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  1. Was very fired up for the Vampire - will now definitely wait for some build reviews.....
  2. Or - maybe some Lavochkin's - since the highest scoring allied ace WWII drove one......
  3. Very nice! - when the Vampire comes out they can share a shelf....
  4. Well, those pics were definitely worth waiting for...excellent...
  5. Miloslav - always look forward to seeing your builds - do you have a web page that displays your work by any chance?
  6. I went to the site with the "countdown clock" - it's reading all zeros - I may have missed something but it doesn't seem to have launched anything yet.....
  7. The original Future is no longer on the market correct? What is it sold as now (in US)?
  8. Hi - without that as protection the Tamiya thin is likely to fog the parts right..?
  9. Greetings - I currently use Testors Clear Parts Cement & Window Maker for attaching clear parts. I'm always worried it's not strong enough - Is there anything else you would recommend that has more strength and is safe on clear parts? I've seen a product from Ammo called Ultra Glue for that. Has anyone tried that..? Thanks..
  10. I built the Razorback - if I did another I'd leave out all that internal plumbing - but basically thought the build was pretty straight forward.......
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