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  1. no much free time lately so a little progress on the stencil painting, and bare metal panels. . i am not sure if this is the right direction for the IV Gruppe symbol on the starboard side.. i've seen both versions , the one here and also mirrored (the upper semi circe left and the lower right)... this one is the Montex mask proposal for this aircraft and identical to the the Eagle editions decal sheet proposal so i followed their instructions because they are experts on Doras ad far as I know… now I have second thoughts if this is correct after a discussion with Thunnus since he also noticed it and pointed it out to me .. any suggestion about fuel type on each triangle? . also started some weathering on the wing panels and some oil washing to alter the hue of each panel that was done before painting the bare metal gun covers as a first stage of weathering, the actual weathering will follow after the application of all stencils and markings.. all white painted markings will receive a final white mist spray again in the end just to refresh them.. thanks!
  2. excellent and detailed work as usual John! i can't wait to see some camouflage painting done!! r u gonna use alclads for the underside? and is so ,which shades?
  3. thank you John! yes, they are indeed so interesting ..you just don't know which one to choose. I chose the one because of the bare metal panels and the high contrast camo combination on the wings, but yours too is one of my favourites.. i do also believe that 1ManArmy should contain a more extensive range of stencils to cover different manufacturers but also the types of fuels and of course the propeller stencils.. i hope he releases some more options in the future by chance, do you know the type of fuel for each triangle? I have seen different combinations. MW50, 87 c3...? S.
  4. very nice Gazzas! great progress .. ZM G-14 looks like a very detailed and high quality model!!
  5. thanks Gazzas! i think they don't use them because this is a time consuming process, and you have to be extremely careful and precise when positioning the masks there is no room for mistakes. i stop using hairspray so i don;'t worry about lifting the paint.... so far, it hasn't happened even once on this project
  6. currently.. with 1ManArmy D9 airbrush masks . the moment of truth..
  7. excellent! no problem at all , they will stay in place whatever you do
  8. thank you Gazzas! yes it looks nice, different approach, i cant compare them because these are raised and silver rivets and the other with riveting tools are recessed, it's a matter of preferences i think. both have pros and cons . The punching method will stay there whatever you do , but, the wet transfers are a real problem if you want to correct mistakes or demarcation lines .. one more paint layer and they are gone.. you have to re apply them.. for example on the wings when i will spray the white crosses i am not sure if they will be visible anymore under the white layer ..
  9. thank you Jim , i am doing my best with this, i hope everything runs smooth 'till the end.. thank you Matt, yes it does add some character.. but is not hat easy after all.. needs careful planning some more details from painting that is almost complete now.. need to revisit some areas later like the tail rlm 81 and some minor scratches ..
  10. yes, they are sold out, i know.. i think you can work with the -AS , K-4 version , they have late an early versions included .. i think , not exactly G-6 but you can create your own rivet pattern as each set comes with plenty of free lines (single and double)
  11. thank you Gazzas! rivets are just wet transfers from Hgw..
  12. i am honoured Neil! thank you for your comments
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