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  1. Wow, very impressive! Are the markings going to be decals or masks?
  2. Great work! mite have to pick up that kit myself
  3. Rick, I hear you, bro. I wonder if the conversion could be adapted to fit the old Hasegawa 'Stang?
  4. There is one in the works right now. Can't for the life of me remember who is working on it, but I saw it via one of my Facebook modeling pages Cheers, Ian
  5. Great stuff! Hardly wait to see it finished Cheers, Ian
  6. Mungo, Yeah I have the FG-1 conversion as well. I would like to do the Merlin powered P-51 to go with the Corsair. Cheers, Ian
  7. There was two types of Cavalier Mustangs? I thought the turbo conversion was the only one. Any idea if could be used with the Hasegawa P-51? Cheers, Ian
  8. Hey all, I remember seeing a 32nd conversion kit to upgrade a regular Mustang kit into a Cavalier Mustang Is still around? It would be interesting to do a Corsair and Mustang from the 100 hour Soccer War.. Cheers, Ian
  9. A rebuild, I love it! Great job on the cowl
  10. Jay, Killer work! Can hardly wait to see it done, Cheers, Ian
  11. Peter, I totally agree. I would buy several of both. For the Vindicator, I bought a 1/33 paper model just to have a large scale kit. I also bought an old Maly paper Devestator, again just to have one. Does anyone make a large scale vac of the TBD? One can hope, right? Cheers, Ian
  12. Yes indeed. Early Soviet jets, whats not to like
  13. Dennis Ok that's what I thought. Thanks
  14. Hey all, Did any of the Trumpy releases come with decal markings for the Mexican A-24? Thanks, Cheers, Ian
  15. Sweet! Looks like another bucket list kit
  16. I can hardly wait. Spanish Civil War livery
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