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  1. Hi Rick, I recommend the following solder and flux. I buy mine from Micro Mark. I solder a lot. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/64967-update-21320-116-m1a1ha-abrams-w-tusk-i-upgrades/#comment-844163
  2. Hi Simon, This the Aires Wheel Well Set for the A-7. I believe that the Main Gear Door control are the "same". Barry
  3. Theo, I have one unopened, $150.00 USD plus shipping from USA. PM me here if interested. Barry
  4. Anthony, Doing a fantastic job. The piece outline in red is common only to C,D,E,EJ and G versions AFAIK. It covers the control linkage attached to the Aft Control Stick. That is why your foot plates do not fit.
  5. Looks fantastic in every aspect! As a former A-7D maintainer at Myrtle Beach I can honestly say you've captured the SLUF in detail. Barry
  6. The Strut piece on the right shows the "link" as it appears when the gear is in the down position. The gear on the left shows the link in the retracted position, collapsing the gear to fit in the wheel well. Barry
  7. I was referring to an IDF version. You are correct, the ones you've listed are available in a Static version.
  8. To my knowledge none of the Tamiya 1/16 RC Tanks have been released in any version other than the original released. Barry
  9. Nope, released in the last 12 months. Barry
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