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  1. Oliver, FANTASTIC! Your mastery of the Art of Detailing is quite evident. Barry
  2. Very nice Jennings! I very much enjoyed my tour with the 307th BW (CAM), the KC-135A was a dream to work on. I was in the Instrument Shop and the Collins FD-109 system was ours to maintain. It was the 1st true Flight Director system and it was also quite colorful as compared to other systems of the time! On a TDY to Kadena I had the pleasure to support several different versions of the 135 including those that supported the Habu. Barry
  3. So true, though I would prefer a F-23. Barry
  4. Barry


    And to think unlike my generation of white shirted, black tie & pocket protector engineers these "kids" look like the hippies on my gen.!! Crazy, Barry
  5. Barry


    It truly is a sight to behold! It is the "model A" of the functionally reusable rocket booster. Barry
  6. Not sure what happened to the Radome but it looks like the GIB wasn't hanging around to find out what happened next. Barry
  7. The Sierra Hotel are by far the best, I did not mention them as are usually not available. I am glad to hear that Mike has them available. I only considered those that are readily available. If you've gotten the SH nozzles you'll be very pleased. Barry
  8. I have all the different nozzles and In my opinion the Eduard's Nozzles have the best/finest detail but are a little small in diameter like the Tamiya kit nozzles. I had done a photo comparison here a numbers of years ago but all the pics are gone courtesy of Photo Bucket and I can't find my originals. Barry
  9. Joe goes by fox3tornado on eBay. As I recall the Exhaust Nozzles that GT Resin offers are the ones Joe used to sell, GT Resin has the rights to reproduce and sell them. Barry
  10. I also have the Big Mo and the Arizona but grabbed the Enterprise when it came out a while back. I really like large scale ship models! Barry
  11. Try here for a source of small etched mesh. http://www.planomodelproducts.com/scratch_scq.html Barry
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