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  1. Give Photobucket the flick - Try Imgur Far-far better! Pip
  2. Me too! - will be watching with interest.. I've got one in the stash with all the Aftermarket gear to go... same boat too... not much experience with P/E but you gotta start sometime I guess! Pip
  3. Hi Max, Thanks for your kind words... Yes, that Canberra in Moorrabin Victoria is #236 which is the subject of this model I hope to finish here - I had the privilege to crawl over a few Canberras in my time... maybe each time I was hoping for less clutter! .. but apparently not! With the extra resin parts i'm making...I will leave the over the top/excess cockpit clutter to the modelling experts - my plans are more finite - though I plan for a good level of detail. Pip
  4. Hi Torben , I'm glad you are enjoying my build mate... just wished i didn't have to work for a living and spend the next two months full-on finishing this off! Pip
  5. Thanks Jack and Ben - your kind words are very appreciated! ( AND Thanks everyone for the 'Likes' ) Front fuselage structure : My focus now is the flooring / Back wall , and Front wheel well areas. I must construct and design the 3 areas to connect together as the following drawings and photos explain.... The red areas above , I am working on - in terms of design /fit / detailing ( rivets etc) and construction of individual parts... The common areas are that everything 'hinges off' is the back wall of the cockpit ( more of a reinforced station or bulkhead of the fuselage ) as ... 1/. the front is pressurised and the flooring is attached to the rear cockpit wall 2/. the back of the wall is really a fuselage bulkhead sealing the front of the fuselage to the bombay and also must carry .... 3/. the front wheel well and the landing gear structures ( which includes the weight of the aircraft) as well as absorbing the forces of landing.... The problem is : as shown previously .. the front landing gear mounting points are to the front of the wheel well - which is also part of the rear wall bulkhead. So I must incorporate the front wheel well attachment point to the rear wall bulkhead as one molded piece. First I must enclose all open areas in terms of molding processes... The piece to the right ( above) must be merged or incorporated into the rear wall / Bulkhead This piece must be square and also needs a tidy-up before the next process..... I have made some bracketing pieces to make construction of the individual parts more easier for everything to line up and go in it's proper places - as it should.... The red arrows show the alignment strips, so that each parts simply clips in place " Like so! ".... Now we move to the other side of the rear cockpit wall/ bulkhead to the inside back cockpit wall for rivet detailing..... starting with photo references... From this 'Base' I can begin with detailing cockpit.... wish me luck ! Pip
  6. Cockpit Walls - Continued I have to consider the molding processes as I build the walls for copying in resin during every stage of this build... The entry hatch has to be built open and molding openings is difficult at best ...So I will make a very thin cut-out piece for this area... I am doing this because i am making the hatch-door itself, as a separate piece and the model can be displayed with the hatch-door opened for internal viewing or closed because you don't want to see all that cockpit clutter! The thin sheeted cover/opening that's above - back lit .... gets cut out in the resin part copy - obviously, as I've marked it with an 'X' You will notice above .....the 'lip' around edge of the frame of the back-lit crew entrance OK, Now we move to detailing phase - something that's a little intimidating - considering how busy this cockpit is ( probably the most cluttered cockpit ever made in history!!!) ... and that's probably an understatement.... In any case, I will start from the floor up and the most difficult bit is the ancillary compartment recess under the floor - of the pilot . The photos show what I mean... The first is a 1/48th model version to show details and some clarity.... This area had me rather intimidated for a while... mostly in the area of how to design it in a way to make it easy for copying as well as constructing all the pieces together .... the challenge here is to segment the flooring into pieces that will go back together easily like a jig-saw puzzle and get the effect or look that I am chasing.. I had to think of a few variations before i came up with this version.... and mostly for ease of molding... again fit and design for molding, is driving this process in this stage of the build - phase.. The pilots floor is a thin separate piece with the side recess openings made in an inverted L-shape .. and now to finish off with floor riveting ( yes rivet-counters , I put the rivets in the right places - just for you!) Getting over these tricky stages... I'm starting to feel that i'm making some 'REAL' progress. Pip
  7. Cockpit ( Continued) working further on the inner wall 'Shell' below shows the edges cleaned up and ready for the next part.... The photos tell the story.... Time to mock - up the inner-wall liners and back wall to check fit and look .... I am happy with look and more importantly - the fit of the parts so far.... ( they will be cleaned up more before I mold these) Now we move to the next area.... The crew access hatch ( Inside and out).... Looking from the outside > in , the entry hatch edging has this small 'lip' as shown in following photos..... Pip
  8. Cockpoop Wall Liner - Continued Time to clean up and detail the cockpit wall liner - as you have seen already - it's rough around the edges ( mostly because of the raised or widened mating surfaces of the fuselage halves ) so I had to under-cut the edges but now i have to build them up again for copying into resin for standard molding to cover all applications. My particular resin copy for this build at least - will be cut back again at the fuselage-halves edges... to fit again. Readjusted edges - Before and after comparison..... Now, I have moved to the crew door access hatch because of alignment of the openings ( inside and out) that need to be addressed before molding.... I need to scribe and cut right around the access door edges, with some accuracy because any mistakes at this stage - especially with the outer fuselage sides.. will need a lot of extra work to correct and/or fix and why make any extra work for myself? So for the need to making a sturdy full door sized scribing-cutting template - I have turned to using the thin alloy metal strips you find in your everyday household window venetians blinds ( here we go again - stripping your house for useful tools and parts - Pip ? ) Erh!! maybe... I'll let the photos tell the rest of the story....
  9. Geoff from Custom Hobby Decals needs our support to keep going in the current economic climate - So he has opened a Crowd-funding campaign with about 1 month to go. If you can at all help out a small company in some financial grief ( who supports our hobby with custom made decals) - any support will be welcomed. The complete story is attached to the crowd-funding page. https://readyfundgo.com/project/customhobbydecals/ www.facebook.com/customhobbydecals
  10. I've got some sets on the way... youtube and other reviews I've seen ... looks to be good sets! Pip
  11. Great Build... Interior shots? Pip
  12. Yep, Good aircraft - but I would prefer they do the B-20 Boston/Havoc. Pip
  13. Piprm

    RAN A4G

    Wow! Brilliant work going on here! Pip
  14. Hi Peter, I'm feeling Nauseous... Erh! Pip
  15. Hi Peter, this standard of modelling is completely insane Pip
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