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  1. I was referring to an IDF version. You are correct, the ones you've listed are available in a Static version.
  2. To my knowledge none of the Tamiya 1/16 RC Tanks have been released in any version other than the original released. Barry
  3. Nope, released in the last 12 months. Barry
  4. Beautiful model and fantastic photography! Looks quite real. Barry
  5. That is correct John. You will not need the adapter on the USAF pylon. Barry
  6. Nicely done Tom! Barry
  7. Worked the Dog model at U-Tapao RTNB during the Vietnam War. I believe it was 108, iron bombs in a full load. We sent them out in "cells" of 3 as 3 provided the "optimum" mutual ECM coverage. It was hard, hot work, the temp. inside the aircraft regularly read 105-110 degrees, when your stepped out into the 95-100 degree outside air it felt like air conditioning! Barry
  8. Beautifully done Pete, a true work of art. Barry
  9. Great to see you at it again Derek! Barry
  10. Hi John, The first two pics show the structure, Seat Rails, Canopy operating mechanism and LOX Warmer (aft cockpit behind seat rails) common to all versions of the Phantom at least starting with the F-4B thru the F-4G. The last pic show the Equipment installed on the left and right side of the aft cockpit of USAF Phantoms. The items on the right starting from the front are the FDBC Flight Director Bombing Computer and the Inertial Variegation Platform (bottom) and the Output Signal Distribution Unit (OSDU). On the left is the Displacement Gyro (DG) for the the AJB-7 Bombing Reference System. Barry
  11. Hi John, Here are some pics of the aft bulkheads of the front and aft cockpits I modeled. Barry
  12. That is absolutely fantastic sir!! Barry
  13. I wish all a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year. Barry
  14. Yep, Aero 3B Launcher the adapter pictured is for an A-7
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