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  1. The scratchbuilt floor is mine. I have done some not insignificant research regarding when the floor went from corrugated to flat, including Do you have definitive information that the floor was flat in D 25s throughout the production run? I ask for the sake of clarity, not to justify my modification.
  2. Very nicely painted, explained, and photographed. Trifecta, John.
  3. Awesome. Not to hijack John’s amazing build, but i just got back from taking my own dad to see the Pima Air and Space Museum.
  4. Watching with interest, stealing without hesitation. looks great, Jeff, keep at it! Bill
  5. My fist LSP engine as an adult. Stock Hasegawa R 2800, crazy wrong magnetos, lead wire for sparkerators lines, and some HGW stencils. Soon to be all but invisible.
  6. So cool to see a bird in an unusual (for me) color scheme. What a difference camo makes. Very nicely done!
  7. More small progress. I had hoped to use aluminum tape for ducting for the clamps on the gear legs holding the brake lines, and while looking unsuccessfully for some liquid chrome pens, i thought i would try to use it for the oleos themselves. First version was too large, second too small, Goldilocks theme tonight, and just when i got it perfect, i realized i had put the seam on the wrong side, so i had to carefully unstick them and cut new ones. I think these look passable. Tomorrow, hopefully, some brake lines and some washes. photos:
  8. Ok, as promised, I was able to get some photos with the connectors next to my landing gear. take a look at this photo, originally posted by JayW, a close up of the area. I am comparing the relative size of that C shaped tow bracket, the adult hand on the wrench, and the elbow in question: and here is my landing gear, showing that same C tow bracket, and the elbow i am thinking about using. i think this is going to work. Check my mark one eyeball math, but the ratio looks very similar.
  9. Thanks, Jeff and Chuck. I was just expecting the crisp demarcation, and will work on how to do this, but will weather these and see how it looks. Speaking of landing gear, I got my little package from Hiroboy.com, which is a model car website. I was kind of blind ordering, looking mostly for parts I can use on the brake lines of this and other upcoming planes, so I did order a variety. I figured that if the parts, which are labeled as suitable for larger scale cars, were too big, I can just use them on engines. Here's what I got. First up is a resin 90 d
  10. Awe inspiring. Thank you for sharing.
  11. Thank you. These appear to be very large standard screw heads. I am not sure which fastener heads in your line I will need. Can you tell me what you call this type of fastener?
  12. I am working on a Hase P47, and when i join the fuselage halves, i am going to lose some flathead screw detail. I think i am confident enough to rescribe any damaged panel lines, but the screw heads have me flummoxed. I know there are beading tools that can make the outline of the screw, but beyond that i am stumped. thanks
  13. wow. That is amazing.
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