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  1. This thing is not dead in the water yet! I have done no building in the last two weeks but I did do a bit of work in cad. The external winch was tweaked and made back into a single part to eliminate uneven shrinkage. This was reprinted yesterday and it looks perfect to my eyes with the right amount of clearance between the blades and nose underside. Onward, hopefully sooner than later!
  2. Yes! Here’s how the 1/32 prints turned out. I’m very pleased but need to tweak the design as I made the boosters a bit too far apart and engine bells to small compared to photos. Ahh, progress and a loss of $1-2 of resin. :-)
  3. Damn if they shipped to the US (and the postage cost of it would be sane)... I'd paint that sucker up in Ansett New Zealand livery quicker than you can say "whisper jet". Ok, maybe paint one side of it up like that and leave the other side clear. How cool!
  4. Sierra Hotel exhaust, hands down - beautiful detail, AND correct diameter. They were in stock on the SH website a few days ago when I was on there, for both revell and tamiya kits
  5. Sweet baby jeebus that looks gorgeous! Thanks for the great review Dave Mike
  6. Assuming it would be a duellist of two OOP kits, that would be a good combo. The Hannover has been sold out for a while too...
  7. Cold meds are messing with my head still and not letting me sleep, so what better use of time than draw something up in ad for printing in resin? Work on my AEG build you say? Nah, not tonight Project Pilot, the NOTS-EV1 "NOTSNIK" (=NOTS + Sputnik) air-launched satellite, circa 1958. Skyrays launched a hanfdul of these out of China Lake (all failed to some degree) and I'm planning on adding one to my Fisher Skyray when I eventually get around to building it in a few months time. Conveniently for me, the China Lake Alumni website has one photo of another F4D airframe in gray/white with big dayglo panels and a pointy test probe nose and one of these stuck under the wing. I say conveniently, as I find the Skyray to be pretty darn ugly in sea blue paint, especially with the dayglo lower wings that 0747 (below) had.
  8. It’s slow progress, but at least it’s progress. Wings and tail surfaces are dry fit for now but the undersides of these parts are all decalled. Have had to go back and attack fuselage seams again tonight as the spine seam reappeared... Hopefully tomorrow I can gloss the fuselage again and get some of those decals on - the goal is to complete the fuselage by end of the week.
  9. Out of curiosity, which printer and which resin are you using? I haven't had a chance to test out the phrozen gray yet but that's queued up for when I've used up the last of the clear green anycubic that came with my printer.
  10. With the amount of cold medicine in me right now, i don't have the brain capacity to read the last few pages of comments, but damn the cockpit is looking good! If you end up doing all the parts to make an accurate TF.X, I'm in for the whole kit and kaboodle
  11. Thanks, totally missed that, I looked to see if something had been posted first too
  12. Sad news out of Hawaii, this was posted over on hyperscale https://www.staradvertiser.com/2019/03/15/breaking-news/william-burl-burlingame-author-historian-writer-dies-at-66/
  13. Also - thanks guys for the compliments! The primer is Tamiya fine, straight from the rattle can. Two coats of mr color clear gloss on top.
  14. Last update until after the next business trip and just for a chuckle... here is proof that even the mighty can leave something out. In this case, the cutout in the decal for the second bomb rack. No complaint as it was an easy fix after this decal was applied. The lower fuselage is fully decalled now, will post more photos when I get home Thursday!
  15. Ooooh, colours! With decals this large, a hair dryer is pretty much a necessity to get everything to settle down in place. The decal on the top wing was cut in half to ease application. Special thanks to TimW for donating his hex decals to replace the misprinted sheet in my kit.
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