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  1. Love all these small details Ben! Looking forward to more updates!
  2. Anthony, that's lovely work all round! Fantastic, clean job around the exhaust area!
  3. Hello everyone! In the previous update I had added only a small number of scratchbuild parts in the cockpit as Trumpeter has actually done a decent job in this section. I spent the next couple of days painting the cockpit and test fitting everything in place. Initially, I used MiG Ammo's emerald green paint but found it too dark and wrong overall. Looking through my stock of paints I came across Gaia's version of emerald green which seemed more accurate. Smaller details were brush painted with a mix of acrylic colours from Lifecolor. All details were then highligh
  4. Beautiful work John! The cockpit looks exceptional!
  5. Love the small details Kevin! Definitely working on a winner!
  6. I'm seriously salivating over this kit! Kudos for doing such a great job on a rather challenging camo pattern Brian!
  7. Hi all! I'm certainly taking my time with this project but at least progressing slowly. With the airframe rescribing completed I moved on to the cockpit. Trumpeter's effort is quite commendable as the kit parts look fairly accurate when compared to my reference pics. There a few details missing such as small switches but otherwise I was quite happy with the cockpit. I only added some details on the control sticks as well as throttles in the cockpit tub. I also cleaned up several injection pin marks. For some reason, Trumpeter provides the instrument p
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