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  1. Pictures, loud and clear! The Thus looks great, very nicely done. Barry
  2. Beautifully done sir!! Barry
  3. Very nicely done, it certainly looks the part. The crew figures look fantastic! I like the painted face mask on the door gunners. Barry
  4. That's why he has 2 50s, and a 120mm as back up! Barry
  5. Eric, You've another great build in progress! I do not know if any of the detail work I did on the Trumpeter A-7D kit would be helpful but here's the link. Barry
  6. Hi Nic, You've got some fantastic detail work going on! I really like the Hydraulic Plumbing it can get very complex as you've shown. Barry
  7. Fantastic scratch building sir! This is going to be a truly impressive model. Barry
  8. Hi folks, Here are the latest pics of the Commander's Gun Station. The M2 is mounted and locked & loaded, T.U.S.K. 1 Armor Surround is installed as well as the Spot Light and M4 Carbine stowed. TAFN, Thanks for looking in! Barry
  9. Thank you for the very kind words sir! Barry
  10. Fantastic Pete! You electronics and wiring look real, I spent over 45 years removing and installing "black boxes" are their associated wiring and connectors and you captured them very convincingly!! The Overhead Panel looks spot on as well. Barry
  11. Commander’s Cupola and 50cal. Mount I’ve been finalizing the details and assembling as much as possible until paint. The 50cal. mount is standard fair for the M1A1 with the addition of the Thermal Imager. The Imager installation requires a modified/new mount for the Equilibrator (counterbalance for the 50cal.) to facilitate the mounting of the Imager. Thermal Imager has an electrical harness with connector that connects at the base of the left mount arm. It has a Snap-On type connector and the small wire bail is used to disconnect by pulling up on the bail. The 50cal. is a remotely triggered by a Solenoid via a Pivot Arm that depresses the trigger. It can be seen at the aft end of the mount. It is wired in at the base next to the Imager electrical connector. There are two set of weapon mounting pins one for the 50cal. and the other for the M240 7.62. They are secured to the mount with chain. There are Iron Sights mount beneath the weapon mount. The Tank Commander sights by viewing them through his forward periscope block. The hatch is fully functional including the ability to set it in the “Open Hide” position. In this position the T.C. can see out without exposing himself. However, with the Armored Surround of the T.U.S.K fit prevents him seeing much if anything. The small “T” shaped handle operates the latch that locks the hatch so that it does not pivot forward and holds it for the Open Hide position. Working on the Armor Surround for the TC's Station. Thanks for looking in! TTFN, Barry
  12. Beautifully done Ernest! One of the best looking Zeros on the sight, IMO Barry
  13. LOL!!! Jason, I had a boss that told everyone in his org. that if someone had an idea that work "by all means steal shamelessly". If anything I do is helpful to others then please feel free to steal shamelessly! As for the classified pics just don't tell anyone. I've sent you a PM, I blew the P.O. mission.
  14. John, I'm going to lead off with WOW! Your paint and weathering demonstrates to good effect the continual use and the harsh environment this machine lived in. Just simply fantastic sir!!! Barry
  15. Thanks Pete! I too like Timmy's Jaguar and a T-38 that someone had/has going here Barry
  16. Hi Tim, Sorry to hear about your friend. He sounds like a honorable man with a warrior's when needed. I am considering donating the model to the 3rd ID Museum just down the road.....after I play with it for a while. Barry
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