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  1. Ok, back from the brink. I read new posts here and follow other’s build’s every day. i have finally started using my stay at home time to work toward finishing this first for me LSP. I realize that there is extreme talent on here, and i think it makes me a better builder. This engine, for example, is not the best engine, but its certainly the best one i have ever made. Its still got some detail painting to do, and the blow ups make every issue i need to fix so easy to see, but here is what i have come up with. i am really excited to continue, i need to shoot the cockpit interior green, maybe tomorrow. stay safe all! Thanks for any criticism, i dont expect to just get courtesy compliments. I am trying to grow, i still remember how hard i worked on figure painting a few years ago when i returned to the hobby.
  2. My dad flew B 47s. Yes, the BN armed the bomb in the bay. he also knew of crews who carried other stuff. Coming back from England, one crew took the windshield off an MG convertible and brouht it home. Another put a sailboat in theirs. One of these two ended up in the water off Goose Bay on the way back, take off accident.
  3. I always just used a smaller diameter brass rod, and never had an issue cutting it. Before that, my garage floor was littered with misfires.
  4. Thinking about this has reminded me, the only way i could stay sane was to thread a thin brass rod/wire through the tube and then i just cut pieces off and they stayed on the wire.
  5. A sharp knife, just roll the tube on the table top and scribe deeper and deeper. It is surprisingly fast, but the little bits tend to fly away.
  6. I came to LSP via a return to modeling vie 1/35 armor. There, the reason for oil paints and even washes is to stain the undercoat. I have never sealed a model before pin or panel washing, as they call it there. When you arent struggling to et adhesion to a clear coat, its very easy to replicate oil and gasoline stains.
  7. I am at that stage where i need to seal some work and prep for markings including wet transfers. I have read almost wvery build thread, and most just say “i sealed with some matte (or gloss) varnish. i am returning to the hobby by way of 1/35 armor, where i just applied filters and washed directly to the paint. Since i will be changing up a bit on aircraft, i need to stock up some sealing products. My main problem is, every person i speak to in person has a different recommendation. i will be spraying through an airbrush. thanks, all
  8. Ome of my favorite builds to check in on. Keep up the great work, sir.
  9. I am searching among my superlatives, amd apologize that all i have is Wow.
  10. Thanks, guys. Jayw, ive seen your t bolt, its an inspiration, yet discouraging at the same time. This weekend i sat down and starte to tackle wiring the engine. I have some lead wire and it seems to be gluing up well enough. I will snap some photos once i am consident that the wires are good to go. As Sister Bridgid used to say, "William, youre slow. Slow but sure, like an ass's gallop". I think she was using a loophole to call me a name.
  11. Gerhard, this is terrible. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
  12. Looks excellent. Im struggling with time for my own projects. Its good to see someone making progress toward a reasonable goal. I will be watching this build.
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