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  1. BRAVO!! You've done a Phantastic job, and have an awesome looking Phantom there. Barry
  2. Having "started" 3 Trumpeter kits, A-7D, F-8E and kit bashing 2 F-100Ds into a F-100F all have shape issues, way over done and inconstant surface detail and some fit issues. However, they are all buildable if you've willing to go the extra mile or two. I think that Karl's final statement speaks to Trumpeter's real strength. Barry
  3. So there exist a confirmed photo of 680 w/o the chin radome? Barry
  4. While attending school in 1982 at St. Louis for "Project Peace Sun" (Royal Saudi A.F. F-15C/D program) the aircraft (USAF, IAF & RSAF) on the factory floor had blue green Av bays and bay 5 was white. Barry
  5. Could not say for sure myself. My stay on Kadena was a short 90 day TDY from Thailand in 74 in support of the KC-135s.
  6. Snake could have been a Habu for which the SR-71s on the island were nick named. Barry
  7. That IMO is exactly how an early B-17 should look, Fantastic work! Barry
  8. IMO yes. There are pictures of all USAF MiG killer aircraft. But it was "my war", I was a participant as an aircraft mechanic and just about any book covering the air war is of interest to me. Barry
  9. Here's a nice pic. Posted under the Fair Use act. Barry
  10. This group of photos are "supposedly" taken after the return for the Bolo mission. As you can see the aircraft pictured has no chin radome however there is noting that identifies it as 680 though it could be. So if you go with Olds recollection of events, aircraft and configuration then the Ferris painting/print " MiG Sweep" would be accurate. Barry
  11. I just reread the same and it is pretty detailed as to why. As for the slick radome there we F-4Cs with the early D model radome but without a pic it's only conjecture! I would like to see photographic evidence. Barry
  12. That is a VERY COOL model and the electronics are fantastic! Barry
  13. Hi Darren, There has been untold amount of debate over this. Do you have a photo of this? I agree that Mr Ferris's story (I have the print) of the General's memory of configuration and there were many F-4C's fitted with the early D model chinless radome but I not seen a picture of 680 with the chinless radome. Barry 8th TFW, Ubon Thailand
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