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  1. He translates it in the original post. In modern English: “F*** Around And Find Out!”
  2. Wow!!!!!! Absolutely beautiful job of this build! I have been wanting to build this exact plane for a while now, do you know where I can buy a copy of the decal sheet? Aviation Megastore is the only shop I can see the item listed with, and they are out of stock (plus I do not like to buy from them as their shipping to the US is extremely expensive for even a single decal sheet)
  3. Hi folks, I was able to track down a 111H with a plan to convert to the H-22 V-1 carrier. Seeing this thread.... nah. Can someone clarify please what (if any) H variant can be accurately built out of the box if the gondola in the kit is inaccurate? Thanks, Mike
  4. Solution... buy dragon kit and the AIMS conversion. It's a lot of pieces, but my god is it a nice set. Dragon missed the boat on that. Just like Revell not releasing a Ju88C and G, Tamiya with most of their WWII aircraft, the list goes on and on.
  5. You're correct Kent, the engine in the photo is not a 160hp (d.iii). Its either the 180hp (D.IIIa) or 200hp (D.IIIau) but I'm not familiar enough to tell you which one exactly.
  6. Funny, I was thinking the same thing! But it's not one I will be tackling, I'm going to be doing a lot more design work for a manufacturer and jets aren't in their wheelhouse. Please make this and share (or sell) the print files!!!!!! I feel comfortable saying we will never see a Spruce Goose in 1/32 scale, and it seems like we'll never see an A6M3, especially the type 32
  7. Aviattic announced today multiple new items for preorder for Wingnut’s Fokker D.VIIs and the Mengnut Fokker triplanes. Meng/Wingnut Dr.1 photo-etch detail set and screen printed stencil decals, enough for six aircraft plus the corrected “face” for Voss’ F.1. Fokker D.VII decals for U.10 (the surviving aircraft is on display at NASM) and four sets of engine panels for OAW-built D.VIIs: early, mid, late, and a Jasta 65 set. The Jasta 65 set will be needed for anyone wanting to build an accurate Sieben Schwabben (Seven Swabians) and U.10- both of these aircraft featu
  8. I was looking over my SOW gear sets this morning, the first two I ordered that arrived a week or two ago and got pushed aside with the craziness of life. In one word, all I can say is WOW! I bought the gear for the Trumpy P-38 and the Revell Ju-88, and man oh man, what an improvement they are. Looking forward to getting my hands on additional sets soon, seeing the Skyhawks are on the way I'll be grabbing a few of those Thanks Damian!! Mike
  9. Bloody well done!!! Now I just need someone to make decals or masks for RNZAF moths
  10. Bloody nice! I'm waiting for the Spit 8 and 16 sets to come out, will be ordering the whole lot through you Mark Also a 2-holer Mirage set once I determine which airframe I'm doing.
  11. Good start! Have you decided which production batch you’re modeling? 1st: one gun, ear radiators 2nd: 2 guns, ear radiators 3rd and 4th, wing radiator and ailerons on all 4 wings
  12. Hi folks, If anyone is interested, I've listed this conversion with kit for sale on Plane Trading. I will not be continuing to develop the conversion for this beautiful plane due to other commitments. Cheers, Mike
  13. Beautiful! PM inbound
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