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  1. It’s not much to show, but it’s a start!! Aviattic’s four colour lozenge sheet for the OAW (ATT32166), I was able to get the first few decals on before calling it a night. All I’ve done to simulate oil staining in the fabric is very lightly airbrush Mr Paint’s Rubber along the bottom edges, straight over the Tamiya primer.
  2. Back with a mini update - I'd hoped to have more progress by now but I neglected to restock some paints I need and they're a few days out. That and the new puppy is a wonderfully fun time suck. Also this is now a double build. In addition to the early D.VII, I'm building a D.VII F (bmw engine) in the gorgeous Mimmi paint scheme with black and white checkered fuselage and blue cowl. Tamiya fine white primer is drying on the interior fabric-covered parts of both airframes. Nothing worth showing in photos just yet but next step is sorting out the best way to do a little oil staining and then the Aviattic interior lozenge can go on. Pics soon, I promise! *Alert - Way too much detail to follow and it has me teetering on the edge of becoming a rivet counter due to my wanting to make the most accurate airframe possible. Proceed with caution!* What I did not note in the first post is that the early D.VII is a very early OAW-built airframe. The early OAW was not specifically kitted by Wingnut but each of their "Fighting Fokkers" OAW decal sheets (part 3 and part 4) included one early production airframe. I spent the better part of three hours comparing info and photos contained in the Fokker D.VII three-part anthology and the pics archived on Wingnut's website to determine exactly which cowl panel parts and other optional parts to use. After a quick email exchange with Richard Alexander, I can report that the recommended pieces in both Fighting Fokkers decal sheets are incorrect in that they say to use the early Fokker cowl with the recessed trenches and lowest-mounted Spandaus. Close-ups on the WNW website confirm this was not the case on the early OAWs and they were fitted with the "standard" mid-height guns (the F's had higher mounted guns to clear the taller cylinders of the BMW engine). The very early builds had no louvers in the cowling and the low double exhaust pipe much like the early Fokker-built aircraft. I won't get into more details of the specific aircraft I'm building, but I guarantee it's one that hasn't been modeled in 1/32 before
  3. Personal preference is for Aviattic’s as they come in bigger sheets than Uschi (and I hate HGW decals “quality”). Proper Plane also makes gorgeous looking wood decal sheets but I haven’t seen those with my own eyes yet
  4. I’m dubbing this the “lets get the build mojo back” build, and throwing in everything but the kitchen sink to really make the project shine. Wingnut’s Fokker D.VII, it’ll be built as an early-build airframe. *July 7th update - this is now a double build, scroll down a few posts for the update* Aftermarket goodies to be used: Aviattic lozenge decal sets for the wings and fuselage Aviattic wood grain decal (cockpit floor) Aviattic Fokker seat Proper Plane Niendorf propeller Rexx early Fokker exhaust pipes Gaspatch extended-handle Spandau guns RB Productions photo-etch radiator face Barracuda intake manifold for the mercedes engine I’ve glued the wing halves together and need to address a slightly short-shot trailing edge on the top half of the upper wing - apparently this is somewhat common with the recent D.VII reboxings. This shouldn’t take more than an hour or two with some putty and careful sanding. More to come!
  5. It’s Eduard’s latest money grab - it seems all their aircraft sets in recent years have belts as an entirely separate item to get you to spend extra
  6. I’m not sure if I’m misreading the posts above but the Mossie conversions all appear available on Alley Cat’s website including the mk.XII/XIII and a mk.vi with the thimble radome https://www.alleycatmodels.co.uk/alleycat-aircraft-sets-124-scale-331-c.asp
  7. WOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!! And repeat chearing over, andover, andover, andover A very large plane in a very small box just landed on my doorstep from Japan. I guess deliveries are finally unfreezing from Japan to the US. This kiwi is delighted
  8. I have antialiasing set up as high as it'll go. It makes the print file size significantly larger but there's also a noticeable improvement in the reduction and smoothing of layer lines.
  9. Looking great!!!! That double Z axis upgrade really is a godsend, isn't it? I ended up adding an EZ-Z-zero leveler to mine as well. The ball and socket was not playing nice and was coming loose a bit during printing. Those plus the antialiasing, and that's one powerful little printer to be reckoned with
  10. These are the Trumpeter kits boxed by Merit, 1999.co.jp also shows other former-Merit kits like the Ark Royal coming back as this brand
  11. This one has a luggage door... but as I look through photos online it appears that many do not have a separate door/hatch. Possibly door was on the back cabin wall?
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