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  1. Looking great! I'm surprised I haven't seen/heard any updates from you on the restoration in so long. We really do stink at keeping in touch, don't we?
  2. I’ll keep quiet as I saw this with info on Facebook yesterday. Amazing photo though, I’ve never seen anything like this where the outline of a plane remains after crashing into something.
  3. The G.III is near and dear to my heart as it was used in flying schools in NZ pre-war. I wont be able to build a prewar version from this kit without making a new lower wing and potentially cockpit/engine nacelle, but still, this is a must-have for me. Dennis - wingspan is slightly less than a DH9, roughly the same length as a Pfalz D.III
  4. I'd go with the A-6 - it's a stunning kit. The A-7 is nice too, has a few shape errors which may or may not be of concern to you. If it's on her dime, get the more expensive kit
  5. Are there any differences between the plastic in the two Kittyhawk Trojan kits? I know the -C has the tail hook and new lower fuselage insert for it... but is it identical otherwise?
  6. I hope this is the final product, I am really loving this design and would build it in a heartbeat when a model appears.
  7. Take a look at 32002 item page, the main image is showing the P-51 stencils instead of the F4U color profiles
  8. Works for me and looks great! A nice improvement over the previous site. I notice though that the link in the page footer to your facebook page has a dead image (link works fine), and when i look at the pages listing the products, there are similar dead images next to each "add to cart" and "quick view". If it's any help, I'm viewing in Firefox.
  9. If Hannants preorders are any indication, their next two releases are the Val and Vampire mk.3. These may be good to follow in the meantime, I suspect one of these posts will be the first updated when there's new info: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235071718-132-aichi-d3a-val-by-infinity-models/
  10. Wanna make sure I’m reading you correctly… “ending” here being nearing completion, and not abandoning the project, yes?
  11. My god that looks good!!! Ray, the flare gun on mount is unique to Jasta 14, it was a field mod of theirs. Goes on the right side of the cockpit top fairing, angled down and to the rear
  12. Good start Pete I just pulled the first test off the printer today, here’s a sneak peak of some of the (not yet final) parts
  13. The decals are delayed so it sounds like 2 months or so before Floyd can release the set. Stay tuned…
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