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  1. All the best wishes for you mate -hoping you conquer one Pip
  2. If this is the Quality of the Landing gear you're doing! ..... then I can't wait for the F-18 Landing gear sets! Pip
  3. Hi - my 2 cents worth says its water in your airline. I don't thinks its primer - especially if its smoothly finished to start off with - prior to colour. Does your compressor have an watertrap/filter? if so, then its also possibly humidity in the air - maybe you painted on a very humid/rainy day? Even a very windy day ( hot/dry or cold moist wind) and you are painting in the open and not sheltered - will give you orange-peel. You'll be surprised how much this does effect painting quality - especially water-based acrylics.
  4. Piprm


    No resin accessory but metal I Haven't seen this anywhere on the market for maybe 30+years Pip
  5. .... So, you are not doing 1/32 F-18 Landing gears? Pip
  6. ....if possible (?) - could you let me know when this set is available again?...... I'd like 2 sets pls Pip
  7. What happened? The Hasegawa set is sold out?..... in 7 days??? Are you making more? Pip
  8. F-18 L/G : I'll have 2 sets please .... when they're ready of course! Pip
  9. Yeah - I am sure there is a lot of F-18 kits out there ... waiting for a decent set of L/G from somebody - including 2 of mine. Pip
  10. Based on discussions at that time - yes Kev
  11. Yeah - That's right Kev : FM Models - I believe Tasman? and is it Kiwi Wings? ( its been so long) anyways, they copied and rescaled my master ( with my permission of course) though- I can't say the same for Alley Cat... Pip p.s Thanks Dave for the kind words...
  12. Hi Derek, I've got a 1/32 Wirraway solid master here and I might be interested in doing a deal for parts swapping and contributions towards your project. Perhaps casting my fuselage / wings? This is only an 'idea' right now... not sure how this would work , but thought I'd throw it out there and see if it sticks... I can supply photos if interested.. Thanks Pip
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