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  1. will follow this since i have the D/N as well.
  2. Still waiting on mine. i like the seats. nice work so far. what color combo are you going to paint this one.?
  3. looking sharp. never used the black alclad, it sure is going down nice.
  4. Im work from photos. some measuring.
  5. i sand it lightly with scotch brite pads
  6. THIS IS A SURVEY ONLY. Hi everyone. I need feedback from you guys in order to move forward producing this. This is a conversion from the Wessex helicopter from FLY Models in 1/32 that i am trying to make it with the help of someone else. I am trying to decide on the cost and the interest of this conversion. I am either doing a single nose with the mesh or a 2 door version with the engine backwall. I just found out that Vector resin has an engine for the H.34 in 1/32 scale. I know the H.34 only exists in 1/48 scale and this will be the only option in a larger scale. Please , let me hear your comments. Oliver
  7. hoping to do an h 34 Seabat if i get the nose right.
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