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  1. Thanks Kev, I hope I've conveyed here, how complex this cockpit really is... Taxing? Yes very! ... at times, it does push me to my limits - I feel. It's that 'Love-Hate' feeling we get with modelling as we all experience at times. Pip
  2. Cockpit / Fuselage: Time to check for Canopy fitment and to really show you how bloody complex this cockpit area really is! The photos speak for themselves... Now that I've got the major mounting points of most of the parts established .. I can now continue with the wall - liner Here's an interesting comparison between my efforts so far and a 1/48th example of same area.. The padded - wall section comes out as one piece clam-shell design and will be copied in resin at a later stage ( when i got all the cockpit components done) So far - soo Good! Pip
  3. Canopy - Continued Now that the Canopy's outside 'basic' shape is established .. my focus is now to the inside of canopy... I now make a mounting - ring that inserts into the top of the fuselage and locks itself in - for want of a better description.. I'll let the photos tell the rest of the story..... Once i had the mounting ring made... I realised the back - inside area of canopy was raised and the tubular vent system went up with it.. This effects the clear window shown as red arrow... (above) ... Here's a better view of back of canopy area... Now for the tubular vents that goes right around the edging of the canopy ... ( to strengthen the canopy frame and to stop the canopy misting up - I should think) Its rather a very bendy and twisty affair - as shown in photo below... Because of the roller coaster tubular vent design ... it's makes it very hard to make unless you make a jig or something... so I took the next option of making it in sections and joining them up later... ....All to do now is simply clean up the weld points Now test for fit and appearance ... The canopy sits and fits well.. and thats one battle - won for now! Pip
  4. Piprm

    CAC Boomerang

    You got it in one - Erik! Pip
  5. Thanks Starfighter, constructive comments - they are always welcomed! Yes you're right in most respects... but as i said in the thread... It's taking shape, but it's no-way near the point it needs to be... the target is 75% finished of a canopy that at the end of the process...(copying in resin and working more on it) will then be at it's 100% 'sweet spot' perfect finished... I think I'm at 50% right now... I know there's further work to do on it - to get it at that 75% preparation target. I have a few more photos coming to show the how complex this canopy and how interconnected all the elements, in this canopy area are. (Stay tuned) There's still a way to go till I think I'm ready to copy the framework and then work it further to the finished product. Yes your right , It's sitting higher and appears to be so, because the bottom of the framework is thicker then it needs to be... ( and the blue clear protective liner perhaps makes it look bigger then it is) also the back of the canopy ( extension collar ? or angled piece) needs to be trimmed further towards the canopy. ( too long) and less angled or 'flatter' as you say - which I've since done. I wasn't focused on the thickness of the bottom framework at the time but more on getting the clear canopy to properly sit in the framework in the first place ( a challenge in itself). Now that i have accomplished this ( to a major degree) I will focus more on thinning the bottom framework area, as I've mentioned... and the inner parts of the framework as well ( coming threads). I can easily miss stuff and extra sets of eyes and comments here, are very welcome. Pip
  6. Canopy and Framework .... Takin' Shape : I decided to use the spare 'Round' new canopy for final fitment as well as using it , for the cutting template for the final assembly 'Flat' canopy later... This would be the way to go when choosing either of the rounded or flat versions and to use the other canopy on the vac-sheet for the cutting template... as you only get one go at the final canopy! Now a look at the progress of the canopy and framework so far..... ... Now the clear Bubble top inserted in frame-part ... Hmm... snug fit! Remember this shot of the real one? The overall look?....She's sitting and looking nice! (at least to me!) .. as mentioned earlier in thread , the aim is to get close to the finished part - @ 75% complete .... which I think I'm getting close. Once I'm satisfied that I'm close enough... the next step is copying the framework in resin and working the resin copy further - detailing / massaging - wise... I will need to detail underneath frame as well in coming threads... Now for a quick look of the part in place for over-all effect.... Yep . It's taking shape alright! Pip
  7. Thanks Starfighter, Yes, I agree the kits supplied canopy is very basic... and you are right indeed, the canopy contours are a very stand-out feature at first glance of the aircraft. I'm not sure what you mean by... am I going to vac-form a new canopy? do you mean make one with a new frame and the clear dome formed together in one part? Right now, the clarity and shape of the kits canopy seems pretty good for what it is (though basic) ... so I hope to make a detailed canopy - frame in resin... (half - way through job right now) so as to, clip the clear -domed canopy straight into the frame I'm making (which it does easily - so far). the trick is to get the framing 'contours' and details right and make it sit on the forward-fuselage and look right from any angle - thats my challenge! (I think I'm half-way there) Happy to hear you like my efforts so far... Cheers Pip
  8. Hi Jack, I am glad a fellow Canberra - sufferer ....has got my back. Yes, when i first crawled into the real cockpit many moons ago.. i thought to myself .. "how the hell am I going to do this??" Then I saw your B-8 project here Jack.. and well .. here is the result! Pip
  9. Hi Torben, Glad to know that you're enjoying my Endeavours, I guess after this, any regular kit I may tackle ... I can slap together in my sleep. Pip
  10. Piprm

