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  1. Not as much progress to show as I wanted to today on the Gotha UWD, as I spent a lot of the day prepping parts to paint in big batches. I did prime the floats and rear fuselage with Mr Surfacer White, then noticed an a fix needed on the rear fuselage to be completed tomorrow: NOTE ON A UWD FIX- it is not mentioned in the instructions, but you need to remove and fill in the stitching detail on the rear section of the fuselage underside where you will be painting the wood panels. Don’t remove this rear part of stitching if you are building the Gotha G.I.
  2. Wingnut's new Gotha UWD landed at my house today along with its (uglier...) land-based counterpart. For some reason this plane has always fascinated me, so everything else has been pushed aside to start this one. It's bloody gorgeous to see the plastic in person. Roughly the same length as the Gotha G.IV, with wingspan 2-3 inches shorter. The floats are massive, they are about as long as the span of the lower wing of an Albatros D.V! Day one: Cleanup of sprue stubs and mold separation seams, the floats and rear fuselage have been glued together and the three-piece lower wing has been joined. I'm hoping to make quick progress on this and bring the (completed?) build to the Nats somehow. Transport will be very difficult, but if I can figure out how to get it there, it'll be there.
  3. Oh my god... this is stunning! Great photos Peter, this one takes the cake for the whole set. Never seen this before, do you know of any details on this Mossie?
  4. I have the airscale decals, generally looking at (non-photoetch) options for pretty much anything in the cockpit from floors to side walls and consoles, pedals and sticks, seats, and everything in between.
  5. I’m looking for cockpit internals for “fat” Japanese radial-engined aircraft (J2M, N1K2, etc) and am coming up short. Does anyone know of a source for options given that I can’t find replacement Hasegawa sprues? This is to aid a scratchbuild/3d print project of a “Japan ‘46” aircraft
  6. Excuse me while I drop everything and do a happy dance
  7. Graham, any chance you’d do a griffin cowl to fit the Tamiya Spit?
  8. seiran01

    Big Bomb

    I’ll see your Lancaster and raise you a B-29 with one Grand Slam on the centerline with modified forward and rear bay doors, or two grand slams mounted under the wings! http://www.nevingtonwarmuseum.com/boeing-b29-grand-slam.html
  9. I expect camera phone in a hurry, since these were a display at a show and not a review sample sent
  10. Interest, ultimately. Ernie never got his before the fire and the plane basically makes his man parts tingle. Once he finishes it, I’ll post some photos up here as he is no longer on LSP
  11. Come to think of it I sent Ernie Ling my AD-5W Guppy, he will finish that long before I would have and he will do a damn nice job of it... Was hoping to see it done before Nats but that won't happen. Next year though, definitely.
  12. So many awesome projects in this thread that we've all stalled on for one reason or another - It's both comforting and a bit depressing to see that I'm not the only one A question for everyone - how many of you plan or expect to one day finish the project(s) you've shared here? How many hope but don't expect? How many likely won't? Of those who likely will never finish a build, have you thought about either buying/selling, or trading a shelf of doom kit with another modeller's SOD project to help each other's planes not end up either under 6 pounds of dust or in the rubbish? It's something that's come to mind from time to time, but I've never explored the potential for any of my 28 (at last count) aircraft in various stages of completion. Curious to hear others' thoughts on this... and if the answer to these questions is no, what will it take realistically to motivate you to finish the plane? Cheers! Mike
  13. $68.98 after postage, bought from an eBay seller in Ukraine on May 27th. I may have overpaid after shipping compared to whatever the US retail will be but I wanted it fast
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