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  1. Started on the engine. It looks a bit flat right now....more to do on it.
  2. Wiring this engine is gonna be interesting. I have to drill a bunch of holes for wires before painting.
  3. Spectacular project. Following this for sure
  4. Tim, Amazing work on the tank...keep pushing my friend, I believe in you.
  5. More work done today. Wife goes shopping with friends and i get a lot done in my helicopter...funny how that is.
  6. Hi Matt. I got the wires at an electrical shop, very little torque in the wires so easy to apply. The wires will end up getting painted.
  7. I started making small parts just like the one you are doing so keep at it and in no time you will be making cool stuff.
  8. Careful Tim, i am starting to see you are edging into the scratcbuilding world.
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