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  1. Parience is a must with rivet work. .nice
  2. Hi matt, how are you? Engine is from the Arado resin set, i need to add some stuff to it to make it into a T.53. Yes an old kit for sure. Its been fun so far.
  3. i sure hope you are making the seat to go with this .......amazing. So next is the D/N, right?
  4. thanks guys for the comments. The nose conversion for the h.34 is done and i am waiting for the piece to arrive in the mail. The huskie has been fun so far, I am looking for engine and open cowlings photos and i have contacted contacted a museum to see if i can get photos from the last flying h.43.....will see. The fly model of the wessex is a challenging kit to say the least, not locating tabs and poor instructions manual. Oliver
  5. Actually Pete, you are probably the most talented scratchbuilder I know. you are exactly what I am trying to achieve in my modeling.
  6. thanks. I am trying to improve my modeling by reading scratchbuilding books and i realize i can do better.
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