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  1. Piprm

    RAN A4G

    Wow! Brilliant work going on here! Pip
  2. Hi Peter, this standard of modelling is completely insane Pip
  3. Thanks CPJ, Yes, I'm stocking up on etched brass and A/M parts for upcoming projects at the moment but it's a brave new world as far as the new technologies in model-making and quick turn-around parts coming on stream in recent years. I'm wondering if the old hands-on skills ( demonstrated here and else-where by some other very talented people on this site) will fade in time and into obscurity with the new push-button modelling renditions done in a micron of the time and arguably more accurate as well - compared to hours and hours - days - weeks - months - years!... of the good old-fashioned hands-on modelling. Don't get me wrong - I think the new technologies ( 3-D printers, CAD design etc) becoming more accessible now for making new model parts - is fantastic. Pip
  4. Thanks Muchly Kev! I'm itching to get these parts into resin soon!... it's a pity I've got a few coals in the fire - as far as other projects going on at the same time! But I'm determined to make some inroads here. Pip
  5. Yep Thanks Craig - Busy cockpit it certainly is! .. and it's keeping me busy too! Pip
  6. Craig, This is truly Amazing work you're doing here.. I am TOTALLY flabbergasted! You are working this with every tool in the arsenal. Keep up the Excellent work ! Pip
  7. Thanks guys for your comments, I really appreciate them... Cockpoop (Continued) Now that i have all the main Cockpit components done in their basic forms and happy with general fit, for now... It's time to finish installing the right-side cockpit wall fabric and remove the Cockpit Inner-wall liner to detail and prepare it for molding. I will let the photos continue the story... NOTE: I was never happy with this first attempt at the left-side Canopy to fuselage connection point ( you can see I used Blu-Tak to fill the gaps) ... so I have decided to re-visit this area - after I finish the other side fabric installation. This is how it should be.... Time to Crow-Bar `my wall base inner-liner part, out of the fuselage ... My previous explanation of using water-based paper-glue to build up and fix this part in place as preparations in this area - for later removal, ( which is now) ..... is about to pay dividends or total disaster! Wadda - Ya - Know? .... My wall liner part popped out, without too much fuss at all! ... a bit of sticky residue to clean up but being water based paper-glue ... easy-peazy!... Any other glue used during earlier preparations - would have been a disaster for sure! Yes, it has a bit of colour bleed-through, in the material but that is a chemical reaction to the Blue-Tak sticky base ( compare it to the freshly made right - side cockpit) ... but the Quilted textures on the outside walls is still good to go, for copying - and it also needs a bit of tidying up around the edges and all, but it's not that much work... Oh Yes!... this new inner-wall part feels pretty solid in my hands - though it's not thick.. the T-section formers give it that rigidity I need. Hmm, Not bad for my first attempt - me thinks ! Pip
  8. Cockpit continued : Just a sideline observation on the Quilted side-wall of the cockpit... You will notice by the photo - reference below , that the stitching on the quilted fabric isn't as even or uniform as you would expect... ( the stitching - diamond shapes) So in keeping with detail and observation and also a dedication to those rivet-counters here - I have followed the same practice here with my master internal parts.
  9. Wow! This Beastie is taking shape! Good job so far mate Epic! Pip
  10. My Lib has landed a few days ago and I'm still trying to get my head around the SIZE of the thing! Good job on the build Gary.. it looks amazing! I agree with most comments - the finish makes it! Love heavy metal ... I mean, heavy plastic subjects Pip
  11. Yeah. I've been looking g at those HGW rivets too! They certainly come up a treat! Pip
  12. Another Top shelf Quality product from the Karlsen Studios Pip
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