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  1. Yep, The science behind the science is some pretty amazing stuff. . Thanks for the link Matty! Barry
  2. I was 19 and invincible and for the 5 years of my life the F/RF-4C/D/E Phantoms were a way of life. My first "real" trip far, far away from home!
  3. Hi All, As the end of this "" year draws near: I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, may it bring Health, Peace and Joy to you and yours! Barry
  4. My daughter received hers on Monday, she is an EMT. We have been concerned for her every day since this started. Barry
  5. Derek, This explains one reason why the Tamiya exhaust nozzles are too small for the opening. It "appears" if one were to reduce the cross section to the red outline then the nozzles would fit better. Barry
  6. They are machine applied weld beads. There is another piece on the inside face welded to it. I can't remember for sure if there is a heat resistant blanket between them or just an air gap. Barry
  7. I agree with you John, best detailed AM LAU-7 rails I've seen. Barry
  8. Bravo Dave! Fantastic work, IMO the B/C version of the P-51 were the best looking Mustangs built. Barry
  9. Great looking Intruder underway! FYI, all the MERs and TERs I've seen have the Firing Cables encased in a woven wire mesh covering like this. Keep up the great work! Barry
  10. Armistice Day / Veterans Day / Remembrance Day On this day I wish for each of my brothers in arms Peace and Tranquility.
  11. Not advised Tom. Hot water will not make it pliable enough not to crack or at the very least show stress "clouding". I have tried and have never been able to get it to work. Barry
  12. Happy Birthday my friend! Barry
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