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  1. Looking great! can't wait
  2. If you're going to go that crazy with fixing the kit while converting it, why not correct the position of the wing and the fuselage cross section forward of the rear gunner compartment while you're at it? I have a fun little build planned for the -C when it comes out in a few weeks. I'll correct the most visible parts of the cockpit, fix the cowlings and chuck in a dummy engine front, but that's it aside from the unique details I need for this particular build. I can live with that degree of accuracy for the Invader but I can also see how some people will want to put a lot more ef
  3. That ATARS conversion is very interesting, I've never seen or even heard of such a conversion for Hornets before your post. Very cool Dave
  4. Thanks Lothar, Im happy to ship overseas if the cost of the postage isn’t an issue for you - our postage rates can get quite pricey pretty quickly. If anyone on LSP outside of the US has a 3d printer and is interested in making/selling these products for your region, drop me a line
  5. Haha, some family back in NZ dared me to go with that name and I’m not one to back down from a bit of humour.
  6. The Mr Color bottles? Yes, same holder as for the smaller tamiya jars
  7. Thanks guys! Kev, I've thought about that but for now I think the amount of time my little printer would need to be running for that would probably end up with Gwen leaving me...
  8. Awesome! I was looking at this exact same file yesterday, the same designer makes a 1/64 Super Etendard that was tempting to scale up as well. My 3d printers are starting to hate me for all these projects LOL
  9. This'll be a good one to watch!
  10. Back in June, I started designing and 3d printing a line of glue and paint bottle holders to help stop my clumsy self from spilling so many things on my workbench. Once I had the holders I needed for myself, friends started requesting custom ones for their own bottles and from there, I came up with a plan to sell to the local club once we could eventually meet in person again (at this rate... in 2039?). So with that... introducing the Arsenal of Holders (or ArseHolds for short). I put a price sheet together if anyone is interested, prices are a fair bit lower than similar products
  11. I'll just go pick up some more MEK from the hardware store - that stuff bonds pretty much everything under the sun including ABS
  12. Well... that’s an interesting one. Thanks for the heads up
  13. Makes me just as giddy and I can't wait to build my copy Very nicely done review Iain
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