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  1. seiran01

    WNW in 1/48?

    Lukgraph has at least one in resin in 1/48 too. Copper State has a bunch of 1/48 resin, several new-ish injection molded kits, and a brand new release Handley Page O/400
  2. seiran01

    WNW in 1/48?

  3. No surprise to see it’s nicer than nice! glad to see you back at the bench Karim, drop me a line when you have time. Feel like I’m traveling this month as much as you do- New Orleans this week
  4. seiran01

    Yak 9 M/T Silver wings 1/32

    Hi guys, I had some friends ask for photos of the kit, so I've made an online album of the Yak parts. Running around like a headless chicken today and don't have time to type up a review, but here's what you gt in the kit https://imgur.com/a/ZDi2ThS
  5. seiran01

    F-15DJ Japanese Adversary

    Hooray, Nelson joined! Is this up your alley, Nelson? Being that it’s not 100% gray, it’s hard to know Dan, this is a simply stunning build, well done!
  6. From all I've heard, they're well designed. DXM uses Cartograf for the decal printing, so you know the physical quality will be good. I've tried to reach Wolfpack by email and via their facebook page; i know they've at least seen the FB message and have not yet bothered to send any sort of reply relating to reissuing the Kai conversion set. Think I'm going to forge ahead with converting it on my own.
  7. seiran01

    LSP Christmas Raffle 2018

    Please count me in for the raffle K2, thanks!
  8. seiran01

    Yak 9 M/T Silver wings 1/32

    My Yak just landed this morning, apparently USPS is now delivering packages at 730AM also. My god, it’s even more stunning in person than the photos.
  9. Hobby Decal made the dry transfers but I think their blue F4 transfers were not available to buy outside of the original Wolfpack conversion. I won’t be surprised if someone decides to sell their transfers from that set now that decals are coming out, I’d watch eBay in the coming weeks
  10. seiran01

    Trumpeter 1/32 RNZAF A-4K "Kahu Upgrade"

    Looks good!! i want to see someone do an inverted buddy refuel display, like what Kiwi Red used to do
  11. I contacted Wolfpack 2 weeks ago about this and no response... So far as converting it goes, you can source the wingtip sensors from an extra set of outer wings of a revell f-4e/f/g (graft onto a hard [non-slatted] wing). Tail sensors look to be easy to add. Ribbing on radome should be easy enough to add, and then the only other external differences are a large spine antenna and larger antenna in the nose gear door. New control panels and HUD will round out the conversion if you’re hellbent on full accuracy. It looks like DXM is going to add the sheets for sale on dec 4 (Tuesday this week) if I read things correctly.
  12. seiran01

    Rules of the Road

    if I can’t find the Wolfpack conversion set for the Japanese F-4s, I may need help deciding what build to tackle first... really looking forward to this one!
  13. seiran01

    Sponsors & Prizes

    Awesome list of sponsors and my word those are some generous prizes! My thanks to all of the sponsors signed on and to any new ones who get added later
  14. seiran01

    The SWMBO Effect

    It’s one of the few upsides of deliveries in the states - Saturday delivery! USPS occasionally delivers packages to me on Sundays as well. All to compete with amazon im sure... i can relate to the large box when she’s home issue, think im ok until SWMBO sees the cost of some of these kits...
  15. DXM has announced via their Facebook page a new decal sheet for sea camo two-tone blue JASDF Phantoms, release in December 2018. Im already prodding Wolfpack to reissue their conversion set for the EJ Kai. Fingers crossed as this is a plane I’ve been wanting to model for quite a while