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  1. almost finished! still missing wingtip lights , antenna and some decent studio shots..
  2. thank you @AlbertD @Landrotten Highlander for your comments i will gladly describe the method i am using.. first of all i think that in large scales you have to be more accurate than 48th or 72nd kits. So for me chipping has to be in levels and not as post weathering with pencils or sponges.. The airframe metal is one or more levels below the camouflage colour and not above, so i am using hairspray because i am happy with the end results. the truth is that is more time consuming and there is always the risk to ruin the paint job because you can't control how the paint is
  3. Thank you @John1 , yes i hope so.. but this kit is massive!!! it needs so much detail..
  4. hi! small update today while working on the Pratt Whitney double wasp.. not too much detail , just basic stuff since it won't be displayed with open cowling.. thanks for watching!
  5. hi! this is another project i was working on i started this project some months ago but somehow i 've lost my interest on this , it happens some times, i don't know why but it does so 'till it comes back again i am sharing some pictures during the building /painting progress Cheers! i have used AIres Cockpit Yahu instrument panel Montex painting Mask Eagle cals Decals
  6. Thank you for kind comments!!
  7. Thank you guys! i appreciate your comments! @RobthepomAK RC are very nice actually! i started using them some months ago and i am happy with them, they spray very well, have a very smooth semi gloss finish and excellent coverage , there is no doubt they are quality paints, I don't know about the shades , but they claim that they are very accurate.. they dry very fast and had no problem with oil washes and weathering.. you might find it difficult to use the hairspray technique , especially after a long time , because they are lacquers and they dry hard, much harder than
  8. thanks ! i appreciate your comment!
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