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1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"


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thank you folks - you are too kind :)


carrying on with the wing fillets - the borders are laid out with tape to rub soft metal into to get the shapes in 3D after translating the plan profiles..




..taped down & burnishing..




..the forwardmost fillet is one piece and very difficult - there was nothing for it but to have a go at bashing some ali into shape - itv soon kinked and creased and took a lot of work to get even half right...




..you can see here how the material just wouldn't do what was needed and split in one place - no matter I thought I could let in a piece here - this had any inner creases filed down to give it the best chance of truly flattening out when fixed..




..still working it..




..and finished & with fixings.. it's not perfect, but good enough for me..




..same on the other side..




..the PE arrived for the front vents so I could do this panel too - another tricky one..


..first step was to add the vent structure and then make the front seam of the panel meet the nose intake casting... the rest of the panel lines could be dealt with with overlaps being removed..




..with both panels & the vents added..,. the fasteners are added, but not yet all the riveting..








..and the nose is pretty much coming together..










..still lots to do despite it looking quite complete...




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“It’s not perfect but it’s good enough for me.”


lol Your work is beyond impressive. I’d be lucky to have a tenth of the skill you demonstrate with your build updates! Looking forward to seeing paint and stencils on this, it should be beautiful.

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