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  1. Thanks for the kind comments everyone
  2. After 15 years of tryingto have a model in FSM the MH60s will be published in Fine Scale Modeler for December 2020 issue.
  3. Tight fit for the interior parts in the cargo area.
  4. Thanks. Back on the build today.
  5. Is the mirage 2000 seat in 3d yours i saw on facebook?
  6. i would build that in a heart beat. so nice
  7. Are you planning to update the Instrument panel as well into digital display?
  8. Parience is a must with rivet work. .nice
  9. Hi matt, how are you? Engine is from the Arado resin set, i need to add some stuff to it to make it into a T.53. Yes an old kit for sure. Its been fun so far.
  10. i sure hope you are making the seat to go with this .......amazing. So next is the D/N, right?
  11. thanks guys for the comments. The nose conversion for the h.34 is done and i am waiting for the piece to arrive in the mail. The huskie has been fun so far, I am looking for engine and open cowlings photos and i have contacted contacted a museum to see if i can get photos from the last flying h.43.....will see. The fly model of the wessex is a challenging kit to say the least, not locating tabs and poor instructions manual. Oliver
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