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  1. Excellent job working with the old Roden kits and their accuracy issues!
  2. I finally got my Trumpeter 1/32 P-47D Thunderbolt Razorback today from Squadron.com via FedEx:
  3. I have yet to see a better build of one of my all-time classic favorites!
  4. Stunning! Congratulations! A refreshing change from the subdued war-bird schemes.
  5. Thanks for the excellent photos and info RB! Now the next question is how to best apply the red lines.
  6. Gigant

    A4 Skyraiders

    Excellent job on both of them! Where did you get the markings and color references?
  7. I think they look nice if you feel like adding them to your build, but not even having any such markings in my Luftwaffe references, I am skeptical that a typical war-production factory model would worry about such niceties.
  8. Knowing how rubber car tires "dry rot", I would take some nice digital pictures and store them in more then one media/device (I use both storage cards and a website) and don't worry about it looking the same 100 years from now.
  9. This is the main reason I don't spring for buying very old model kits, unless I absolutely cannot get it in a more recent release, and still then I don't pay for a higher-priced "collector's special" with a perfect box, etc. The other reason is the decals. I have had too many break into pieces instead of flexing onto the curves, cracks and crevices on a typical scale model's surface. I have seen in recent reviews where Hasegawa's re-issued 1/32 "yellow-wings" kits seem to be very brittle hard plastic, indicating old stock, re-packaged.
  10. For those I would if Hasegawa were to expand theirs to 1/32 and add a ROCAF Curtiss Hawk III option to their FB2C, plus an SBC-3 or-4. I guess the new Japanese manufacturing costs keeps Hasegawa from "taking back" the classical 1/32 market, especially for the Second Sino-Japanese war period (1937-1945) as well as the U.S. WW2 PTO.
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