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  1. Contact Resine Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Contact-Résine-Models-1872619256321314/ You can always copy a set of Revell P-38 porps. I tried to fine mine for you and make a copy for you.
  2. Contact Resin also made them and Cutting edge to. But they are out of production. But you may find them.
  3. This is my humble opinion If you're going to have the props rotating it really doesn't matter what the shape of the blades look like as they will be rotating and hard to see. Or are you going to have it as a static model most of the time and running occasionally Cheers
  4. Jan I think you should try posting photos on ZMs website. I believe they have a fan page for that!!!!!!!
  5. You guys are talking about Elbow Room on the 3rd seats. The question is. How did they even get in the seats?
  6. Looking awesome Jan. On the stone wash on the wing root. what's the manufacturer of the paint? Love the nice subtle weathering.
  7. Great build and paint job Jan Also thank you very much for mentioning what Gunze Colours you've used. I will use your build thread as a reference for mine as I just pick my Nick up yesterday.
  8. nice looking Vandy 5. Hope the F-8 stops giving you trouble
  9. Thanks Dave that saves me from going and digging out my OV -10 kits to look up the landing gear Co. Also Harold's seat belts lay different on each seat. Which adds more realism.
  10. There is brass landing gear out for the OV-10 Bronco just can't recall the name right at the moment also the REX OV-10A exhausts
  11. I'll have to pick up that Spitfire to just for the Eddie figure. I wonder if it has the 303 bullet casing in the windshield frame Lol.
  12. The only one I know you can use it with is Tamiya acrylic paints other than mr. Color paints of course
  13. That is a P-38L with early forward engine nacelle. A little easier to do except for the turbo placed intake. But no removing the Dive Brake and Fuel pump buster bulges
  14. I've been wishing for a shark jaw Flying Dutchman or the Sandman
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