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  1. Sign me up as a participant. I will check to see what I can donate. Mike
  2. How much more accurate are these props Than the kit parts? I am starting to get my am pieces for my build. Mike
  3. Any idea what the cost will be? Mike
  4. Who makes the most accurate F-4J exhaust? Thanks Mike
  5. quick question, when aF-16 aircraft is on the tarmac is the exhaust open or closed? I am going to be starting aTamiya F-16 and I am not sure which type of nozzle to get. All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Mike
  6. Just received my B-24 landing gear and all I can say is W.O.W. They are exquisitely done. Thanks Damian, Mike
  7. Thanks Dave, one last question so is this kit worse than the 1/32 B-24’s?
  8. Brian, you might want to make your hotel reservations if you can ASAP as rooms are extremely limited if not already sold out. Mime
  9. Does anyone know when this kit will be available in the states?
  10. Get your hotel reservations as soon as possible as they have had to ask for more rooms! Mike
  11. Who has it? None of the online retailers I deal with has it.
  12. Hoping to see everyone in Las Vegas next year.
  13. I wear glasses and a mask IS a pain!
  14. Does anyone make carrier flight decks? thanks
  15. They have cancelled the 2 tours that they had scheduled. just out of curiosity, how are you supposed to build up your immunity if you stay in your house?
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