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  1. Fantastic work on a kit I would definitely consider very challenging!
  2. Fantastic build so far Matt! Beautiful Camel!
  3. Fantastic work Kirby! The detailing in every stage is exceptional!
  4. Oh! That looks nice! Hoping for some interesting references for inspiration then!
  5. Your attention to detail is always impressive Max! Looking forward to more updates!
  6. Many thanks Ray! Yes, would be delighted to have it posted on the website.
  7. Thank you so much! But definitely far from being consider a master for sure... Many thanks!
  8. Lovely job on the cockpit! Top notch painting!
  9. Many thanks! Thank you Gerhard! Many thanks! Not so sure about my photography though. It's still something I've generally struggled with.
  10. Many thanks Andy! Are you planning to use Revell's parts or Eduard's resin sets? Thank you Kev!
  11. Thank you Chris! Many thanks! Thank you so much for your kind words Jack! Your models are equally beautiful if not better my friend! Many thanks Adam!
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