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  1. Utterly stunning as always, Peter! Truly inspirational stuff Is this plating similar to what you're using? https://www.printingsuppliesdirect.com/printing-plates/conventional-1-sided-negative/6-gauge/13-x-19-3-8-x-0055-pb-25-premium-in-a-box-of-100-sheets https://www.printingsuppliesdirect.com/inkjet-systems/equipment-supplies/vim-ctp-plates/jt-a-metal-plate-multigraphics-125011-x-18-100-plates @Oldbaldguy, searching for "Metal Plate" on their website shows a lot of these, difference between them being dimensions and count per box. Denzil
  2. Awesome project, Max! Excited to see what you can do with the kit!
  3. Congratulations, Frank, that's fantastic!
  4. Thanks for the update, Robin. If you're in need of any particular pictures or measurements,I can happily put you in contact with someone who can take them for you! Hope you're on the mend soon Denzil
  5. That project deserves not to be rushed The work you've done on it sofar has been sublime, and when the motivation comes back to see it finished, it'll be be a Nats contender for sure!
  6. I'm planning on going What advice do y'all have for a Nats first timer?
  7. Thankyou guys! Most appreciated I was lucky enough to have some plastic find it's way to me in the shape of a Finemolds S.21, courtesy of the GF, who knows my love of the movie Guess I should build this one! Cheers!
  8. Unbelievably spectacular!!! Fantastic work wrangling that monster across the line. Truly inspiring stuff
  9. She's one smart looking ship! With the O360 they REALLY love to climb! Enjoy, I bet she's a blast Thats a shame, It seemed to really show promise!
  10. That's fantastic Iain! The chippy is such a delight to fly. How does the Bulldog compare? My dad owns a Chippy in Australia, it keeps his fleet of Austers company Denzil
  11. I wish I'd gotten my hands on a couple of these! https://www.largescaleplanes.com/reviews/review.php?rid=1629
  12. Thanks guys! It adds a bit of colour to the cabinet! @LSP_Kevin it would be a fantastic subject in 1/32, even in 1/48 it's on the small side! Denzil
  13. Finally regaining control of my Flickr account means I can start posting again, wahoo! This one was part of a private group build of all things RAF. Be that I like my trainers, the Bulldog fits the bill nicely. The kit is typical of short-run fare. The delicate scribed panel lines were almost all obliterated by the copious amounts of filling and sanding needed. A LOT of nose wight is required to keep from being a tail-sitter, I filled the nose with lead shot, and made a new nose gear leg from brass tube to keep the kit supplied plastic one from collapsing. The paint scheme came straight from the box, the kit decals worked nicely. Fun little build, now if only I could get my hands on Tarangus' Saab Safir! Denzil. Nose weight for days! Arado 96 for scale.
  14. Great pics Kev! Hopefully you can sort something out with the On The Bench guys!
  15. Very sad news Condolences to his friends and family.
  16. His channel (Here) is brilliant. The way he makes everything seem so easy to do is astonishing!
  17. That is a cool looking machine!! Thanks for the headsup
  18. A B.E.9 sure would make for a fun conversion
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