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  1. Hi Tom! Just caught up with your build and I'm simply speechless with all the work you've done! Really fantastic stuff!
  2. Nice progress John! The kit's details do look nice straight out of the box!
  3. Great start and really nice work so far!
  4. Fantastic work John! Overall build and finish is excellent!
  5. I also took the opportunity to paint the wheel wells using MRP yellow for the overall colour and acrylic paints for the details. All details were then highlighted with a black wash. Additional weathering is required as I plan to depict the dirt splatters from the wheels.
  6. With the cockpit detailing done I moved on to painting. While I was aware that the overall cockpit colour should be dark gull green I came across pictures of a P-47D under restoration which showed some sections of the cockpit painted in interior green: https://forum.dcs.world/topic/252070-cockpit-historical-authenticity/ I liked the contrast of the dark and light greens so much I decided to apply the same to my model. The cockpit was first primed in black and then painted over with MRP dark gull green. For the interior green sections and detailing I switched to acrylic paints from Mig Ammo and Vallejo. I also added a few placards from an Airscale decal sheet. For weathering I did some chipping with aluminium, light green and chipping (a Mig Ammo colour) followed by additional weathering with oils.
  7. Hello everyone! It's been some time since the last update! Never realised that moving houses can be so disruptive to our hobby! I was initially planning to use the Avionix resin cockpit. However, I soon realised that I got the wrong version with the corrugated floor which would be correct for an aircraft up to the -25 variant but not for a -30 one. I was also not happy with the overall casting quality as a few parts had bubbles. So I decided to bite the bullet and add the details myself. The only thing I kept from the resin set is the seat which is well detailed and has seatbelts already moulded. I also replaced the kit's instrument panel with one from Yahu Models. Detailing was done mainly with lead wire and a few punch n' die disks.
  8. Following your project with interest! The cockpit does look well detailed and you've done a great job painting it!
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