items? I have this kit in the stash!!!! I like to add some of your great work to it!!!!
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