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  1. Thanks Troy, It's a personal project that's been going on for the last 2 years... maybe half-way through at this point in time ( I hope).... It's an Aussie Ford V8 Called the Falcon GTHO Phase IV - For those of you who don't know it ( from O/S ) It's got the Ford Mustang Boss 351 V8 engine in it... and can do 150 Mp/h or 240 Km/h Thanks Mate , Yep - you're right! It's a real car - yes... a car that I have always been wanting since the 1970's... so now as my future retirement 'toy' ... ( Yes another model toy-though a lot bigger and louder) I thought I can live the dream .. though it's a restoration project to virtually a new car again, build exactly to the way I want it. Right now, I'm enjoying chasing parts for it and doing the research... the thrill of the hunt - they say. But the Canberra is always calling me.... Pip
  2. UPDATE: Hi Guys, ...for those following this thread project - I've had to hit the pause button for now, as my mum has been the centre of trouble for me - on every level : 94 years old falling down - breaking her Femer - going to hospital - rehab- nursing homes- dealing with Government buearocracies - less than supportive nursing home management- Coroner virus lock-downs, chasing parts for my Muscle-Car project ..... and so it goes on. I have been in the centre of this storm since Christmas ... being the power of attorney for mums affairs .. dealing with all this and working as well, does burn up all of my free model-time. I hope to restart this soon.. so please be understanding. Happy CV-19 ( 2020) Pip
  3. Beautiful work! How did you do the riveting? ....one-at-a-time or hand wheel? Pip
  4. Sikorsky S-58 or Wessex H-30 + - one was built under license - i believe is was the Wessex but could be wrong Pip
  5. Kent, Your work in all it's forms, continues to amaze and inspire me... You are a very talented man. Thanks for posting Pip
  6. Oh My Goodness Kent... Every new topic exceeds the last one! Truly Awesome work and Artisan too! Phil
  7. They are people who didn't quite make it into the realm of Bureaucracy as a job choice.. ( talented as they are in micro-anal things) and ended up as a shelf shocking technician. Pip
  8. Unbelievable... what non-sense. No aircraft in real life is made with raised panel-lines!... its just plainly stupid.( maybe unless it is a local repair patch with sealer around it) In aircraft production as far back as the 1930's ...The panels are either butted up against each other - riveted and/or sealed or overlapped riveted /sealed. The reason ( as i understand) for raised panel-lines in kits produced is basic economics for the manufacturer. It is far cheaper to engrave lines in the metal mold production cavity ( which makes the 'raised - lines' in the plastic copy model fuselage etc) than the far more expensive production processes of casting raised lines in the metal mold production cavity ( making recessed lines in the plastic copy!).. ....very simple guys! Pip
  9. Thanks Muchly Guys! The funny thing was, when I got it to this partially completed stage - as above ( without the pedals in the front as yet) .....as I fiddled with the thing, to my surprise - the structure did move at the joints! .. it actually does move like the original, except in miniature! I only moved it a little and decided not to play with it as it gave me no end of trouble building the 'THING' ....and getting it to this stage .. so the last thing I need after all that effort, is to break it ( again) and start all over! ..and burn up another month or two.... No Thanks! ( Though, I suppose I know the sequence of building it now) Pip
  10. Rudder Pedals Progress ... Though out of sequence ( construction-wise) - for a myriad of reasons, in the following line of photos ....we now move to the centre rudder bar section.... This centre section Rudder bar is an intricate piece to make and also will be a challenge to copy in resin! BUT, Once I've finished the piece ready for copying .... I've figured out how to copy it in the meantime ... wait for it.... in a 1 piece mold! Details will be shown at that future time The Photo above .... The vertical rods are there for 2 practical reasons... 1/. to help hold the piece for me to work on and 2/. are the basis for the pins of the connection points of the structure I simply cut them down ( started above) to look like the pins featured on the left-side structure of the piece.... Those rascally Side-bars are finally in place though need to be bent upwards at the front to connect to the (yet to be made) pilots foot-pedals /stands. Now a look ( under magnification) of the partially completed piece .... Well.. it's starting to look the part... Me thinks! Pip
  11. Thanks Anthony - Glad you're enjoying my journey Pilots Rudder pedals - (Cont) What I call : SIDE-LINK BARS This piece gave me the Greatest Grief of all.. very small - very accurate and very fiesty ! What more can I say? I've Highlighted these hard to see or elusive Side-Link Bars, that are obscure by the foot pedals and other bits of the structure in most references I've seen ... but from what i know - I've marked/drawn and highlighted in 'Pink' and supply every photo angle I can find ( only 2 ) to give you at least an idea of what they should be like... Hard to see through the clutter on the floor.... but it gives you some idea of the piece in question... The piece is best described as a mounting at the front for the control pedals and the side - link bar at it's centre-section has a hole in the middle for pivoting and the bar continuing to the back with a pivot-link. ( 3 - in - one) The hole in the middle was the worst bit for me! With this piece done ( took me at least 4-5 attempts) ... we now move to the main rudder-bar to finalise the piece... The Dark lines indicated above - is where these side-link bars should attach through-out with pins ( the small rod on the left - fitted , is a test piece) ... or broken - I can't remember! So there is one swivel piece connection to the back and a through -swivel connection piece in the front Main Rudder Bar ..... connecting through to the pedals at the front . This description is the side-link bars highlighted in pink above - earlier .. they had to be small, accurate and have 3 connection points to the one piece. it all seems simple - but in reality - it definitely wasn't! I guess you can see now why it was such a pain. Pip
  12. Pilots Rudder Pedals : ( Continued) I then check size of pedals I am making to the area of the floor it will occupy - again checking photos and all materials i can... These are the accursed secondary bars ( highlighted in Pink) that I must attempt. So to do this i must design/ make/ build some system of rods and links and pins for this secondary structure... I show you now, How I go about it... Don't forget guys, I am mastering parts in this phase of the Canberra project - not building as yet! Now i will show you how I make the swivel arms of the structure.... Making the pins for the swivel arms : Then after I study the individual pieces of the brackets , there are round metal tubing connected to open ended square brackets.... Basically I have to make square pegs connecting into round holes! Easy - Peasy ! The above photo shows what I mean... ( in pink) so a round peg does go into a square hole! Pip
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