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  1. If this is the Quality of the Landing gear you're doing! ..... then I can't wait for the F-18 Landing gear sets! Pip
  2. Hi - my 2 cents worth says its water in your airline. I don't thinks its primer - especially if its smoothly finished to start off with - prior to colour. Does your compressor have an watertrap/filter? if so, then its also possibly humidity in the air - maybe you painted on a very humid/rainy day? Even a very windy day ( hot/dry or cold moist wind) and you are painting in the open and not sheltered - will give you orange-peel. You'll be surprised how much this does effect painting quality - especially water-based acrylics.
  3. Piprm


    No resin accessory but metal I Haven't seen this anywhere on the market for maybe 30+years Pip
  4. .... So, you are not doing 1/32 F-18 Landing gears? Pip
  5. ....if possible (?) - could you let me know when this set is available again?...... I'd like 2 sets pls Pip
  6. What happened? The Hasegawa set is sold out?..... in 7 days??? Are you making more? Pip
  7. F-18 L/G : I'll have 2 sets please .... when they're ready of course! Pip
  8. Yeah - I am sure there is a lot of F-18 kits out there ... waiting for a decent set of L/G from somebody - including 2 of mine. Pip
  9. Based on discussions at that time - yes Kev
  10. Yeah - That's right Kev : FM Models - I believe Tasman? and is it Kiwi Wings? ( its been so long) anyways, they copied and rescaled my master ( with my permission of course) though- I can't say the same for Alley Cat... Pip p.s Thanks Dave for the kind words...
  11. Hi Derek, I've got a 1/32 Wirraway solid master here and I might be interested in doing a deal for parts swapping and contributions towards your project. Perhaps casting my fuselage / wings? This is only an 'idea' right now... not sure how this would work , but thought I'd throw it out there and see if it sticks... I can supply photos if interested.. Thanks Pip
  12. Truly... A Michael Angelo at work.... I feel privileged to look over your shoulder ... Thank you Peter! Pip
  13. Good Job - That looks pretty Darn Good to me - I've put in my order for one! Pip
  14. Fair enough, Yeah - check out Bach and Beethoven while you're at it.. just a few other obscure musicians of the past... Pip
  15. LongTime Beatles fan, have some of the Epiphone guitars of theirs... will be watching this with Great Interest! Phil
  16. Hi Craig, Don't know how I missed this build but ... MY GOD! .. I hear words thrown around Like "Epic' , 'Awesome' ' Outstanding' and the like ... you are one serious modelling Artisan - who's dedicated , talented, experimental , willing to take risks, push the envelope... just WOW! I like how you turned it from a basic plastic assembly kit to an engineering resin/plastic/metal-miracle! I wished I came in on this earlier... I applaud you no end Craig for your Go-for-it approaches ( whether it works or not) and your obvious Brilliantly Talented efforts here! Phil
  17. Thanks Troy, It's a personal project that's been going on for the last 2 years... maybe half-way through at this point in time ( I hope).... It's an Aussie Ford V8 Called the Falcon GTHO Phase IV - For those of you who don't know it ( from O/S ) It's got the Ford Mustang Boss 351 V8 engine in it... and can do 150 Mp/h or 240 Km/h Thanks Mate , Yep - you're right! It's a real car - yes... a car that I have always been wanting since the 1970's... so now as my future retirement 'toy' ... ( Yes another model toy-though a lot bigger and louder) I thought I can live the dream .. though it's a restoration project to virtually a new car again, build exactly to the way I want it. Right now, I'm enjoying chasing parts for it and doing the research... the thrill of the hunt - they say. But the Canberra is always calling me.... Pip
  18. UPDATE: Hi Guys, ...for those following this thread project - I've had to hit the pause button for now, as my mum has been the centre of trouble for me - on every level : 94 years old falling down - breaking her Femer - going to hospital - rehab- nursing homes- dealing with Government buearocracies - less than supportive nursing home management- Coroner virus lock-downs, chasing parts for my Muscle-Car project ..... and so it goes on. I have been in the centre of this storm since Christmas ... being the power of attorney for mums affairs .. dealing with all this and working as well, does burn up all of my free model-time. I hope to restart this soon.. so please be understanding. Happy CV-19 ( 2020) Pip
  19. Beautiful work! How did you do the riveting? ....one-at-a-time or hand wheel? Pip
  20. Sikorsky S-58 or Wessex H-30 + - one was built under license - i believe is was the Wessex but could be wrong Pip
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