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1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"

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evening all :)


On 9/8/2019 at 7:19 PM, TorbenD said:

Coming on a pace now Peter - is it too much to ask if this might make it to Telford in November? Wonderful work as ever.




Hi Torben - unlikely for Telford, it certainly won't be finished by then but will be pretty close, so I will probably bring it next year :) Looking forward to catching up again and thanks again for doing the font for the masks for the 'Lopes Hope' nose art - though I doubt it will see any paint this side of Christmas :)


another step forward and in some ways another escape from the devil of modelling- transparencies... they are my nemesis and I am literally on the verge of a cardiac arrest every time I go near them on the model..


..not many WIP pics, but here is the original...




..I started by putting down a false cowling panel so all the panels around the cockpit will butt up against it and I will get a clean sequence of joins.. then added the strip that goes around the rear of the windshield where it meets the canopy windows..


..once that was down I added the top framing which was made up from strips of tape on the model and then made up in litho.. the strip was attatched with CA, but all the rest with contact adhesive very, very carefully :)




..the bottom of the frames around the armoured glass is really hard to get right, and I haven't but it is the best I can do - I started with some ali/tin sort of soft metal sheet I have and teased it into position before marking it out...




..and then no more WIP pics until I had all the panels down -sorry about that :(












..so I am relieved it is done and will now tape it up to protect it while I sort out the cowling panels..




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14 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

WOW!  I know  I keep using that word but Im out of superlatives 


The superlative is:

This build is the benchmark for any new P-51B or P-51C in 1/32 or 1/24

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evening boys & girls :)


..time for a nose job...


..this is one of the two detatchable panels that sit on top of the engine..




..step 1 was to prepare the surface so it's nice & smooth and to mark the centreline..




..then a sheet of soft aluminium was prepared by adding the row of rivets that go along the seam where the two panels meet and the fastener positions that run along the centreline on each side... then this was taped to the centreline...


..you can see rivets along the bottom scrap edge where I ballsed this up once already..




..then the sheet is burnished down to the cowling with balsa blocks and in some areas around the nose where the curves are most acute, with a ball pein hammer...


..masking tape is used to hold the panel taught where it should be as the surface is worked from the straight edge centreline, to the outer curves..




..soon the panel is roughly done and the borders appear as raised edges..




..the masking tape is removed to see whats what..




..the panel is then trimmed & fixed with contact adhesive, using the centreline tape to as a hinge to keep it's relative position and the overlaps start to get filed / sanded away..




..with both sides done and the surface sanded smooth to remove irregularities (like glue highspots), the rivet detail was gone over again..




..with the fastener details defining the lateral rivet detail position, tamiya tape was laid out to set out the spacing - interestingly these rows of rivets are perpendicular to the A/C datum, not the cowling which is tilted slightly downwards...


...also the hatches had been let into the structure by taping them down and tracing the outline with a new scalpel blade with the waste later removed..




..once complete another burnish to get everything nice & recessed and a wire wool clean up..












..lower cowl next...









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Sweet!! Bloody hell Peter this really is  coming together beautifully isn't it. Lots of progress recently, wish I could work along at this pace on a kit that's all ready to build.


Regards. Andy 


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I take some time off and this Mustang has her Fuselage covered.

Your covering this beautiful girl so fast. She will be ready to fly by the end of the year.:yahoo:

Keep making our jaws drop and enjoy the bruises as we read your post.



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