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1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"


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On 8/21/2019 at 2:48 PM, airscale said:

..I then used the mould/plug as a basis to just form the windshield panels out of PETG one at a time. The method was to immerse in boiling water and once soft put on a 2 inch thick bit of foam and just press down until it hardened again. Without moving I then scribed the reference of some of the straight parts of the mould so I knew exactly how it sat on the mould..


Love this  :speak_cool:



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3 hours ago, DonH said:

Do I notice some rivets missing? Is that for ventilation/drainage?

Not missing Don, just different colours. I think it's meant that way to replicate the many different suppliers that would've been producing parts/batches on an assembly line. Therefore some of the rivets were anodized blue, some weren't. Same as for the Alcoa markings on a few panels. 


That's the reason this particular mustang is so authentic, the attention to detail of the restorers is outstanding. That's why I've posted those specific photos. 





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Fantastic pics from Craig.


Does anybody know what those rough-painted tracer lines over some rivets/welding spots and around the hatches actually are? I seem to remember to have seen similar traces on wartime pictures, but always assumed them to be perhaps from rainwater in the dirt, due to their random appearance. 


Some protective seal?

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Given all the Alclad- and Reynolds-Aluminium-stamps on various panels, as seen in the above pictures (and beside the usual stencil fare), I foresee Peter to manufacture a complete rubber stamp-set for his Mustang.


in 18th scale, IT COULD WORK ;-))

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evening folks :)


had a few days off so here we go again :)


Craig - those pictures are incredible - I mean truly incredible! thank you so much, there are many, many details I can now see, not least of which id that aluminium stamping - I won't be going that far though.... had I known I might have done some decals, but the thought of all that carrier film decals probably wouldn't work - rub down would, but as far as I can tell from when I did my Spitfire they are VERY expensive to have made..


..I think the light alloy piant stuff is some sort of anti corrosion - I likely won't be doing that either..


one thing has me baffled.. this is not period is it?






..I think I can see 'Garmin' on one of them so I assume it's some modern bit of kit - it's sure not in the manual (nor are the fittings..)


so, the Instrument Panel coaming - something looking so simple is anything but... - lets take a look..




complex shape that forms to an angular shape around the IP, see those air vents - there are 4 - two at the sides for the side windows, two at the front for the windshield - also there are two handholds, and a big rubber tube / impact strip along the front edge to protect the pilot...


..more on those vents & hand holds..




..this is version 4 of my vacfrom mould - it needs to fit the IP and fit in the windshield glazing almost touching at all points so has taken a while to get right..




..I pulled a copy in black plastic for no other reason than it was all I had in the right thickness... all the bits & bobs were fashioned from plastic from the drawings - the vents from card with a strip of litho & rod fittings, the hand holds, plunge moulded... at the back are two holes for a landing gear down light and a reset button..






..painted bronze green & detailed - the rubber is heat shrink tube, slit, kinked to get a flat and coaxed into shape, the gunsight mount is PE and the two holes have been filled with their bits from my box of watch spares..








..and dry fitted






..I also made up all the innards for the windshield, including the armoured glass mount (it will be two bits of glass laminated but hopefully will work..) and some inner framing I will cut to fit - the Xtracolour enamel I used is still drying - seems to be 12+ hours so I don't know if it's the levelling thinner I used or what, but I will have to wait until tomorrow to carry on :)




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In this picture the cover is saying the aluminum Is treated with Alclad and type is 24S-T.  The 24S-T may be the Manufactures number for this sheet of aluminum.






In the Picture below the Aluminum Manufacturer is Reynolds Aluminum and it .O51 thick sheet. 




When I did sheet metal work we usually just used a green scotchbrite to remove these markings..



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Peter, beyond incredible work, unbelievable doesn't even describe it!


Somewhere I had read that those dull lines on portions of the airframe were a reaction of the aluminum skin to a brush applied acid etch. Unfortunately I can't, for the life of me, remember it's purpose. If it's not a detail you're planning on replicating though it doesn't really matter eh?




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evening folks :)


as it's a Bank Holiday here, I had a bit more time at the bench..


the windshield parts were made up and painted...




..then very carefully assembled - I also added the fixed gunsight and mirror..








..and thankfully the coaming fits nicely - Steve from Model Monkey has kindly 3D printed the gunsight which I think will arrive tomorrow so once I have that I will detail it, fit it and this whole assembly will be added to the airframe..




..I had to find another part to do and as the glazing was going pretty well (hope I don't speak too soon, it's my nemesis), I decided to start on the side windows...


..started by making a mould profile to make up the PETG in boiling water, pressing it down on foam to adopt the shape..




..once done, I used the PE frames I made to size the glazing...






..I also had separate PE frames for the front sliding part of these windows so they were also carefully added..




..then the detailing started, there are lots of very small assemblies in each one, and they are subtely different (or will be) as the top canopy part hinges off one side..








..another bit I was dreading sorted out, hopefully I can get them all finished without any mistakes like scratches or CA blobs :)








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