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  1. seiran01

    20th Aussieversary Hornet

    I’m seeing phantom question marks in the morning before I have coffee, LOL I thought Anthony was asking how I did them. Time to go chug my go juice.
  2. seiran01

    20th Aussieversary Hornet

    Thanks guys, Anthony, they were dipped in a jar of paint to a depth I set with a masking tape strip on the outside. Folks here who do this often use latex house paint to hide intake seams, one guy I know used Vallejo primers and enjoyed the outcome. No need for that with the seamless resin so I used the mix of lacquers I had already put together for the airframe grey... let me say the latex/Vallejo options would likely have been easier!
  3. seiran01

    20th Aussieversary Hornet

    Lazy 3-day weekend with not too much to show for it, but I did glue the wings together and onto the upper fuselage today. Also dunked the intakes in the airframe gray I'm using to get a sharp demarcation on the inside. External cleanup still to come before attaching to the fuselage but the engine fans have been glued in place and the dry-fit result looks great to me.
  4. Go figure I see this thread *after* sending you a PM... Karim, this looks great as always!
  5. Oh happy day! Email back from them: U$ 109,00 dollars or € 96,00 euros. + plus the shipping price for your country the shipping price for your country USA is: U$ 45,00 dollars or € 39,00 euros. (insurance shipments).
  6. No luck either. Direct email, Facebook message translated into Portuguese in case they don’t speak any English... dead air. Same luck for others I’ve spoken with about it too
  7. seiran01

    20th Aussieversary Hornet

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one! It seems I have misplaced tail halves in the kit, so that be just bought the Avionix f-18a cockpit/tail set in place of what would have been backdating the kit pieces
  8. Beautiful job! The Alley Cat conversion is a work of art in its own right, I’ve found it to fit the Hasegawa parts perfectly. You’ve done this one the justice it deserves, thanks for sharing
  9. seiran01

    20th Aussieversary Hornet

    With the f15 on hold for a few more weeks pending release of new resin intakes, I’m pulling out the Hornet to build alongside my mosquito. Academy -C kit, with Sierra Hotel intakes, Leading Edge decals & ASRAAMs, possibly an eduard PE set for the cockpit also. I did a paint and decal test on the elevators back in November and the gear wells are painted white already, but otherwise it’s unstarted. if you haven’t seen the Sierra Hotel intakes, they or the D-Mold intakes are a must if you want accuracy and a good looking intake. The diameter of the academy intake ducts at the front is much too small, about 2/3 the size it should be, and both these resin sets intakes correct what would be a very pinched look in the ducts.
  10. Will report back what/when I hear! If you follow the link in the original post above to the Czech model forum... go back two pages and there’s a photo of a 1/32 Tracker in progress. No info on the manufacturer but it seems reasonable to assume it may be the same company.
  11. Damn that looks nice, thank you for posting! I've emailed them to ask about cost + postage to the US
  12. seiran01

    Is WNW nearing the end of its run?

    Couldn't disagree with you more, Graham. Any company with even a tiny business sense would consider a variable like that before deciding whether or not to begin such a massive undertaking.
  13. seiran01

    F-16 Aggressor - Forest Green

    This is a big mouth bird - Tamiya CJ kit is all you need. Two Bobs also feature this aircraft on one of their splinter aggressor sheets in 1/32
  14. seiran01

    Two-Stage Mosquito

    Thanks guys. Two wee updates tonight, hopefully more major progress to report by Friday. "Close enough for punk." The massive step between floor and fuselage reduced a heck of a lot, and while It isn't perfect, I'm moving onto the next fix. I may have to attack that solid thing on the right side of the photo - that's supposed to be an air scoop... Still working out some kinks with my new resin printer and I am queuing up additional parts to print later this week. The spinner and blades for the external winch came out decently from the first print and these will look even nicer under a coat of real primer. Right now it just has a thin coat of tamiya xf19 on to cover the clear green resin.