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  1. I’m glad you’re back on this hope to see it finished soon
  2. I hope your Thanksgiving was great and it’s also nice to see you back on this
  3. For some reason I can’t open the link?
  4. Yes congratulations Oliver most of your builds I’ve seen in person should be in fine scale modeler if not all
  5. What’s the status on the A-20 havoc?
  6. Spyros Here’s the other paint set that I was talking about https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mr-Hobby-Paint-CS665-JASDF-Oceanic-Camouflage-Color-Set/372647818362 $102.00. For a 1/32 ASM-2 Missile!!!!! No thank you.
  7. Thank you so very much for the information on the Anti ship missile. As I’ve been looking for years for one. I was going to try to scratch build it. On the Wolfpack set I actually have the full Black Panther Wolfpack set that comes with the air to air missile‘s! I’ll be using a couple of them on a F-15DJ. I may look into making a mold of them? On the Mr. Paint MRP I have the same colors in a set. though I found it that the intermediate blue to be really weathered in appearance? So I think I will use Gunze’s set instead Thanks again
  8. Looking great!!!!! Now we need somebody just to 3D print some AMS-1 JMSDF anti-ship missiles? that’s the only thing I need for my panther build What brand paint are you going to use for your colors? cheers
  9. Email them, They are very small company one or two guys but they do make nice stuff they should easily pop one out for you. Unless the molds went bad?
  10. On the exhausts you have to use sierra hotel exhaust as there are the correct diameter. It’s been mentioned a few times in other peoples threads. Aries is also undersized. If recall correctly cheers
  11. Like the mossback photo (Yellow Tail)
  12. Great looking Me-109!!!! So you like to fish? What for? Tuna / Calico Bass or Lingcod? Do you have your on boat? They closed the lunch ramps here up north.
  13. look port / left of the ( Mid Line ) Counter Balance base just behind the Vortex generators. That's the anchor point in the above photo. The antenna actually inters just ahead of that spot. Half way up the elevator half way between the anchor point and mid line. Right in the middle of the lower cross of the F. PM your Email if you need help or photos
  14. It inters the airframe port side of the bump that the IR jammer is mounted. a MM out side the rivet line of the bump. Centered of the side of the IR disco Jammer or where its on the tail? It has a loop at the top!
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