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  1. Interesting choice. The kit looks quite challenging but you're already working your magic!
  2. Great start Marcel! Looking forward to more updates!
  3. Beautiful work Eric! The F-35 turned out great! And a wonderful RAAF collection, too!
  4. Great start Etienne! Always impressed with people who can do their own 3D designs. Hope I can reach that point one day!
  5. Good start! Looking forward to more updates. Please do let us know of any pitfalls.
  6. Great progress Tom! Looks like it's going to turn into one beautiful F-16!
  7. Great start Chris! Wasn't aware of these cockpit floor decals.
  8. Thank you Pete! Oh my God! It was one stressful experience, especially as it was done amidst the lockdown. But managed to save most of my models!
  9. I'm so jealous you manage to get the set! I've come across rumours Wolfpack is considering a re-release but that's that. I'm actually based in Dubai, UAE.
  10. Thank you so much for your kind words! I can totally understand the mojo issue. Has happened to me several times and it involved some pricey kits unfortunately. It's quite painful but once it hits it's difficult to get over it. If there's something motivating me about this build is the camo itself as I really want one in my collection. By the way, how were you able to find the Wolfpack conversion??? I have been searching for it forever and even mailed Wolfpack directly but had no success so far...
  11. Thank you! It's a pity I can't expose more of the gun assembly. Unfortunately, even on the real thing it's difficult to see much due to way the nose is designed. Thank you Tom!
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