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  1. Hi Peter! Was out for some time but I see you're on to another great model! Always a joy to read through your builds!
  2. Thank you Rom! Slowly picking up steam on this one!
  3. Hi all! I finally got back to the F-4E after a very long time. It has turned into and on-and-off project and I'm currently involved in another major build but in 1/48 scale (will be posting about this in the future). The Phantom is slowly nearing completion with the larger part of the airframe almost done. I had a bit of a tough time with the lower area where the wing assembly meets the fuselage but after a bit of sanding and rescribing it all looked good. The air intakes were also added and all seams cleaned up. I also started working on adding small modifications that would allow me to build a later version of the Greek F-4E SRA in the form of the IFF antennas on the nose and mirror covers for the rear canopy (photos not taken yet). Only thing missing now is to add the outer wing sections and clean up the resin slatted stabilisers. Thanks for checking!
  4. Fantastic work Kev! There's nothing I can pick on with this model! I really love it!
  5. Great work Florin! Turned out beautiful despite the little mishap at the end!
  6. Beautiful work Miroslav! A very different Fw-190 with an excellent finish!
  7. Thank you Shaka! I really wouldn't have gotten to that point without everyone's help and advice both here on LSP as well as on some facebook groups. It was a great learning experience for me as I got to try several different techniques combined on one model. Oh, and also photography! I did put a bit more effort in the photos this time!
  8. James, that's a wonderful model! I really like the subtle weathering you chose for this one! I know it will be published in the magazine but could you share a few more pics? Thanks!
  9. Great looking Corsair Miroslav! Also love how you accompany each model with a simple yet perfect base!
  10. Epic work Oliver! The scratch building is unbelievable! And the figures are just wonderful!
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