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  1. Sorry for the loss of your friend. my condolences to his family.
  2. I will be following this biuld. I just wonder. How are you going to accomplish the cat's eye turret? That aircraft also has a radar above the cockpit correct?
  3. Vandy 1 VX 4

    Zoukei Mura in 2018 - Ki-45 / Hs -129 NEWS

    Just got an email from Volks saying available January 31st for the Ki-45 Nick Hs-129 is supposed to be spring of 2019 if I recall correctly
  4. Vandy 1 VX 4

    Zoukei Mura in 2018 - Ki-45 / Hs -129 NEWS

    It's supposed to hit the shelves in February here
  5. Vandy 1 VX 4

    Mark31 is in Hospital

    Take care of yourself Mark. Hope it's not too serious
  6. Vandy 1 VX 4

    Zoukei Mura in 2018 - Ki-45 / Hs -129 NEWS

    As they ship full kits to the U.S. not partial kits. It's hard to sell partial kits and takes up valuable warehouse space.
  7. Vandy 1 VX 4

    Zoukei Mura in 2018 - Ki-45 / Hs -129 NEWS

    When I last visited Volk's USA. I overheard, they were thinking of removing ordering extra sprues feature off the website. As people were buying extra sprues for the Hu 219 to fix the Revell kits engine nacelles. I guess a lot of people were taking advantage of the system.
  8. Vandy 1 VX 4

    HPH Catalina

    For a Blackcat PBY-5A you need the radar pod on top of the canopy. For any black cat you would need the fishtail exhausts also. yes They carried debth bomb bombs and torpedoes. I've actually seen a photo with a thousand pounder on the inside. A depth bomb on the outside and a torpedo on the opposite wing
  9. Vandy 1 VX 4

    Zoukei Mura Kawasaki Ki-45 Kai Tei (Late)

    Thank you Jan for the reply most helpful
  10. Vandy 1 VX 4

    Zoukei Mura Kawasaki Ki-45 Kai Tei (Late)

    That is looking great Jan!!!!! What paint colors and manufacturers are you using in this build? If you wouldn't mind posting on a regular basis on that please. Because I have this kit on order here in the US. I'm not familiar with with Japanese aircraft. Thank you Danny
  11. Vandy 1 VX 4

    Dark Blue Killer - Tamiya F4U-1D Corsair

    I would recommend using some smoked monofilament line from fishing tackle shop. or from the craft store for sewing
  12. Vandy 1 VX 4


    Forgot to mention the beautiful Rex exhausts. For the OV-10 Bronco
  13. Vandy 1 VX 4


    Brian I am so glad you are doing better. I bet you're looking forward to a pain-free new year!!!!!! Will you be able to do your Moab trips and four wheeling? Cheers from an also recovery modeler. Danny
  14. Vandy 1 VX 4


    There is brass landing gear for this kit now just do not recall at this moment the manufacturer maybe Brian out2getu will comment? Or just searching the forums may come up with it.
  15. Vandy 1 VX 4

    Late to the party rlm 66 model master gone

    Try Ebay I have purchased some RLM colors from Model Master in the past. Also my neck of the woods lot of the hobby shops deal with RC. So the model Masters inventory hasn't been really touched so you can get old stock.