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  1. This group of photos are "supposedly" taken after the return for the Bolo mission. As you can see the aircraft pictured has no chin radome however there is noting that identifies it as 680 though it could be. So if you go with Olds recollection of events, aircraft and configuration then the Ferris painting/print " MiG Sweep" would be accurate. Barry
  2. I just reread the same and it is pretty detailed as to why. As for the slick radome there we F-4Cs with the early D model radome but without a pic it's only conjecture! I would like to see photographic evidence. Barry
  3. That is a VERY COOL model and the electronics are fantastic! Barry
  4. Hi Darren, There has been untold amount of debate over this. Do you have a photo of this? I agree that Mr Ferris's story (I have the print) of the General's memory of configuration and there were many F-4C's fitted with the early D model chinless radome but I not seen a picture of 680 with the chinless radome. Barry 8th TFW, Ubon Thailand
  5. So what was the purpose of the weapons pylon on the right OB if not to carry the Pod? Barry
  6. I've been noodling that one for quite a while now. It is one reason my F-4B Phantom II build got side lined. The plane is posed in a take-off profile, 20-30 ft off the ground, flaps down and landing gear all most full retracted. It requires engines be in AB and the thought of that just being in the imagination is like propellers not turning or at least appearing to do so. You can make fairly realistic looking turning propellers or add electric motors but portraying AB has eluded me. Barry
  7. I've been unable to get to the site for 2 days now. "403 Forbidden" is what I get.
  8. Hi Gord, Here are a couple of pics of the "extended" nose gear strut. I am not sure that this is the actual total length of the nose strut when it is the "hike position" used for cat launch. I extend mine for the airborne position when fully extended in the Weight Off Wheels (WOW) when in the retraction mode. I determined this by placing the upper trunnion mount in its position and then determining the maximum length with clearance to the aft wheel well bulkhead. The spacing marks on the mat are 1/2" apart. This is the nearly retracted position needed for my purposes. Hope these are helpful and if I can help further just let me know. The build up to the point I stopped is here on LSP but the photos went the way of many others. Barry
  9. Fantastic work Sir! I have always thought that the F-20 was truly the pinnacle of the Northrop design. Barry
  10. Hi Gord, Here a couple of pics of my efforts at building the Phantom wing with the Flap down. Inboard Leading Edge Flaps Outboard LE Trailing Edge to Fuselage Trailing Edge Flaps The main issue with getting the Outboard LE to look correct is the Tamiya wing is too thick. The upper in the pic is the stock and the lower is the thinned down wing tip Cheers, Barry
  11. Smart looking jet and not another Lockheed based design. Barry
  12. WOW, what a wasted effort on their part and I wanted the D version. Barry
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