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  1. finally glued the two fuselage halves together. For some reason something was off and i had to wrestle with the kit for a bit. for a minute i thought i could not fix it....walked away and slept on it overnite and came back with fresh eyes....surgery here and there, remove the unwanted plastic transmission parts , i am ok with the fit...this kit is a fighter i tell u. Oliver
  2. will watch this build for sure
  3. i was wondering what's happening with this build. now i see the incredible progress
  4. Chuck. you are in my book one of the most talented modeler I've ever came across. Thanks for the tutorial.
  5. so that roughly over 600 hundred US dollars....wow, really. no thanks. I love the plane but a bit pricy for me.
  6. great start on both builds. will be watching. I am also waiting for my kit. I wonder if Eduard is gonna do PE for it. What is the horn looking item on top of the large plate on the back left side of the cockpit?
  7. been a while, heres the latest. slow progress because of work schedule..
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