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  1. Beautiful work on the engine area Sean!
  2. Thanks Brian! By the way. Do you know if there any FOD covers available for this kit? Was thinking of making some simple covers from epoxy putty but my reference pics show a more complicated version of the covers being used instead.
  3. Undersides where the black basing technique is more evident. And the central fuel tank with the stencil effect: Finally some work on the exhausts which I plan to weather further with oils. By the way, my wife thought those were miniature hair dryers!
  4. Hi all! Spent the majority of the weekend painting on the Dessert Storm camo. I did try to find as many reference pics as I could but most of them were of the A and C versions. I only came across two pics of the D variant but both showed some good amounts of weathering. A few firsts for me while doing the camo: a) Tried the black basing technique. The effect is more evident on the undersides but overall I'm quite happy at how it turned out. b) Used MRP paints and I'm in love with them! c) I used airbrush stencils to weather the fuel tank. Basically created a random mottling pattern with a darker colour and then oversprayed with light coats of the base colour to create a subtle effect. So, here are some pics of the results so far! I'm still at a stage where I can make corrections to the paintwork so any honest feedback is most appreciated!
  5. Thanks Chrish! I do plan to make a simple base for this model. Came across several pics showing the plane chained to the tarmac and will try to replicate that together with some RBF tags. Many thanks Tom!
  6. Hi all! In addition to the kit I also spent some time working on a figure to accompany the model. In this case I went with Reedoak's amazing 3D printed USMC 70s-80s era pilot with APH-6C helmet. This is my second only ever figure since my Corsair build and tried my hand at highlighting and shadowing with oils. I admit that the face looks a bit grainy in the pics but in reality you really need to look extremely close to see that. At this stage, I'm pretty happy with the outcome but will definitely be practising with more figures in the future.
  7. Thanks Tom! I did spend a bit of time on the cockpit as the it's pretty exposed with all that glass panels around it.
  8. Finally! Construction is done! Cleaned up all the seams, rescribed all the lost panel lines and rivets and polished the surface as much as possible! Time to mask the clear parts and proceed to painting!
  9. Many thanks Oliver! Despite KH's reputation for clumsiness (to put it mildly) I've really enjoyed the kit so far. The few issues the model has are well documented and are easy to fix (apart from the engine covers which were a real PITA...). I think you'd like it, too, and can end up with an usual but attractive plane. Thank you Eric!
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