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  1. I've been unable to get to the site for 2 days now. "403 Forbidden" is what I get.
  2. Hi Gord, Here are a couple of pics of the "extended" nose gear strut. I am not sure that this is the actual total length of the nose strut when it is the "hike position" used for cat launch. I extend mine for the airborne position when fully extended in the Weight Off Wheels (WOW) when in the retraction mode. I determined this by placing the upper trunnion mount in its position and then determining the maximum length with clearance to the aft wheel well bulkhead. The spacing marks on the mat are 1/2" apart. This is the nearly retracted position needed for my purposes. Hope these are helpful and if I can help further just let me know. The build up to the point I stopped is here on LSP but the photos went the way of many others. Barry
  3. Fantastic work Sir! I have always thought that the F-20 was truly the pinnacle of the Northrop design. Barry
  4. Hi Gord, Here a couple of pics of my efforts at building the Phantom wing with the Flap down. Inboard Leading Edge Flaps Outboard LE Trailing Edge to Fuselage Trailing Edge Flaps The main issue with getting the Outboard LE to look correct is the Tamiya wing is too thick. The upper in the pic is the stock and the lower is the thinned down wing tip Cheers, Barry
  5. Smart looking jet and not another Lockheed based design. Barry
  6. WOW, what a wasted effort on their part and I wanted the D version. Barry
  7. Barry

    B-17 Down

    News here now reporting 5 fatalities. Barry
  8. I totally concur with Thierry. Capturing the forward fuselage shape of a short nose Phantom starting with the E would be a lot of work and IMO harder than it looks! Just look at the point that Tamiya cut C/J fuselage mold off to make the E. Also keep in mind that once you make that cut on the Revell E fuselage unless you're prepared to go the distance you'll end up with a box of parts. I would look for a Tamiya J version at a price I could live. Just mt 2 cents worth, Barry
  9. Gentleman, Only two professions in this world (only two I know of) that require payment for services at the time they are rendered, Doctors and Lawyers. Neither have businesses both have practices and neither offers a guaranty only an "out come" they practice and are not responsible for the outcome! Nu-said!
  10. Either I read it hear or on another site someone suggesting a 1/32 B-58. To me it would be a good choice after the Concord and the XB-70 Valkyrie; why not the B-58? It would be easier to display and "should" not cost nearly as much I would think. Barry
  11. Pete, I'm just going to say, well I don't know what to say that would adequately describe how I think a lot of us feel about your skills and what you can and have accomplished. Perhaps one day others of us will reach your level of expertise and I do not often use that word. Barry
  12. Barry

    Desert Cat

    Thanks Thierry! Chem lights, would have never thought of that. Barry
  13. Barry

    Desert Cat

    Nice work Tom. I have to ask, what is the purpose of the upside down water bottles on the aerial? I may be wrong but it appears to be a unique application that I've only seen on Canadian tanks. It also appears that 3 bottles serves the purpose, what ever it is. Barry
  14. Hi Dave, The Form 781 was the aircraft maintenance record. Aircraft Hours, Aircraft Status such as Red X, Diagonal or Dash. Pilot or Maintenance Discrepancies, Maintenance Actions Taken, Refuel or Defuel, and any other actions taken on the aircraft between flights. The Pilot's reviewed the 781s prior to each flight. We never flew the 781s with the aircraft because it contained all this critical information in the event something bad happened. Barry
  15. Sometimes I feel a little Careful, I may take you up on the paint and weathering. Thanks, Barry
  16. Sir, your skills with styrene are surpassed only by your ability to see how to use and form it into what ever you need. This is going to be a fantastic model! Barry
  17. Here are a few pics of the nearly complete Loader's Armored Gun Station (LAGS). Hinged armored panels deployed. Panels lowered. TAFN, Barry
  18. Thank you sir. Here are a couple of pics showing the previous detail in their place. They are used to hold the Reactive Armor Tiles in place. Cheers, Barry
  19. Thanks guys, it's been quite a journey thus far. I have learned a lot, not only about the Abrams but about myself and my modeling skills or in some cases lack there of. Also when modeling in 1/16" scale even the smallest detail is necessary. It has taught me more than I ever knew about soldering and how best to handle multi-piece assemblies. I have built several dozen holding fixtures to position and hold pieces while I soldered and or drilled them and some of these fixtures are elaborate assemblies themselves. Holding fixture for assembly of exhaust grills. I have also learned patience, lots of patience! I know now that if I need 30 of something to make 32 or 33 just because "stuff happens" and if I have more then I need then the frustration factor drops substantially. The "twang" does not mean an immediate "Oh crap" and if it does then just take a deep breath and simply make another. The build is down to the small details with all the heavy work done. I have one large hurtle to jump and that is replacing all the molded weld beads that were removed and there are more than I like to think about! Cheers, Barry
  20. Here are some pics of the External Aux Power Unit (EAPU), Smoke Grenade Launchers and the Muzzle Reference Sensor (MRS). The EAPU is from the Trumpeter M1A1 kit assembled with all the detail sanded away. Smoke Grenade Launchers MRS Thanks for looking in. Barry
  21. Oliver, I don't know how any words that have not be used several times over to best describe you dedication and skill so I'll just go with I think that says it quite nicely! Barry
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