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  1. Really lovely work John! Love the finishing and weathering! Great looking Corsair!
  2. Well done Pete! That's one impressive build! Excellent detailing and finish throughout!
  3. Many thanks Alain! I really hope we'll get to see more 32nd scale French aircraft by mainstream companies. We Greeks have turned dirty planes into an art in itself. Think we've reached a point where a clean aircraft isn't considered Greek! The fit of the gear doors isn't very good so will require sanding to install closed. I do agree with you that parked aircraft have these covers closed. At the same time, it's just a pity to hide the details... Guess I can decide at the end anyway.
  4. Oh, ok. Sorry, didn't realise you were referring to that one. Yup, used Tamiya's black panel line accent.
  5. Great work mate! Nicely detailed and beautifully painted so far!
  6. Many thanks! Actually I haven't used any wash yet. I think it's just the combination of the sharp panel lines, black primer, patchy paint work (black basing) and post shading with lighter versions of the base colours that's creating this illusion. Having said that, my favourite panel wash is Tamiya's panel line accent color series.
  7. Thank you Jeroen. And thanks for the feedback, too! I should still be able to fix it at this stage. Will have to resort to superglue and talc powder and rescribe everything. But would definitely improve the overall look for sure.
  8. Thank you Fanes! Glad you liked it! Would highly recommend getting the Mirage 2000 Under the Skin book by Eagle Aviation. Packed full of useful pictures!
  9. Great details John! All the best with your exams!
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