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  1. I wouldn’t call that a problem - I have never once used a reservoir with my compressors over the years and never had any issues with spraying... I am aware others do have a preference for them, I just don’t understand what advantage they provide
  2. I feel like the answer may be “literally everything”, but what did they mess up please? I’m not familiar enough with the plane to know left from right
  3. Most folks here probably already have an airbrush and compressor setup so I wouldn’t be surprised if no one has grabbed one yet... I’m holding onto mine to touch up paint around the house or modeling when I travel. For those uses I love it for the price even if I don’t end up using the included airbrush much. It’ll be a great Xmas gift for younger hobbyists or others looking to get into airbrushing I reckon
  4. Count me in please K2, thanks. I’ll be back later with item donation once I have had a chance to look through the stash
  5. It's a recon mk.ix so you'd need to add a camera port centered in the access hatch on the left side behind the cockpit (unsure if this had two in the belly as well? Not shown in the underside view). Aside from that, I believe you can build it OOB.
  6. Love this one John! Some very interesting schemes on this.
  7. No it’s with PLA. I have ABS here but haven’t printed with it yet. Have not bought other types of print material yet
  8. Never had an issue with shrinkage on my printer, I just spray cheap hair spray on the removable magnetic build plate and every component sticks like its life depended on it. Spray away from the printer itself to as not to mess up any components if you try this!
  9. Looks great Iain! If that's the 737 model I think it is, the designer had hinted about doing a P-8 model down the line. I'm watching for when he does, as I'm wanting one, or at least a chunk of one, in large scale as well. Glad to see it scales up so nicely
  10. Looking at photos of her online, she's got an interesting wing - it's got the very late war bulges over the wheel bays along with the very thin fairing (covering a bit of external support) located between the wheel bulge and cannon bulge. Tamiya includes those wing bulges in the Mk.XVI kit on the LL sprue, the sprue is not included in the Mk.IX and mk.VIII. You should be able to source that sprue on ebay without too much trouble hopefully. From what I can tell you could use the C wing or an E wing - the outboard machine gun ports appear to be solid and painted over, and why there'
  11. I didn't know that about the race planes, but it's awesome to hear that there are more applications than just the Invader!
  12. Aw, those guys at China Lake get to have all the fun! Very cool photo, thanks for posting. I went through the CL photo archives online last year and there are tons of great photos including many of Skyraiders, but this one is brand new to me
  13. Oh man... I’d kill to have this plane on my shelf. Have you thought about whether or not you would make this available to others as a model or a downloadable file to print at home?
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