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  1. Thanks for the link. I'm happy the round nose recce is finally available! Butttttt, between this and their $130 Revell RF-4 rebox, I'm very concerned about how pricey their new tool Phantom kits are likely going to be.
  2. Thanks for sharing! Interesting art on the tail, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a US plane with something like that. Would that have been unique to his plane, or more consistent through the squadron?
  3. +1 Absolutely gorgeous build!!!! Thanks for sharing it -Mike
  4. Yes it did! I have a set here with a build underway. I'd share photos but all of my stash is in storage right now as we prep to move houses.
  5. There's already the IconicAir conversion for the 1/32 HK kit. Assuming HK for the fuselage dims right on their kit, it should fit the BorderNut Wings kit well. That said though, I'm hopeful the full Dambusters kit will be released.
  6. Wingnut was planning to retail the Lanc at $399, I was told this directly when helping work their tables at the Nationals in 2019. How “nice” to see some price gouging when Border didn’t pay for a decade of research and design….. but in fairness to Border, perhaps this is a case of a retailer trying to get order quantities sorted early before an actual price is announced though, and just guessing at the cost?
  7. Gorgeous scheme, especially with a shark mouth! Check out the newly-released Avalon Decals sheet:
  8. Ooooh, excellent news! I know nothing about the Yak 9 variants but I'll for sure build one of them
  9. I just paid for my set yesterday, can’t wait! Fingers crossed for no postage delays to the US
  10. Use the aviattic cockpit set for 1/24, Sean… I love what Quinta is doing with their WWII and modern sets, but the effects in the triplane set (and I can see similar for the albatrosse based on these photos) don’t look very good at all. I’ll still use my dr1 set on a build, but really only because I paid for it
  11. Stitches? Or a cool new centipede tattoo? Glad it went well John! Speedy recovery
  12. Best way to make a replica of the rockets: steel wool on top thimbles. Bottle of vodka for the rocket body.
  13. A ju88 and he115 off Norway is all I can find reference to for USN wildcat victories… but this is only based off a quick Wikipedia read and google search
  14. So far as I know, all of the xtradecal sheets are for the short nose birds
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