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Zoukei Moura Bf-109 G-14 a Non-Hartmann Build 1/32 Scale


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Hey Gaz - I think you are going to pull a rabbit out of the proverbial hat, and the end product will show no evidence of the trial sand tribulations you are experiencing.   It's going to look awesome.

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Thank you for the great support my fellow LSP'ers.


There is perhaps only one moment more gratifying than when your significant other admits:  "You were right."


And that, my friends is when you lift all of your masks and get absolutely ZERO paint lift.







I decided to fix the no-walk strips with masks instead of covering them up with paint.  They're not perfectly straight.  But they'll have to do.  I can change my mind later, if I want.


The off-white I chose for the Nat'l markings is too close to late war RLM 76...  but I can fix that up with weathering.


And I think the dark strip under the exhaust stubs may have extended all of the way down the wing root...   So a little more masking to do.


Hasta la Vista, Babies!

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Comrades...   no, not in the Bolshivist sense...


I know some of you are curious as how things will go now...   a bunch of photos to give you an idea what the rivets look like immediately after sanding the rivets.  But the story of the rivets doesn't end here.  I hope to use enamels or oils to make them fit better into their environment.  You will also get a sense of how I modulate paint colors.







&*$@^#!!!  Another piece of carrier film missed until I hit it with sanding sheet.  Embarrassing.  Speaking of sanding sheet...   The most aggressive you want to use is 4000 grit.  Using 6000 or 8000 is even slower.  Water with a drop of liquid dish soap to lubricate as you sand.

















Happy trails!

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Hi Gary, I just finished reading through the entire thread.  You are doing a masterful job with this build and I admire your preserverence dealing with the issues that have come up during the build; and solutions/corrections that you have come up with and made.  Your 109 is looking quite good now and I am sure it will be something you can be proud of when you are finished.  I have this kit and have taken notes based on the excellent information you have given in your build thread.  Thank you!



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Man that is one impressive camo scheme.  No paint lifting - must be nice.  I have found that (as I suspected) the downside of aluminum skinning is the painting.  Even with etching primer, the specter of paint lifting is there.

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