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  1. The 24th kit - Richard at Aviattic got his copy in from Luckymodel already and as Sean said, it looks delicious. Too bad they include the belly with the open access panel, now I have no reason to scale up the 1/32nd version I designed for Richard Not sure how to link to the specific post with the photos, but the pics should be at the top of the Aviattic facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/aviattic
  2. Does anyone know of 1/32 decals/masks, or even a color profile for a Swordfish or Hellcat flown by kiwi pilots in the Fleet Air Arm? Google isn’t my friend on these ones sadly.. Thanks, Mike
  3. There's also the DetailScaleView unboxing on YouTube if you prefer to only see the kit and not a presenter. I like these vids better than the Hyperscale ones in terms of ease of seeing the initial quality of the parts
  4. KASL, PWMP, and AMS (wow, lots of acronyms!) all make travel pods in 1/32 scale...
  5. Wow, go me… no I hadn’t seen that. Thank you for the link!
  6. Aside from the obvious modifications of relocating the dorsal turret and addressing the tail gun area, what changes would be needed if I wanted to convert a B-25J to an earlier C or D model? thanks
  7. Nothing can ever be straightforward, can it? Thanks for the info!
  8. Trying the link again, I found the same photo on a different site and it seems load this time... This isn't a TIALD? Must have been photographed near the end of the service life of the pod if they were phased out around '04/05, I don't think the Brimstones were introduced until around the same time. Glad to know the Litening pod is an option, those are easy to track down in 1/32
  9. Ah cool, thanks for that. What pod are we looking at on this loadout? It’s longer than a Lightning https://img.17qq.com/images/gqmqpfqnwwy.jpeg
  10. Just jumping into Tonka mania and have been chatting with AWan about Brimstone loadouts. I see Eduard's newsletter has the Sky Shadow pod listed as a June release (yay!), so that seems to round out everything I can think of for a modern loadout except for the TIALD.
  11. It never ceases to amaze me how terrible some of the companies are at marketing their own new releases. Roden has always been awful at marketing their own products - case and point with the new spad 13. They are sitting on a gold mine with this release and they can’t even title the page correctly or use the right sprue shots. Several sellers on eBay already have this and not one has bothers to post a trap photo of the kit or it’s contents - just the box art and decal art that Roden has shared.
  12. Bristol Scout, eh? Sweeeet. Edgar mentioned the Caudron and Baby mid-last year but it's great to see another one get added to the list.
  13. Has anyone seen any US sellers offering preorders on the Whirlwind?
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