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  1. I came to LSP via a return to modeling vie 1/35 armor. There, the reason for oil paints and even washes is to stain the undercoat. I have never sealed a model before pin or panel washing, as they call it there. When you arent struggling to et adhesion to a clear coat, its very easy to replicate oil and gasoline stains.
  2. I am at that stage where i need to seal some work and prep for markings including wet transfers. I have read almost wvery build thread, and most just say “i sealed with some matte (or gloss) varnish. i am returning to the hobby by way of 1/35 armor, where i just applied filters and washed directly to the paint. Since i will be changing up a bit on aircraft, i need to stock up some sealing products. My main problem is, every person i speak to in person has a different recommendation. i will be spraying through an airbrush. thanks, all
  3. Ome of my favorite builds to check in on. Keep up the great work, sir.
  4. I am searching among my superlatives, amd apologize that all i have is Wow.
  5. Thanks, guys. Jayw, ive seen your t bolt, its an inspiration, yet discouraging at the same time. This weekend i sat down and starte to tackle wiring the engine. I have some lead wire and it seems to be gluing up well enough. I will snap some photos once i am consident that the wires are good to go. As Sister Bridgid used to say, "William, youre slow. Slow but sure, like an ass's gallop". I think she was using a loophole to call me a name.
  6. Gerhard, this is terrible. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
  7. Looks excellent. Im struggling with time for my own projects. Its good to see someone making progress toward a reasonable goal. I will be watching this build.
  8. Excellent result. Thank you for sharing.
  9. Beautiful scheme, and the plane my dear old dad learned to fly in. I call that a win-win. Thanks for sharing.
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