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  1. That's a real beauty Piero! Wonderful job!
  2. Not sure how I missed this build but the the whole thing is oozing quality workmanship! Need to catch up on this one but loving your progress John!
  3. Great progress Kevin! Looking forward to more updates!
  4. Excellent work John! The riveting has really elevated the surface detail to another level!
  5. Outstanding job Mike! The wood painting is beautiful!
  6. Marcin, that is one impressive project! It's just beautiful!
  7. Thank you Neo! The painting turned out easier than I expected but was quite time consuming. I used the only single good pic of the top wing surfaces I could find as well as Dacoba's article as reference for the patterns. I more or less copied Dacoba's technique for this.
  8. Great job so far Nick! Also amazed at the undercarriage cables!
  9. Thanks Andy! Wait till the decals are on! The plane will literally have a smile of its own!
  10. Outstanding work Oliver! Love all the details!
  11. Hello everyone! Hope you enjoyed your Christmas day and gearing up for a better, safer and happier 2021! bIn my previous post, I was in a dilemma on how to best deal with the faux wooden surfaces on the wings. The kit provided decals were just completely inaccurate and were rejected from the beginning. I had narrowed it down to two options; use wood decals or do the whole painting myself. The first option was later ruled out as the wood decals were just too "realistic" and completely missed the fake, rather cartoony look of the real thing. So, I eventually bit the bu
  12. Glad you're back at it Kev! It's definitely shaping up nicely!
  13. Problem is the actual thing looks cartoony and decals seem to realistic...
  14. Thanks all. I think I will try to practise on some plastic sheet first before committing to the model.
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