    ZM 1/32 Horten Ho229..FINISHED

    That looks So-oo Good! I just have to get one now! Pip
  11. Many Thanks Peter, Yes, creating is the key - as you say!... ( not just assembling) The canopy section of this project was not on my list of favourites either.. but it seems to have gone more smoothy then anticipated. But the overall cockpit area (and the canopy is connected with this) ... the process seems to be 3 steps forward and work my way back from there...to cover all bases. Pip
  12. Canopy - Continued.... Yes, it's rough folks... (rough as guts-actually) but it sits right and accepts the clear canopy easily and that's a win in my books!.... but ultimately, I plan to get it close as I can - maybe 75% realisation, then copy it in resin and then take that new resin copy, all the way to the finished master! I found a discrepancy with the Scale plan-drawing around the back of the canopy ... which didn't surprise me much as most plans are viewed as a guide-line only! I don't follow the plans 'to the tee' but always cross-reference using photos and personal notes... before proceeding with things. Below is a case in point... Pip
  13. Top Of the Cockpit: (continued) Now to the Canopy.... A tricky one but here goes! Like anything with my approach, I try to put my ideas to paper first to help visualise the next part of the process. The plans were of some help but not all... So I used a workshop manual to help in the mastering/constuction.... Now that the canopy was getting my complete attention to detail .. I found a little problem... The profile The canopy profile appears much flatter compared to the old rounded canopy I was using for the mastering of parts.... but it didn't matter too much, as the old canopy was the same as the new clear ones I had on hand .. the new canopies vacuform sheet offered a flatter version - which is what I need! Thankfully, the base of each version was the same size ... just the top of the canopies were two versions - round and flat ... so it was a simple matter of changing to the flatter-version on completion - later... (no big deal) I am not going to risk damaging the new canopy I intend to use , so I will continue to punish the old one to make new parts.... OK next phase - make sure everything is square.... I will let the photos tell the rest of the story...
  14. The Essential cockpit!: Nothing you see following is simple , the flooring I had to design and make it for resin casting, each part is shaped ( curved shapes with undercuts for curved wall and station ribs etc) There was a lot (a lot!) of test fit , trim, sand, check , cut etc! and even when i thought it was close , i had to make sure the next part mounted near or next to it would fit against it, as well as sit in it's place without effecting something else - it all is a major jigsaw puzzle! ... And I'm talking about a 3D jigsaw puzzle ... not a regular 2D one! Anyways, some major parts around the cockpit area (though raw and basic in structure - at this stage) ... are now established! Here is a photo for your reference: quite a rare and unique view from bomb-aimers front compartment - looking down the crew Gangway to the rear. (The entrance door to the left and the pilots cockpit area at the red handle) Note: The green area entrance hatch and small crew Floor - Gangway directly in front of it.... Well, this was a real pain... and took a long time to get it to sit right.. Ah Yes!...The joys of modelling! Pip
  15. Cockpit: - Side-console and cockpit floors (Continued) I have rendered the basic shape of the side-console, which I am pleased with .... the detailing will come later when I know 'everything fits right!" OK, the console is sitting right for now.... Next, we move to the Instrument panel - which again, is made from a cardboard master .... again, I'm focused here on shape, size , placement and how to mount the thing. ...As you can see, I am feeling my way forward... as I work out shapes - sizes of things and how they fit and sit in a particular place , which also has to sit right with everything else! I am not going to fall for the trap of spending many hours on one piece and super-detail it but when I move my way to the next parts or area only to find that the first piece that looked right - Isn't! Mostly because it effects the other parts around it - for reasons that it might be too big / too small - round - flat or something I just didn't anticipate... Right now, I am focused on the main components in the general cockpit area... Once i get these close to a correct shape and size and also every major piece in complete cockpit area is sitting right and inter-connected.... then I can start to detail as required... But right now, the main thing in this phase of construction is walls and floors! Now to the bomb-aimers front compartment... showing the little seen bomb-aimers recess in the floor for the bomb-aiming equipment. I am relieved to find enough space under the cockpit floor to pack it with lead/ballast... as this model surely needs it! It is the pink-tinted area. Pip