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  1. Ronin has been redesigning the kahu sheets to adjust fit for trumpeter kits and add Draken markings to the all green sheet. Barracuda will be carrying the sheets. It sounded like he (Ronin guy, I forget his name) was nearly ready to start the new print run but the last Facebook update I saw was that his house and workshop have been impacted by the flooding in Sydney lately. Hopefully nothing too serious…
  2. It’s a nonstarter unfortunately… reviewing info I was directed to last night, this conversion would need an entirely new fuselage as well as changes to the wing chord inboard of the engines. Way too involved for what I can take on, so I’ll hold on to hope that we see one in plastic in this lifetime
  3. Hi folks, I’m pondering adding a Tracer to my collection in 48th scale and am curious if anyone here is very familiar with the plane. Aside from the obvious radome /mounts and changing out the tail assembly for the double tail, are there other external changes that would be needed to take the Kinetic Tracker and make it a true Stoof with a roof?
  4. Hey guys, we moved to a new house late last year and I still don’t have a full build area / display area organized yet. The Handley is sitting carefully protected in my storage unit until I am confident that I have the room and organization done right. The last thing I want to do is risk the safety of the bloody paralyser!
  5. Nice!!! You can expect an order for 2 sets of trumpeter gear coming from me once they’re online
  6. Yes, the price does include the decal sheet. Can't wait to get my hands on the finished set
  7. Hey good news, I got my stash sort of organized and will add a Revell 1/32 He 162 (with Quinta cockpit and Fusion V-tail conversion) for the raffle
  8. Awesome pic! Remember though that the Wingnut kit represents an early-build Lancaster, I doubt of of those early builds would still have been in front line service by ‘44. I can’t find my copy of Richard Alexander’s Lanc book tonight for some reason but I’d start there to confirm any questionable details
  9. You could always get the ZM conversion set to make your Shinden into the jet version as another option too
  10. Hooray, another one wanting to play with printing! One thing to keep in mind is that an FDM printer like yours (using spools of various plastics and other materials to print, instead of liquid resin) cannot achieve fine details such as for inside cockpits, but they are capable of producing much larger pieces and at a cheaper cost (such as fuselage sections for 1/32 P-8 Poseidons!). The Ender series are quite popular printers so you should be good from that angle. While not the only option for CAD out there, a lot of folks including me like to use Fusion360 to design parts for printing. They have a free hobbyist license that you can renew yearly. There are also have a lot of very helpful how-to videos on youtube for using Fusion360, from the day-1 basics to advanced techniques beyond what you or I will never need to know for making models or parts for models. These videos are from both the company themselves and from other users. Good luck as you get started, no doubt others will also weigh in with their thoughts and we'll all be happy to help you as you get started Cheers, Mike
  11. Well... that's what I get for not reading every thread!
  12. If anyone wants seamless intakes for their 1/32 Tamiya F-4, I just spied someone has made a free print file available for them on Cults. Get your resin printers ready! https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/various/1-32-f-4-phantom-seamless-intake-tube
  13. I own a few vacs, but admittedly they're only here so that I can copy the shapes into CAD as the basis for models I want to build. I simply have no patience whatsoever for scratchbuilding even the simplest items, so building vacs is out of the question for me, but I seem to have near-infinite patience for computer designs.
  14. thanks for the update. Can we expect the vampire mk.3 or mk.5 to be released first?
  15. three variants of the A6M3? What am I missing after the models 32 and 22?
  16. I’d be building Banshee in RCN markings faster than you can say “poutine” if given the opportunity. Think that’d probably sell out fairly quickly too
  17. Damn Ryan, that’s a pretty freaking complete list!!! Much appreciated, thanks
  18. I’ve lost track of other projects… was it you who asked me to design SBCs for the HK Lancaster? I’m planning to print one when I get my new ultra high resolution resin printer in a few weeks time I appreciate all the info on the cowling, guys! With the gun troughs being longer on the 3, it leads me to suspect there may be a slightly different curve to the cowling. Doesn’t make sense to me why they’d appear different for another reason. I’ll examine photos and eventually some books…
  19. It’s ok, I deciphered what you meant! The wings are a perfect fit as well between the -2 and -5, ignoring the different forward center part that forms the lower fuselage with the carb intake. So what I’m thinking right now is to make a new forward fuselage in CAD along with the cowling, and of course the aileron inserts and wingtips, so that the Tamiya A6M2 can be used without the need for kitbashing. The cowling itself is pretty easy, so the initial focus will be on designing a good forward fuselage part to copy the Sakae 21-powered airframe. If I can get that to work, the rest should be childs play . *IF* I can get that to work, I will explore options to make this available as a set for others who may be interested. If I can’t get it to work, I’ll just do my own kitbash and be happy with that
  20. Just got my extra A6M5 sprue and compared the fuselage halves to the A6M2. Sure enough, the forward fuselage of the 5 is noticeably shorter than the 2 due to the new cowling. This is not a detail I would have noticed - thanks Juggernaut. I’ll dry fit the A6M2 wings to the 5 fuselage later on to see how those fit, it appears from the wing roots that it should be a perfect match.
  21. I considered doing a Moonbat myself but trying to get all those fillets blending together correctly in CAD so that the design doesn’t end up looking like a Picasso would be very tricky
  22. Why not? They’re doing a P2V in 1/48…
  23. the port sponson extension parts are already on the sprues in the Rescuehawk kit
  24. The only interior parts I designed for Floyd’s set are the new control panel for the -T and two parts to modify the kit panel if building a -J. The decision was made to forego other interior parts to help keep costs down and not delay the release. The rescue basket is available from a seller via Shapeways already and it looks pretty good. Another of the folks working on the conversion parts (Ramon?) designed the shorty fuel tank, the other two fuel tanks come from the kit. The other resin covers the radome, flir dome for the -T (we didn’t do the older larger flir for the J as it seems to have been rarely installed), the Trakkabeam searchlight with mount for the -T and older Nightsun searchlight for the J
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