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  1. Barry

    F-8 E Crusader VMFA 235 Da Nang 1966

    Seat looks great Eric! Barry
  2. To Illustrate Tony's point. This is a Spey powered Phantom Barry
  3. Barry

    Academy MH-60s

    I can definitely see "Oliver's" inspiration in your build. Fantastic work! Barry
  4. Barry

    F-8 E Crusader VMFA 235 Da Nang 1966

    Excellent work Eric! Barry
  5. Barry

    1:32 scale 16" gun turret

    Yep there are some big screws used in big places! Barry
  6. Very nice work! Keep picking away at the inaccuracies an you'll have a Phanstic Phantom. Cheers, Barry
  7. Barry

    Trumpeter 1/32 F-8E Build

    Thanks Gents! I was in a slump and spotted an RC web site, RC Tank Warfare and after cruising some builds there I took the plunge. I have been having a blast working in the larger scale. No only can I build a highly detailed model but I can take it out in the yard and operate it!! I have been stretching my skills and learning a lot working with the brass. Barry
  8. Barry

    F-8 E Crusader VMFA 235 Da Nang 1966

    Eric, You are doing a very nice job maintaining scale appearance. Barry
  9. Barry

    Trumpeter 1/32 F-8E Build

    Hi Tim! Working towards getting back to one of my builds here....A-7D, F-100F, F-4B or this one. I have been building 1/16 RC M1A1HA Abrams. I really enjoy working in the larger scale. Lots of scratch building using styrene and tons of brass. When finished I am estimating a gross weight of 28lbs., with full function RC. There are a couple of Phantom and Crusader builds I am following that give me the yearning to return to one of my builds, one day! The WIP thread can be viewed here. https://www.rctankwarfare.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=201&t=18880 Cheers, Barry
  10. Barry

    F-8 E Crusader VMFA 235 Da Nang 1966

    It was me Kevin, I'm the guilt party. Barry
  11. I'll have to dig through my Zotz sheets I think I have it, I hope. Thanks, Barry
  12. I understand now, Thanks for setting me straight! Back to the drawing board. Barry
  13. I talking about the two F-4Bs painted up in USAF marking and the F-110A logo. Barry
  14. Very nice! A definite purchase for my F-110A build. Barry
  15. Barry

    Skyraider 1/32 Trumpeter.

    Fantastic detail work! Barry