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Well hmmm ...


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Speaking for myself, I would have bought this in a heartbeat were it 1/32 but I assume that sales of this 1/35 aircraft range have justified their decision for Border (unless) the 1/35 range is some Border Models executive's indulgence ala Peter Jackson at WNW - i.e. what they 'want' they 'get'...?


In my own modelling circle of friends and amongst club memberships (x2), I only know one LSP builder who has bought one of these 1/35 aircraft kits and even he says his 109, whilst a lovely kit which he enjoyed, looks 'odd' on a shelf alongside his 1/32 builds and so, he won't be buying any more.


Perhaps the AFV builders are dipping their toe into this scale with aircraft, or their good quality (as I understand them to be) attracts the more casual modeller..?




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7 hours ago, MikeMaben said:



Thanks for posting Mike - that looks good. That is a render not the plastic yet so it will be great to see the real thing. Though I'll pass on this release as I now have the Val and Zero in 1/32- it is good to see any LSP being put out there. I hope it is a big success for them.  For those who want to build in 1/35 I wonder are there any good photos with at least the Val and Kate on the same deck? I am not familiar with the detailed setup of the Kido Butai's distribution of aircraft across its carriers but someone is bound to know. 


Kind regards,


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5 hours ago, Sabrejet said:

What should be a joyous event, turned into an abysmal dirge of whining.


It must be difficult to get out of bed each day.

I'm not sure plastic aeroplane kit plans count as "joyous", whilst people commenting about the scale, on a scale model aeroplane discussion site, can hardly be construed as "whining"? There are always people with opinions that are wrong different to yours, but opinions are two a penny and can safely be ignored at a distance.

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If the Border Lancaster prices are a yardstick, this will be an expensive kit in an unusual LSP scale. I'm still shocked Border are doing this in 1/35. I'm sure it will be a cracking kit, but the expected cost & scale rules me out. Yes, I'm an old fogy - at least when it comes to large scale plastic aeroplane kits. 



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