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  1. ..... I’d need a few large bottles of red red wine to listen to then
  2. Greg if you go ahead with this I can send you the Martin turret from my B24- won’t be using it.
  3. Agreed Mike - sure, some of the errors can be annoying, but HB/Trumpy kits have been consistently well engineered and easy to build in my experience. For $160 bucks, I have a massive B-24 on my workbench right now that is being modified into an assembly ship, and for the most part I'm doing nothing to fix the errors of the kit. The only reason I'm considering the nose replacement is that the particular greenhouse at the front of mine was solid - no guns mounted in it and I can't modify the kit part to replicate that easily. I can certainly be in the crowd of folks complaining about the obvious errors but at the end of the day, this is a hobby to me and I enjoy building models that companies like this have been so kind as to make available to us, errors or not
  4. seiran01


    One every minute indeed... Well, take one of yours and list it with similar wording and see if you can get similar results
  5. I don't recall seeing anyone post on this previously... but it looks like folks wanting to show the flaps down will need to do some modifying as HB gives you "standard" hinged flaps. B-24 had Fowler flaps which slide backwards as they extend downward. Reference from B-24 walkaround on ARC:
  6. Damn I didn't even think of Jasta 5! If the correct colors of Rumey's Devil weren't so contentious I'd jump on that as an option. Hey, at least it's not as contentious as Voss' triplane cowl! Jasta 18 under Raben would be striking if done correctly with the red, white, and black raven graphic.
  7. Eew to both of those! I'm always up for steampunk but not the direction I hope to go with this one. Dials and hardware, I'd be planning to weather those as well, I've seen those done nicely a handful of times. No idea yet which guitar body style I'd be using, but I have a Dave Mustaine signature ESP LTD V that is getting a bit beat up and could benefit from a repaint...
  8. There have been a handful of electric guitars over the years that have been offered to the masses with aero-themed paint jobs, most notably the 7 or 8 in the aviation series from Schecter that had paint jobs resembling Hellcats, (Just bought this one off ebay this week, pic below for reference!) A-10s, P-51s, and so on. But what's never been made to my knowledge are any guitars painted up to resemble any First World War aircraft. - and my airbrush trigger finger is itching to make one. So, I'd like to open up the topic to suggestions of what WWI paint jobs could make for a really cool guitar. One stipulation... no frigging lozenge paint! Let's have a bit of fun with this
  9. Thanks for the nice review Kev Roy asked me to not bulge the tires when I did the designs...
  10. Looks gorgeous Bekim! Interesting combination of beautiful smooth surfaces/detail and a few layer lines on the bottom, do you know what printer the part was made on? I really look forward to seeing the rest of this come together.
  11. I’m the type of modeller most likely to be buying stuff like this. Sure, there’s not nearly as much skill involved in using premade parts but anything that saves time/effort in a project is extremely helpful for my poor attention span. My shelf of doom doesn’t grow as fast as it otherwise would thanks to companies like this
  12. Prefab concrete slabs for Russian airstrips
  13. When it rains it pours for Zeus, Modelmaker decals has a set coming out for the plane as well in all scales. Never heard of Procal before, thanks for the link! It’s great to see another decal company out there
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