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1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"

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Hi folks :)


On 8/29/2019 at 4:05 PM, clarkis said:

Peter - 



you said earlier: "..started by making a mould profile to make up the PETG in boiling water, pressing it down on foam to adopt the shape.."

Can you talk about what kind of foam and the process?

thanks for the inspiration,




Hi Clark,


this is what I do...


the PETG is about 1mm thick and has protective covering on both sides - I put boiling water in a pyrex tray..




..then once it has had 10 secs to fully warm up it is lifted out onto a block of foam about 1.5 inches thick and the mould / plug pressed hard into the sheet..


..for the windshiel panels I also scored a line along a straight edge of the mould so I can tell exactly where the sheet fits back on the mould..






...you then end up with the form you want as part of the deformed sheet - if it didn't work juts reboil the kettle and put it back in & repeat... if fine tuning is needed, like I had one panel that hadn't quite wrapped around where I wanted to, you can just use gloves to hold the sheet over the steaming head of the kettle while it is boiling and then reshape once it softens..


hope that helps - it would equally apply for plastic card and for plunge moulding, may mean you don't need the female part of the mould to get the shape..



On 9/1/2019 at 6:44 PM, cmayer said:

Anyone know why the current owners (Texas Flying Legends?) removed the vertical fin fillet?


i would also like to know :) mine has a dorsal fin and it doesn't come off ..


back soon


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..back again with a bit more done...


first the top canopy section was made as a plug and the boiling water process used to form PETG around it - here it is pretty much fully wrapping the mould..




..and with framing added inside & out..




..Steve at Model Monkey 3D printed the correct gunsight for me from the Don Lopez cockpit photo and it turned out brilliantly - added a few details and good to go..




..after painting, detailing & making the mount..




..mounted in position on the coaming..




..as this was now ready, I stopped working on the canopy and got on with fixing the coaming & windshield so I could start fairing in the sections & skin the fuselage - here the process has started at the front, and now P38 filler added at the back..




..I forgot to take pics of the shaping work, so next up is one of the fuselage skins at the rear.. I made up a template sheet as it has to fit on three edges, and once I had that I could translate the drawing rivet & hatch positions to the sheet..




..the finished sheet, with a bit of tube fitted at the rear for the mounting where I think a jig fits the fuselage for balancing & gun alignment etc..




..and the sheet fitted with the hatches & upper skin..






..as the airframe is now virtually complete in shape terms after 18 months, I couldn't resist an assembly shot to see how things were shaping up..










..thats it for now :)




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Yeah Peter - this model in addition to the jaw dropping detail looks like it's going to capture the look and feel of the B-model.   Not all great modelling efforts end up looking right from 20 feet away.


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thanks folks & good evening.. :)


..bit more done over the weekend..


I was pleased to see the glazing survived under it's protective film, but it was time to take that off and add the frames, these are PE and have been amended from the drawings to allow for the fuselage curvature - the drawings are flat as you look at it side on..


..here the frames have been added and a tape template to start to derive the top panel..




..with that panel and the lower surround with the grab handle cover done, it was time for another fuselage panel...




..after both sides were done, I couldn't do the next panel until the exhaust panels were in to set the firewall line..


I added the exhaust mounts first..




..then annealed the PE nickel silver panels that surround the exhaust - these have all the fasteners etc etched in, but as you can see discolour badly when annealed - it all sanded out though..




..then after much careful measuring & pre-shaping the panels were added..




..then the main side fuselage panel could be added - here it is finished and a tape hinge added so as the adhesive goes off I can just swing it right into position - you can also see a tube section for the flare pistol and the bottom was annealed to conform to the fuselage as the wing fillets will go over the lower section..




..too big to really photograph on my bench, so a few shots as the evening sun was going down...












..all the skinning needs tidying up & finishing, but it is getting there panel by panel..








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A fine job on those exhaust slot cowling panels (an understatement).  I have many questions (exhaust stacks, wing/fuselage fillet fairings),  but I think I am just going to wait and see.  I have faith in you Peter.  

Edited by JayW

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