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  1. Very nicely done sir! IMO you've captured the scene quite perfectly. Barry
  2. Sean, You have created a Masterpiece! Your finish is absolutely beautiful! Barry
  3. Hi Pete, Look here if you've not already, boot prints. https://www.armorama.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=34825&mode=thread&order=0 Barry
  4. Thanks Pete and Maru for your kind words! I had to back track a little as I decided to use a Tamiya M1A2 metal, torsion bar lower chassis. It was not designed to use/mount the Heng Long upper hull so it has been and still is on going rework. I hope to have another up date in the next week or so. Barry
  5. Here are pics of the only cockpit I have painted. It is my loooooong stalled A-7D build. Maybe one day I'll get back to it after I finish then 1/16 Abram Tom got me started on 4 years ago! Barry
  6. I would be concerned that it could leach out with time, heat, paint, adhesive....just a risk I would not take. Barry
  7. Hi Jack, This is what you're looking for. Jennings is right, we need a 1/32 LEM. The 3D parts are available on Shapeways but they cost a fortune and I mean a FORTUNE! Barry
  8. Pictures, loud and clear! The Thus looks great, very nicely done. Barry
  9. Beautifully done sir!! Barry
  10. Very nicely done, it certainly looks the part. The crew figures look fantastic! I like the painted face mask on the door gunners. Barry
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