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  1. seiran01

    If no F11F or FJ-4, then maybe...

    Paul if you do opt to do the whale, I’m definitely buying- that’s a really cool looking plane. Granted with the China Lake kick I’m on lately, there are a number of things I’d buy from you
  2. Let me know if you decide to please Would they be appropriate on the GSB guppies as well? Have not seen any photos on blue birds
  3. seiran01

    Fisher AD-5W test build pics and tips

    Damn, I’ve got some catching up to do, and I only have one paint colour to contend with! Looking good Paul
  4. Oh cool, thanks Paul! Are you making this part or shall I plan on cutting up a drop tank?
  5. seiran01

    F-11F Tiger 1/32 revival!!!

    I'd love to see one as well but... Kitty Hawk had previously announced one in plastic and then cancelled the plans when they determined too little interest. Have a feeling Paul's right on that beauty
  6. Well, Model Master Fluoro red over a base of white nails it! the fluorescence won't show in the photo no matter what I do to adjust settings (anyone have tips to get this to look right on an iphone?). Think I have the demarcation line too far forward on the wingtip and and may need to repaint to get it right, but so far as I'm concerned these colors look spot on when compared to the few photos of these birds that I can find
  7. seiran01

    Tamiya 60325: F4U-1A Corsair

    Same here - nothing quick work with a hair dryer or MicroSol can't take care of. Once on they look as good as Catrograf-printed decals to me
  8. Current status of the trainer! Center wing is finally attached, I have a bit of filling and contouring to do on seams and gaps forward of the wing leading edge. Cowl is just tacked on in the photo to see how it looked. The folded wing is just sitting in place right now and will be glued after everything is painted. I painted one stabilizer in MM fluoro red without any primer to see how it'd look. I think it'll definitely need a white base coat to look right as there is no fluorescence to the part at all, just looks plain orange. On the wingfolds, I'll be making canvas covers from foil; the rib outboard of the cannon is a great design feature as this means the covers can be made without handling the model at the same time and glued in easier. This is also why you're not seeing any weathering in the wingfolds right now, barely anything will be seen in the cannon recess once the covers are in place. The resin belly insert was a bit tricky and needed all of my clamps to hold it in place with the fuselage sides pinched together while the epoxy set. This part does leave a step at the rear as well as a 1/8" gap at the back end due to shrinking. After gluing this one on, I experimented with the insert on the Guppy and have found the best approach will be to thin the inside of the fuselage walls at the bottom and this will make it much easier to get a join that will require less sanding / puttying after the fact. This will be especially true at the tail end and it seems like the thinning I did in 30 seconds will be more than sufficient to minimize or even eliminate the issues I had with the belly insert on the trainer AD-5.
  9. It was pretty low pressure and quite thinned down. Just kept going until it looked consistent and dark enough
  10. seiran01

    Bad news

    So sorry to hear this Harv, my condolences
  11. seiran01

    Anyone for an RNZAF Skyhawk 'Kahu' panel and HUD?

    If you have an STL file for the antennae, send it on over!
  12. seiran01

    Anyone for an RNZAF Skyhawk 'Kahu' panel and HUD?

    Woooo!! Roy to the rescue! Sorry about breaking parts of your build, but look at it as part of the greater good
  13. Some inspiration for you Guppy fans!