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Resin2detail 1/32 B26 Marauder


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For the record I personally spoke with Brian Watkins, the owner of Resin2details just last August about a couple of items advertised on his website, and here is what I encountered:

  1. He did not apologize for the fact that is was not possible to place a secure order on his website. Basically he blamed it on whoever helped him set it up.
  2. Although they were listed on his web-page, he told me that the items I wanted were only available by "pre-ordering". That means before he even begins to pour the resin into the mold, he needs the money to pay for it, and he does not commit to a particular shipping time frame.
  3. Over the phone he personally told me that resin is OK for details, but does not work well for major assemblies like aircraft fuselages, which both of the following examples attest to:

As one example here is a WIP string for RB's Ohka, and the constant pitfalls the builder ran into on this very website for what should have been a much simpler build then a 1/32 B-26:




And here is a member's worse experience with a typical Anigrand large all-resin kit in Non KSP Works:




I can understand getting a subject not available in a larger scale injection-molded plastic kit (my 1/48th scale B-29 IS BIG!) in resin, 


For me, "Pre-Order+Resin+Undefined kit details", including decals, when I have a nice 1/48 scale B-26 kit unbuilt, is a "No-Go".


BTW, the pictures posted in the blog are only the same half a plane, without showing the other half, or both fuselage halves assembled, which goes back to the main "hobgoblin" for resin kits-fuselage halves fit.


Is the reason that they might be gapped and warped so far?

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