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  1. Hi Rick! That is just beautiful! Great detail and very neat modelling - I will learn a lot as I continue on mine! Thanks for posting! Marc.
  2. Onward with a couple of really tiny PE parts - the 3 instrument bezels are separate PE that you add to the panel... drilled the rear of the instruments for tubes.... Oh, and Happy New Year from Darkest Africa! Marc.
  3. Thank you to everyone who checked in, hope I don't disappoint! So on to adding the seat support structure to the main tube - no locating pins or marks - so use plans (provided) and help from photographs. Make sure to get it lined up and absolutely level... some tubing needs adding underneath first and the tubing from the control column connecting rod has to go through some of the structure, all a bit fiddly! Sorry about the poor quality pics - taken at night and I wanted to move on! That little pulley thing in front of the control column base is a resin part - needs care as it's delicate - and structural. Then on to the landing skids - here there is some help with shallow cutouts and dimples to guide you and it fits well. Just be careful to get it all lined up! Another shot at a different angle - I added a lot more of the struts using sprue and the instructions - you can see the different colored sprue. The tank type thingie is the parachute in it's bag - seam needs attention! And then on to the rotor blades - they need lots of careful clean up but are well molded. The fabric detail seems good to me. Then some photo-etch needs adding... And starting to add the seat to the frame. The indent in the rear of the seat needs deepening so the seat sits level... I also added the tailplane - just to line things up and get it square. The vertical fin and rudder will be added after paint and decals... I hope that goes OK! So until next post, Regards, Marc
  4. I thought I would post this build as I have seen very few examples of this kit online - either as complete builds or blogs. I do wonder why - it is pretty funky, was used operationally and seems quite small and not that difficult to build... OK, some resin and photo-etch involved! The entire structure is exposed though, and the kit is well molded but typical short run - lots of mold seam lines, very big sprue attachment points and very little in the way of locating points.. The resin looks fine but fragile, and the PE has lots of tiny parts... Can you spot the main tubular frame on the only plastic frame supplied? Well, here it is separated from the sprue.... unfortunately if you look carefully at the first sprue image you can see a portion of the framework missing, this was completely missing from my kit.. And so the first task was to add a suitable sprue replacement - carefully cut to length as this is where the tail surfaces attach... I also added a tail skid - looks like a tubular structure in photographs - at the same time... Control column tried for size, seat that fell off sprue also seen.... Hopefully more soon! Regards, Marc
  5. Marcleon

    Do 17

    I'm pretty sure a Do17 would go down well and is not too difficult to produce in 1/32... just remember, there are no remaining factory plans and no remaining examples of the Fokker Dr1 and yet we have how many kits in how many scales?? Regards, Marc.
  6. Jonathan, this is a most amazing build! I cannot tell you how impressive your detail work and craftsmanship really is... you are doing the Bucc real justice! I did see the short clip of the airbrake action on John's mobile last weekend... he simply has to find a way to post that on LSP! (Ask mods I guess...) But congrats on your major endeavor! All the Best, Marc.
  7. Looking really, really good John! I saw these bits in the flesh... err resin on the weekend and the workmanship is stunning! I do like your attention to detail - lovely stuff! You need to finish something in this scale - you need a push! Regards, Marc.
  8. Thank You for the reference to my thread, eoguy, and I completely agree with your sentiments! My kit is far from complete, but shouldn't present too many problems to finish. The axle wing should be cleaned up completely, the wheels are a problem but far too difficult to replace and there are errors in the supplied markings, nothing too dramatic, but a problem. I'm looking at the tail-skid and deciding it needs some serious work! Yes, I know the Revell 1/28th scale kit well, both of these kits need work, both need better markings, but can be turned into real show-stoppers with effort! Enjoy! Regards, Marc. (My humble effort will be completed - one day - life allowing - I promise!)
  9. As a few of us have alluded to before, this column is like a slow moving train wreck moving down the line with nowhere to go... Personally, I think it's really quite hilarious that there is a WNW wish list thread at the same time... and popular! maybe African humour is not the same as the rest of the world. Also, there are many kits produced by WNW that point to alternative boxings never produced yet... if you have a Pfalz DIIIA it has Pfalz DIII /DIIIA moulded into every sprue... the DIII needs only a new fuselage sprue to become a reality... And there are more examples apparently, but I don't have the kits personally to confirm it, so please let us know if you spot these! Also, if you refer to the individual kit numbers kindly supplied by WNW on their site, you will see that there are quite a few kits missing from the sequential releases proposed by WNW... 14 kits if my maths is correct! Yeah, some of them may be alternative colour schemes or variants, but I think we are in for some amazing future releases! I can just hear Richard Alexander and Sir Peter chuckling as they contemplate their rapid departure from the model production scene... in reality, the best is still to come, just the thought of the Handley Page keeps me awake at night... Well done, WNW! (Disinformation campaign included!) I, personally, have no doubt this company is in sound financial shape, and I doubt the resolve of the WNW team has changed in the slightest, I feel their amusement at the negative sentiments expressed here is palpable... But I assure you, as per usual, they will say nothing... Yours in modelling, And looking forward to a great WNW future, Marc
  10. Hmm... this is a loaded thread topic but is substantially fiction... WNW are in great form, there are stunning subjects still coming up for release, there is evidence (Ask Ray Rimmel, not me) that even more amazing productions are planned... And yes, they don't seem to produce a subject unless there isn't a good Windsock Datafile and plans, but there are Hundreds of subjects available! As some Dude in history said when his obituary was published: " The rumours of my death are greatly exaggerated..." Enjoy your WNW modelling! Regards, Marc
  11. Iain, I can only second those sentiments... I have seen it in the box and it has great shape and surface detailing generally. It is an empty canvas that can be expanded into an art work, yes, it needs some skill and effort, but we are modellers, are we not?? And the most important thing is to have fun doing it! OOTB it will be spectacular, believe me, forget that construction number!! Regards, Marc
  12. Aah! One of my Bucket-List kits!! Quite amazing and beautiful... Look at that surface detail!!
  13. That is an absolutely beautiful result Andre! You have captured the colours and the "desert feel" completely! You have a sure touch and the model is wonderful! Regards, Marc
  14. Gerhard, if you get the Eduard cockpit detail set for this kit it corrects just about every problem... and it doesn't cost much... Regards, Marc
  15. Some more baby steps... the area inside the fuselage behind station 11 of a Vb is silver - a protective coat, I think...so we sprayed that... don't worry about the wobbly colour separation line, it's behind the former! The wheel hubs are silver too, and the far side is visible, so paint that too! Started the interior colours, composite seat red-brown... ATB, Marc
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