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  1. Please let this be real! I think I'd be up for at least three, six-gun nose, eight-gun nose and glass-nose, possibly four if there was an A-26K in the mix.
  2. Stunning! I'm definitely getting one of these, just hope that there's a standard French Air force version on the decal sheet.
  3. Beautiful! Already got the F6C-1 on back order, definitely going to be getting a couple more asap to go with the Curtiss 0-3 Falcon, Vought SBC-1 Corsair and Boeing F3B-1 that I already have. Now, is there any chance that we'll get any of the Grumman Fighters FF-1/2, F3F-1, F3F-2, F3F-3, etc and a Curtiss SBC-3/4 Helldiver ?
  4. Looks fantastic, loving the raised rivets, I might have to get one when it becomes available here in the U.K. Now, please, please, pretty please, with cherries on top and everything, can we have a new-tooled AH-1G ? 1/32nd or 1/35th, I'm not fussed!
  5. OH yes! This just went straight to the top of my must-get list!
  6. So glad you and your family are OK, I can't begin to imagine how awful it must be to lose so much so quickly. Hopefully the GoFundMe campaign will help you out, I donated just now, wish I could do more but I guess every little helps. If it would help, I have your F9F-5 Panther, F9F-8 Cougar kits as well as your Meteor T.7, F-8C, RF-8C Crusader and A-1E Skyraider conversion sets, plus the wheels you made for the F-105D Thunderchief and F-84 Thunderjet. All are complete and unstarted andI'm more than happy to ship them out to you when you're ready if it will help you replace the masters lost in
  7. And I'd do the same for a set of landing gear for the Revell 1/32nd F-4 Phantom kits !
  8. Beautiful work, makes me want to go out and get the Airfix Mossie just to use these on it !
  9. I'd definitely be up for the F-5, F-111 and F-4E kits. I'd also go for the Buccaneer as I remember beating the old Airfix 1/48th scale kit into submission a few years ago and wishing at the time, that someone would produce a nice, accurate and well detailed kit of the same ! Don't get me wrong, the Airfix kit turned out nicely, but it was definitely not a fun-filled project.
  10. As I have a bit of a 'thing' for the P-36/P-40 series of aircraft (I have six of the Hasegawa kits!), I'd love to see RoG produce a P-36 and P-40 B/C in 1/32nd scale. I'd also like a series of P-38 kits, including the P-38 F/G/H and, as it seems unlikely that Tamiya will ever produce them, a series of late mark F4U Corsairs -4/4B/5/5N/AU-1 would also be fantastic.
  11. Yes, crack on with it, I have an ECR kit just waiting for your F.3 conversion ! Hope the printer stops being temperamental soon !
  12. David66


    Check Kits-World, I'm fairly certain that they produce swastika sheets, you can also find similar sheets on Hannants website. E-Bay is not always the best place to find things !
  13. I'm already saving up for one ! Also want to get a Mk.II at some point.......
  14. Great work, this will be very useful when I get around to building my P-51, P-51A and A-36. I believe that there is a guy on here, Thunda, that is producing corrected spinners for these kits.
  15. Just checked my Hasegawa P-40 collection, I do have a spare short tail section, but it is from the Kittyhawk Mk.I/III kit (08204) and is slightly different to the P-40K tail in that it doesn't have the rounded fillet fitted to the short-tail K. It would probably be a fairly straight-forward modification to add the fillet yourself, I'm thinking that masking off the basic shape, then building up the fillet with milliput and sanding/polishing back to the correct curvature would probably work. Let me know if this seems like a usable solution to you, and I'll get the tail parts shipped asap. I don'
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