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  1. EXCELLENT problem solving. I feel like I am going to school on your dime here, but I will take any advantage I can get in this hobby. I wondered if this would work. I can't wait to see this in paint.
  2. Looking excellent, John. I have a brace of those Henri Dahne props for my future builds. They are beautiful.
  3. Thats an amusing anecdote with the rivets, but i dont think it beats the time i destroyed a tank trying to make a wash with water soluble oil paints and mineral spirits. Took me forever to figure out what i was doing wrong. At that point, the answer to what i was doing wrong was “everything.” Ended up looking like hippies graffitied a monument. No photos.
  4. Don't know, but you can get it at amazon... https://www.amazon.com/Gripper-Seal-Label-1-3-12/dp/B08R6DGXKJ Or direct from the source https://commerce.printsource-inc.com/cgi-bin/XebraWeb.exe?WebStoreHome&referrer=https://commerce.printsource-inc.com/thegripper/
  5. That's interesting. What color primer is that? I got a shipment monday with white, grey, and sand yellow primers, no extra labels.
  6. At our age, it's the journey, not the destination. As we discussed, that's why I build, and that's why it's taken me years on my own Jug to get "almost" done. But, just between us chickens, your destination is going to by very nice, the paint and markings are excellent, the build is very clean.
  7. Watching with interest, John, I have this in the stash and many of the aftermarket, shame about the cowling, but thank you for the tutorial on fixing the deficiencies. Watching with interest. Rapt, one might say.
  8. I drove a 1970 split bumper Camaro from St. Louis to Charleston, SC in about 1985. The throttle stuck wide open at one point but I was able to recognize the issue as I rowed through the three gears. It was just sticky. The rest of the trip was without incident.
  9. There was some discussion about the company recently. Seems like they are alive and kicking as of today.
  10. Thats a nice setup. Is that melamine or something similar? It looks really smooth. Can you share details, what kind of extraction setup, etc?
  11. Spruebros. Still no Japanese marking red or RAF marking yellow, but i figured i would grab what i could.
  12. I have fallen hard for lacquer paints. The only downside I can see so far is the wicked stink. I paint in the garage, but think a dedicated spray booth is probably a good idea. I have seen some US based booths that are $700 or so, and then I see these mostly plastic ones on ebay for much less. Does anyone have one, do you like it, or do you recommend an alternative that isn't $500+? Thanks, Bill
  13. Welcome, Sven. We exchanged an email about a month ago. Pleased to say I picked up 5 sets of your product, and can't wait to try them.
  14. Another update. Got a shipment just now. Contains MRP white, gray, and yellow primer, interior green, marking blue and red, and sky. Leaks: 0.0% I know there was no stated issue with any of these colors, but these are all the new all plastic bottles and no issues.
  15. i had a lot of trouble getting them exact. Someone suggested a little water to help them move, which i havent tried yet.
  16. Man those codes look the part. Love the overspray. I might have to do thst on mine.
  17. IN a related note, how close do these yellows look? I have the Japanese one, I am wondering if it's too orange for the RAF one? They look pretty similar...
  18. It shows "backordered" when you try to put it in the cart. Seems like a worldwide shortage?
  19. SprueBrothers is my go to, but they have some stock issues, notably RAF Marking Yellow and Hinamaru Red. I signed up for a notification when they restock, but it's been a while and in looing around online, these colors appear to be very rare outside Europe. I have had luck in the past with small orders from companies on the continent, but now when I find something in stock, when I go to check out, they, including MRPs site, say "no shipping option exists". I have poked around on ebay, but can't seem to find these colors. It's funny, if I can find a bottle of each, it will likely last me the rest of my life.
  20. Played with this tonight, minus the modern blue anodizing. How did i do?
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