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  1. Thanks Guys i appreciate everyone following this for these years. Will see what happens with the magazine. Have tried to get published with them for a while....fingers crossed.
  2. Thanks Everyone. I had a professional photographer take great photos yesterday so I can submit this to a magazine. I took few photos with my phone using his lighting, cant wait to see his. Oliver
  3. Thanks everyone for the comments. Next will be either the Mirage 2000 D/N or the Fouga Magister from Daco in 1/32 scale.
  4. This is one of my favorite build. So talented.
  5. Hi, well, 6 years of working on the Seahawk and the diorama came to an end this afternoon, i have finished this project. Sadly, photobucket is out of order due to a power surge that wiped out their server (so they told me). i hope they fix it fast so I can share the final photos. Thanks everyone for following my build. Oliver
  6. yeah its time to finish it. So close Thanks for the comments. I think I may a little break after this project
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