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  1. Chuck, Maybe its time to move to the dark side and really get challenged, Build an helicopter.
  2. I really like this build. Such a cool plane. Nicely done.
  3. So the question is Folded blades or not. This kit a huge. I had to trim the main rotor because it was too tall.
  4. wow. Chuck i think you found a friend. Beautiful Hellcat
  5. this is always a treat to follow. You are one talented modeler.
  6. I have followed this build every time there is a post. Wonderful modeling on the Prowler.
  7. Seats were paint white first then flat brown for shadowing and Orange with faded tone adding yellow to orange
  8. https://hosting.photobucket.com/images/jj121/heloman2008/306F78DB-2A8B-4408-824C-7FC7C3A959DF.jpeg
  9. Ben, any chance you might produce this? If so put me down for 2. looks fantastic
  10. I Futured the clear part first and let it dry for about a week then applied Tamiya clear green inside in thin coats.
  11. Wow. So nice. Are you talking to Ben in Belgium , he’s doing one as well
  12. Looking good. Please take your time. Modeling is never a race to the finish.
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