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  1. From what I understand (which could be wrong!), the Buchon and Tripala were based off the 109g-6. Got my preorder in for the Tripala last week and I can't wait to get my hands on it
  2. It’s a (late) Christmas miracle! Just got shipping notification from them.
  3. Hannants has it listed as future release at £59.99 ($78 and change in US bucks)
  4. Absolutely gorgeous build! Did you use any of the Zwilling conversion sets with this, or was that the scratchbuilding you’re referring to? Keeping in line with “the prophecy,” ICM recently announced a 1/48 Zwilling boxing of their new he111 kit for this year. Go figure!
  5. Just reading that gives me enough of an answer... no, don't think i want to google that now
  6. Has anyone had trouble ordering from internethobbies.com before? I put an order in on January 1st for two products listed as in stock. Still no shipping confirmation, I contacted Wednesday/Thursday of last week to ask the status and received a blunt impersonal "we are closed for inventory and will check when we reopen" in response. I've done inventory before for a large hobby shop, sure it takes a while, but not this long. I contacted again last night, this time by replying directly to my order confirmation - i'll give them today to respond, but I don't have much confidence in a favorable outcome... Hoping I don't need to cancel the order, and definitely hoping i don't have to cancel and get Visa involved for my refund
  7. Far as I know, that's correct Ray; the -N was painted in that scheme as an airshow warbird only
  8. Yes, they had a few down in central America. The CAF's -N undergoing restoration is ex-Nicaraguan (and also ex-Puerto Rico ANG) according to this article: http://warbirdsnews.com/aircraft-restoration/thunderbolt-survivors-latin-american-story.html
  9. ** I see that Guatemala and Nicaragua also flew the -N, but it seems also in NMF...
  10. Is anyone aware of a P-47N (or F-47N) in any finish that was not natural metal? I've been looking around for a while and coming up with nothing for US schemes. I know multiple air forces operated T-bolts in the decades after the war, and RoC/Taiwan had the -N model, but in NMF. I have not been able to determine if anyone else had that variant but I'm guessing if anyone operated a painted -N, it was a foreign force. Thanks for any info that you guys can provide! Mike
  11. Albatros D.V... very nice build!
  12. I bought some of their p61 sets ages ago and didn’t have a problem. Haven’t ordered anything or been on their site recently though...
  13. Talked with Glen about this briefly about a year ago at a show, he didn’t give an ETA at the time but did say they were working to correct a number of things with their CAD
  14. The Hansa Brandenburg D.I? Wingnut and Copper State are both working on a release of that plane! Kev... that’s what I’ve been able to piece together too but my god I want to be wrong.
  15. Happy New Years everyone! Something got me thinking, we haven’t seen any new large scale releases from certain companies in a number of years, maybe we will get lucky and 2020 will breathe life into them? I’m thinking specifically Tamiya and Hasegawa, but I’m sure they can’t be the only two companies out there that haven’t put out a new big aircraft in a while - any others?
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