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  1. Beautifully done sir!! Barry
  2. Very nicely done, it certainly looks the part. The crew figures look fantastic! I like the painted face mask on the door gunners. Barry
  3. That's why he has 2 50s, and a 120mm as back up! Barry
  4. Eric, You've another great build in progress! I do not know if any of the detail work I did on the Trumpeter A-7D kit would be helpful but here's the link. Barry
  5. Hi Nic, You've got some fantastic detail work going on! I really like the Hydraulic Plumbing it can get very complex as you've shown. Barry
  6. Fantastic scratch building sir! This is going to be a truly impressive model. Barry
  7. Hi folks, Here are the latest pics of the Commander's Gun Station. The M2 is mounted and locked & loaded, T.U.S.K. 1 Armor Surround is installed as well as the Spot Light and M4 Carbine stowed. TAFN, Thanks for looking in! Barry
  8. Thank you for the very kind words sir! Barry
  9. Fantastic Pete! You electronics and wiring look real, I spent over 45 years removing and installing "black boxes" are their associated wiring and connectors and you captured them very convincingly!! The Overhead Panel looks spot on as well. Barry
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