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  1. I am sure this is not the same as your case, but I have have had the USPS insist I personally received packages that they did not deliver to me at all.
  2. Well, thank you gentlemen for your encouragement for me to "venture out" a bit!
  3. They identify the bidders by listing them while giving you abbreviated versions of their e-mail address with "***'s" in it to protect his/her privacy.
  4. As I understand, starting with their Salmson biplane, practically all of WnW's kits have weak landing gear struts, wing sag, etc., which is the result of trying to make tiny detailed things like struts and wing attachment points exactly to scale out of soft plastic. Although I have bought a couple of their kits, the one that really scares me is their Bristol F2b. After building the old Aurora kit with the stubby fuselage stand-off struts for the lower wing attachment, I simply would not want the pain of figuring what type of fixture it would take to get a soft plastic WnW fuselage to not
  5. Rare Plane Detective (a used model kit dealer) listed one on eBay that ended this last weekend for the opening bid price of $777.00 and nobody bid on it! And his motto is "New kit prices have gone crazy" to attract you to his "previously owned" inventory! LOL Honestly, I quit buying his "fully inspected kits" long ago when I kept getting kits that were missing clear parts, landing gear struts, or the decals were already partly used for another kit the previous owner built. Similarly, others list for over $1,000, and they are just sitting there. And frankly, because of the
  6. Honestly, it looks to me like they painted the patch job with chocolate brown.
  7. Like I noted above, I did talk on the phone to eBay's representative, and she took her time in noting everything I had to say, where I pointed out the "straw bidder's" questionable history. As well as fraud, according to the Federal Trade Commission, it is against the law to refuse to sell anything offered to the public to anyone who has the money.
  8. Since Wingnut Wings went out of business, and the main hobby dealers no longer stock their kits, I thought I would pick up a kit of theirs while shopping on eBay for other old collectible kits. So I bid on a few kits from one seller, based on my Burns Guide, "PAK-20", and offered fair prices for each. After a short while, I get the notice that I was "out-bid" on two of them, one I did not care about, but the other I decided to look into. An "alternate bidder", literally bid like 12 times, and drove his bid price up to nearly double! I told this to a friend of
  9. Ever consider doing the Zulu stand-off at the Battle of Rorke's Drift in January 1879, as depicted in the classic movie "Zulu"?
  10. Sorry about being away for so long. Honestly, with the COVID-19 compounding our personal health issues, as well as our family's basic supply problems, I have been very busy with domestic needs/decisions, etc., with little or no time for scale modeling. But, having been introduced to scale modeling over 60 years, ago, I have seen a thing or two come and go. I remember when back in the '60's Adams, an excellent mold maker, fell out with Revell and decided to take the molds made for them, and market several top-quality scale U.S. armor kits under their own name. Now th
  11. Excellent job working with the old Roden kits and their accuracy issues!
  12. I finally got my Trumpeter 1/32 P-47D Thunderbolt Razorback today from Squadron.com via FedEx:
  13. I have yet to see a better build of one of my all-time classic favorites!
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