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1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"

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Peter - 



you said earlier: "..started by making a mould profile to make up the PETG in boiling water, pressing it down on foam to adopt the shape.."

Can you talk about what kind of foam and the process?

thanks for the inspiration,


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On 8/27/2019 at 10:06 PM, rtwpsom2 said:

Jason, during the war it would be common for some end user aircrews to remove those markings, but the factory workers themselves generally did not make any effort to do so unless it was a publicity plane (e.g. 500th this or that, sponsored planes, etc.).  Aircorps Aviation's goal is, as much as possible and within reason, to replicate a zero hour bird as it rolled out of the factory.  So they go to great length to create those period specific stamps and make sure to leave them wherever the factory would leave them. I would add that that might seem in direct contrast to the markings that get painted on the plane like pilot's name, kill tally, and nose art, but those are things the owner decides, not Aircorps. 

For WW2 aircraft I have no idea about removing manufacturer markings on aluminium in the field.

When working civilian aircraft we would remove the markings. Don't want the customer to think I did a $h!ty Job.

On USMC C-130s we scuffed for alodine and paint. Unless we where away from home and then we would let it ride.


Story: While deployed we took a fruit bat (basically a dachshund with wings) through the leading edge of the wing making a soccer ball sized hole with feet sticking out of it.

We where inspecting the damage when the Captain asked" how bad is it?".  Which I replied "Don't worry Sir it will buff out." :piliot:    As he walked away, we maintainers started laughing.

We chunked the bat in the trash and started our repair. We made the leading edge repair from Aluminium and tons of rivets.   No paint or nothing on this panel, hung on a wing of a big huge C-130 painted in grey. You could see the repair from a mile away.

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Great footage from Oshkosh!  I once saw something similar in person in Arlington WA - Paul Allen's FHC Mustang and Spit.  Those aircraft can buzz the field with the best of them.


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I'm just going to say, well I don't know what to say that would adequately describe how I think a lot of us feel about your skills and what you can and have accomplished. :bow:

Perhaps one day others of us will reach your level of expertise and I do not often use that word. :coolio:



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