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  1. Painted up the oleos that move the inner gear doors. i went with a darker zc for the mechanism and a chrome pen to do the oleo itself. That nasty nub on the mechanism is not a sprue gate, i cleaned it a bit but i might have to remove it, it looks bad blown up. more later. Not sure how long the chrome needs to set up.
  2. My dad is a man of few words. He was a FAC in SEA, first in O2s, then OV 10s, I think 200+ combat hours. His response: "I did not know that, thanks for sharing it".
  3. I am stumbling toward the finish line on my first of hopefully many LSP, a Hasegawa P47D 25, currently trying for a slowest build world record. i am starting to put the finishing touches on it. The inner gear doors are next on the punch list. There is a fairly prominent actuator arm, the wells are zinc chromate. Obviously the hydraulic arm part should be chrome, but what about the body of the arm? I see one restoration with nIce color photos, its not finished, but the in progress shots show…more silver color. Another shot of a different plane shows the body to be a grey? anyone have decent shots of a finished resto or wartime shot of this detail? thanks as always. Bill
  4. Thanks for that, my dad flew those over there, i sent it to him for his comment.
  5. Second hand, but I was looking for reviews of the Tamiya kit and saw a build thread where the author claimed the Tamiya canopies "perfectly" fit his Revell build. Whoops, it was a thread here I found through Google. Second post shows it in place.
  6. Comes right up for me on a PC running Chrome, an ipad running safari, and my android phone running chrome.
  7. I was looking at Ebay to judge the extent of the current Tamiya USA deal on their P51D/K and saw that the Tamiya F4Us in various configurations can be had for...well, a lot less than any I have ever seen locally, let's put it that way. I know that these represent the pinnacle or near it of 1/32 kits, I don't want to irk anyone, but the Corsairs certainly are very fine examples of kits in this scale. I worry that I might miss the boat on these, and decided to snap one up. My question is, which kit to get? I don't like the looks of the Birdcage version, I was raised on Baa Baa Black Sheep, and I really like the looks of the later two, the F4U-1A and the -1D, so it's down to those two. I have a vinyl cutter so markings don't really tip the scales either way. Is there any advantage of one over the other kit? Thanks, Bill
  8. To anyone who ordered or who is thinking about ordering a Tamiya P51D/K, I ordered mine very late Thursday night, it was delivered just now. Apparently their warehouse is within the greater Los Angeles area.
  9. This for me. I spend forever building, i am not and may never be to the point where i am thinking about looking at it after its built. I need the diversion of the build, for me, the longer it lasts, the more use i get out of it.
  10. Well, i clicked on a thread asking about ZM vs Revell P 51s, neither of which was a particular danger to my wallet, then i learned what i suspected, that Tamiya in this particular flavor is amazing, as i have been hearing, then that i could have one for $106 delivered. How is a guy supposed to avoid threads like this? i got one.
  11. Mustang experten, can the Tamiya P51 D/K that is on sale be accurately build as a Euro theater bird? Is the only difference on a K the prop, and is the D prop included in that boxing? I have a vinyl cutter so kit markings no longer limit my options.
  12. Jay, the combination of materials, depth, texture and color/paint/weathering really looks the part. This absolutely looks like a photo of the real mechanism. Kudos for sticking with this.
  13. Well, thats an honorable career and a calling that we are all glad people like you answer. thank you for sharing.
  14. Good to know but i have had an assortment of these for a couple of months for some upcoming builds. I havent tried them yet, but Miloslav has used them on some impressive builds
  15. I saw this at a recent kit exchange, i was wary of the limited run and my limited skills. Looks like you have it well under control. I will watch his with interest.
  16. Thank you. There is not a great deal of readily available information, but I started a thread This one photo from TAG in particular, shows where the penetrations are. Edit to add, here is my interpretation of the same area
  17. Spitballing here, but what if you used some tape to make a negative mask, leaving the "tape" area open, and hit it with a few coats of Mr Surfacer as thick as you need, then some grungy white?
  18. Thanks. Amazing the details we convince ourselves to sweat about. Someone posted a photo of the plumbing fixtures on a plane without a mounted tank, and it showed the sway braces really well. the kit sway bars look nothing like the real deal. That took away some of my desire to get this “just right. “
  19. I got two sway braces mounted. Anyone building this kit, beware. I missed the instructions telling me to open the mounting holes for these, so i had to cut off the pins, sand them flat, and cross my fingers. It did give me a bit of up and down flexibility, so the mpads touch the tank, but it doesnt sit flush, only an edge touches. In the end, the fact that the tank, the braces, and the fuselage are all painted, and there is almost no room, i had to just get these close enough and move on. I settled for parallel and just touching. thanks for looking, Bill
  20. Thanks so much, Mike, I do appreciate it. I am really happy with at least this part of her. You and me both. It's been SO hot locally lately, the garage is almost always 90+, I have repeatedly vowed to install an AC< but this winter I hope to do it. That will really let me build year round. Thanks, Matt. It had me stumped for longer than I care to admit. The combination of brass tube and stretched sprue for the glass seemed like a no brainer, but introduced so many unnecessary joints that I was just stuck until I decided to take a step back and use the clear rod. What a simplification, from a 3d puzzle to a painting exercise. Thanks very much, I agree, they are almost always worth the trouble. Thank you for looking in. See above, though, it had me stalled for a long time until I figured this out. Thanks, Jay, coming from the magical miniaturization machine you appear to use, that means a lot to me. Thanks for following along. Bill
  21. Such a nice example. I love the Dora and we have three amazing examples all coming together at once.
  22. Strike while the iron is hot and the garage is cool(er). got the belly tank all plumbed and hung, i still need to add the sway braces, then i can check that final large hurdle off the punch list. With the 4 sway braces, the belly tank is a 10 piece affair, 11 if you count the tank halves. heres where we stand, i must say, for all the screw ups on this build, sometimes i really like the way something turns out. photos… Then, the photo that started this plumbing madness, and my humble result so far obviously still missing gear doors, guns, pitot, and somehow i lost a main gear rubble brake line, but shes closer than ever to done. thanks so much for looking in, i really appreciate the support. Bill
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