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  1. I thought we were friends ....please dont hurt me like that with the BK, i was just starting to forget about it. Ok, back to therapy.
  2. Yes Matt, thats the plan. I will have several helos to compete with.
  3. Thanks Matt. This kit is showing its age. Many parts don't fit well. The tailbooms are tricky to lign up correctly. I did have fun detailing the tail. The two rotor towers were reshaped with superglue. Glad to hear u like it. U going to ipms Vegas next year?
  4. https://hosting.photobucket.com/images/jj121/heloman2008/20201227_163125.jpg
  5. I have been watching your build. I like what you are doing so far. Any update?
  6. Doesn't Reeoak make a ladder for the Mirage 2000?
  7. Nice looking cockpit. I have that kit as well. I will watch your progress for sure.
  8. The Blackhawk is getting a lot of love on many modeling sites. Great work going on here.
  9. A great subject seldom seen on modeling table. Good start for sure
  10. Another beauty in the making. I cant wait to see what you do with the cockpit and the IP.
  11. such a cool airplane. Looking sharp Oliver
  12. So amazing looking, so real. I would hate to enter my helicopter in a contest against this amazing helo because you would kick my A&%. nice work indeed. Oliver
  13. Tim, I would wait to glue the rotor mast since it appears you still a good amount of work to be done on your kit...so it does break while handling the helo and also easier to paint without it. its looking good.
  14. After 15 years of tryingto have a model in FSM the MH60s will be published in Fine Scale Modeler for December 2020 issue.
  15. Tight fit for the interior parts in the cargo area.
  16. Is the mirage 2000 seat in 3d yours i saw on facebook?
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