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  1. Sometimes I feel a little Careful, I may take you up on the paint and weathering. Thanks, Barry
  2. Sir, your skills with styrene are surpassed only by your ability to see how to use and form it into what ever you need. This is going to be a fantastic model! Barry
  3. Here are a few pics of the nearly complete Loader's Armored Gun Station (LAGS). Hinged armored panels deployed. Panels lowered. TAFN, Barry
  4. Thank you sir. Here are a couple of pics showing the previous detail in their place. They are used to hold the Reactive Armor Tiles in place. Cheers, Barry
  5. Thanks guys, it's been quite a journey thus far. I have learned a lot, not only about the Abrams but about myself and my modeling skills or in some cases lack there of. Also when modeling in 1/16" scale even the smallest detail is necessary. It has taught me more than I ever knew about soldering and how best to handle multi-piece assemblies. I have built several dozen holding fixtures to position and hold pieces while I soldered and or drilled them and some of these fixtures are elaborate assemblies themselves. Holding fixture for assembly of exhaust grills. I have also learned patience, lots of patience! I know now that if I need 30 of something to make 32 or 33 just because "stuff happens" and if I have more then I need then the frustration factor drops substantially. The "twang" does not mean an immediate "Oh crap" and if it does then just take a deep breath and simply make another. The build is down to the small details with all the heavy work done. I have one large hurtle to jump and that is replacing all the molded weld beads that were removed and there are more than I like to think about! Cheers, Barry
  6. Here are some pics of the External Aux Power Unit (EAPU), Smoke Grenade Launchers and the Muzzle Reference Sensor (MRS). The EAPU is from the Trumpeter M1A1 kit assembled with all the detail sanded away. Smoke Grenade Launchers MRS Thanks for looking in. Barry
  7. Oliver, I don't know how any words that have not be used several times over to best describe you dedication and skill so I'll just go with I think that says it quite nicely! Barry
  8. Tom, Thank you and remember who's responsible for my turn to RC Tanks. Barry
  9. Jason, Thank you for the kind words, you have obviously read the WIP as you picked up on the Alien reference! Barry
  10. Thanks Brian I'm really enjoying work on the Abrams and in the larger scale. 1/16" = 1" really allows for some awesome detail potential and I am learning how better to work with brass. Barry
  11. This 3year + build is starting to come together. Here are some pics of the mantel mounted 50cal. Thanks for looking in, Barry
  12. Greetings Will, A member here. Bruce Bradenbaugh was selling a casting of the Tamiya cockpit "surround" so that you could use Tamiya canopies on the Revell kits. You should be able to look him up in the members listing. Barry
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