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  1. Please do not post any photos of my build on this site ever. I do not want them(Kevin) to collect any of my knowledge to move their site forward as a good place to post. The owner of the site is abusive and a nasty person. I hope he sees this post and kicks me out of this site for ever. Oliver
  2. So happy to see this back. amazing work. I like the alu parts.
  3. Hi Everyone. I had a few words with Kevin LSP moderator. I made a mistake and posted in the wrong page setting( I apologized for my mistake).His words to me were a bit strong and instead of diffusing the situation he made it worse twice, not really a good way to treat modelers posting on the site. I guess 92 k views don't mean much. This is the last time I will post any of my builds on LSP. I have asked the moderator to remove any posts and photos ever posted here. See u guys on another site. Oliver
  4. Hi since this is a large helicopter I wanted to fold the blades so I ordered the PE blade fold from Scalewarship in the UK. Uk Mail was hacked so I won't getting my package(ordered 7 weeks ago). I made the brackets out of styrene, this is was a pain in the A$& to do since I had eye ball the brackets.
  5. Thanks so much. I really enjoy working on this kit even if at times it's challenging. Now the true test is gluing everything together.
  6. The most talented modeler i have watched build amazing airplanes. Always a treat for me to see the magic happen.
  7. The steps I was planning to use from the kit are wrong for the H34. So I made the right steps.
  8. yeah Gap is pretty bad. I cant deal with that till attach the nose. So much to do still on this.
  9. I used medical stitching thread for the cables, it might be strong enough to hold some weight. Thanks Matt. Not Orange County
  10. Hi Anthony, I am putting stuff together to take the helo for a club meeting tomorrow. Here's how it looks. Added cargo hook bottom fuselage.
  11. You are becoming an amazing modeler.
  12. this is truly spectacular. i am speechless.
  13. Tail rotor was super tricky. Parts supplied in the kit no bueno.
  14. Pete, As i have said many times i would hate to compete with your talents on a modeling table. Truly inspiring.
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