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  1. seiran01

    ODK Clear Zero

    Lol no worries, something tells me we’ll still need them
  2. seiran01

    ODK Clear Zero

    Cool, Denzil! If you have some time, would you mind taking a good pic of the boxtop that we can stick up in the kit database? Cheers
  3. seiran01

    ODK Clear Zero

    A model company from however many decades ago - ODK - never heard of them... there's a clear A6M zero listed on ebay with internal details, quite interesting to learn of this one! Looks to be similar to the Monogram Phantom Mustang (minus the working parts) from what I can see in the tiny photos. Can't see any additional info on google and this thing isn't even in the kit database - is anyone familiar with the kit or the company? https://www.ebay.com/itm/ODK-A6M5-Zero-Clear-Issue-1-32/113310719231
  4. Is anyone aware of more photos of either scheme? First one I think is a prototype. Thanks!
  5. seiran01

    1:32 Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer

    I’m just gonna leave this here for inspiration (from China Lake alumni site)
  6. They’re indeed very nice! I have a partially-written review of multiple Elan13 figures that I really must finish soon. Damn life lately has been madness...
  7. seiran01

    HKM 1/32 Lancaster Kit review

    This is the original wartime rad, from Lancaster PB456 which crashed in 1944 (more info at http://www.aircrashsites-scotland.co.uk/lancaster_conic.htm) And another view from a museum example The BBMF Lancaster is what I believe was used as a basis for the HK model - this Lanc was built in mid-1945,and was a Tiger Force aircraft (according to BBMF website). She's fitted with late war /post-war tropical radiators which are noticeably more angular in shape and without a distinct separate section on one side. (pic from James Hatch's recent review) BBMF's Lanc
  8. seiran01

    HKM 1/32 Lancaster Kit review

    Not only did HK get the intakes wrong for European theater but the radiators are also incorrect for wartime birds. The more angular shaped radiators in the kit are the tropical post-war ones. My thinking is that they just copied the BBMF Lanc and didn't think twice... The ETO radiators are more curved and appear to be in two sections. I posted photos up on the Facebook group "1/32 Lancaster Assembly Line" showing the differences, can repost here if folks are interested... It looks like the CWH Lanc in Canada may have the correct radiators for ETO, certainly the wartime intakes at least.
  9. seiran01

    Herringbone Gotha - Back on the go!

    Yes please!
  10. seiran01

    Herringbone Gotha - Back on the go!

    Alrighty, after a few months of distractions, this monster is back on the go! Admins - probably makes sense to move this over to the WIP board now that Iron Rain is done, right? There's a goal of having this done before the WWI family day at Udvar-Hazy Center, November 3rd for anyone who will be in the area. I'll have some biplanes on display with my IPMS chapter that day. The "replacement" wing is now fully covered in Aviattic night lozenge. Some touch-up needed but I love how it turned out. Fuselage has had a bunch of touch-up paint and is finally glued to the lower wing. Rexx exhausts are glued on and really look the part. The Proper Plane wooden Gotha props are freaking stunning in place, even without their hubs. The center hole drilled on the PP props (and cast in the hubs) is smaller in diameter than the kit prop shaft, so i simply scraped and sanded the kit shaft down until the new props fit. High-tech rig for gluing large objects in place!
  11. seiran01

    They shall not grow old

    Yeah this looks bloody good, if it shows up on itunes I'll buy this one. Talked with someone who got a sneak preview of the doc down in NZ and they said it was superb.
  12. seiran01

    HKM 1/32 Lancaster Kit review

    For that much money, not to need aftermarket to fix accuracy and detail. I’ve seen better looking control panels on smaller scale aircraft, the radiators are post-war style (modeled after the BbmF lanc?) and not accurate for wartime aircraft, ton of ejector pin marks in the flap well, my list goes on. A lot of detail looks very toylike to my eyes
  13. seiran01

    Trumpeter "Clear Edition" SBD.

    Love that kit. Sure it can be spruced up but even OOB the interior is bloody nice! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone finish any Trumpeter kit with clear fuselage yet
  14. seiran01


    Check out Bobaflex’s cover of the same song if you like hard rock covers.
  15. seiran01

    HKM 1/32 Lancaster Kit review

    Great review of the kit but I have to say, I’m not that impressed with what HK has produced for the cost based on what I’m seeing.